Chapter 13

Chapter 13

In the last chapter, Tykayla and Aden decided to adopt a child, and Tiana went out to dinner with George.

Tonight Tiana decided to have a family dinner. That’s why she’s in the kitchen early this morning, preparing for it.

I wonder what I should make for this evening.

03-11-18_11-27-20 PM.jpg

I’ll just cut up this tomato and let my instincts do the work.

03-11-18_11-27-26 PM.jpg

Maybe I should make two meals. I have a feeling  there are gonna be more people eating tonight than usual. It is the last family dinner before my birthday.

03-11-18_11-28-24 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Erin was working on a painting.

02-16-18_4-18-11 PM.jpg

Anastasia wakes up grungy to make a call to her boyfriend Matt.

“I’m just tired.” She says. “But you’re coming tonight right?” She starts to smile. “Good. I can’t wait for them to meet you.

02-11-18_2-55-33 PM.jpg

Cornell fixes the TV.

06-16-17_2-19-48 AM.jpg

Cindy hangs out with her nephew, Tyler.

“I see you have become acquainted with my garden” She teases.

“It’s very beautiful and fruitful.” Tyler admits. “As a kid, I’d just run around it, trying to dig up all the metals and gems I can find.”

02-11-18_3-50-20 AM.jpg

“But that garden is a real gem.” He continues. “You grew a wonderful garden.”

“I thank you for that, nephew.” She thanks. “It’s really all thanks to Pocahontas, that I was able to preserve it for as long and efficient as I did. She gave my plants a home and it grew and expanded into a bundle of joy.”

02-11-18_3-50-11 AM.jpg

“I know I don’t have any children.” She continues. “But as many as our family has been popping out, why do I need any?” She laughs. “But I think of my plants as  part of this family, like my children.”

“I never thought of it that way, Aunt Cindy.” Tyler replies.

02-11-18_3-50-07 AM.jpg

“Well here’s the new perspective.” She smiles. “I just hope when I’m gone, they’ll stay a part of this family and not wither away, like me.”

Tyler feels sad and off put by that statement. “Wh- What do you mean, Auntie? When you’re gone?”

“Oh nothing you need to worry about, sugar.” She laughs. “I’m just an old lady talking crazy things.”

02-11-18_3-50-01 AM.jpg

Aden is looking up adoption sites and orphanages he may find a newborn from.

“A Simian baby’s parents were killed after their inability to escape the fire in their home. The baby was found thrown out of a two story window.” Aden reads. This is terrible.

03-25-18_12-59-44 PM.jpg

Giles works out on the treadmill.

01-06-18_2-16-53 PM.jpg

Tykayla ponders with a cup of coffee about the conversation she had with Aden.

I hope he doesn’t think I’m crazy.

02-11-18_5-38-24 PM.jpg

Pocahontas hugs her son, Gerald.

02-11-18_1-57-56 PM.jpg

“How’s the music coming along?” She asks him.

“Really good actually.” He confirms. “I’ve been practicing in a variety of parks to get exposure and my name around. I’ve earned about $150 in tips total.”

02-11-18_1-57-52 PM.jpg

“Then my job..” he continues. “allows me to learn a lot more about the entertainment industry until I earn the title of musician. It’s more work then I thought, but I’m actually having fun. I know for sure I’ll be able to write my own songs soon.”

“That’s my boy.” She smiles proud.

02-11-18_1-57-50 PM.jpg

Andrea practices creative skills on the violin.

02-13-18_1-26-11 AM.jpg

Later that evening, Tiana takes out her dishes…

03-11-18_11-47-38 PM.jpg

and puts them on the table.

I wish dad was here. She gazes at the table. He’s with me in spirit.

03-11-18_11-51-26 PM.jpg

She calls down the rest of the family to the meal.

The door bell goes off and as expected it’s Matteo out front.

03-11-18_11-52-30 PM.jpg

Anastasia greets him with a kiss before going inside.

03-11-18_11-57-53 PM.jpg

Soon the family is engaged in dinner and enjoying each other’s company.

Despite their date ending in rejection, George showed up.

03-12-18_12-03-55 AM.jpg

“So you finally got to take my sister out.” Anastasia whispers to George. “You have to tell me how it went.”

But with the look on his face, Anastasia could tell it didn’t go so well.

03-12-18_12-04-32 AM.jpg

03-12-18_12-04-09 AM.jpg

Mmm.. this is good. Tiana says to herself. It’s better then I expected it to be.

03-12-18_12-04-20 AM.jpg

She looks up to see the family mingle.

“Thank you for our garden.” Tyler enthuses to Pocahontas. “I promise to help take good care of it.”

Pocahontas laughs. “There’s no problem. I designed that for her years ago.”

03-22-18_8-28-55 PM.jpg

Tiana sits and sees Anastasia move to sit next to her beau as the rest of the family pile in.

03-22-18_8-30-03 PM.jpg

03-22-18_8-31-37 PM.jpg

03-22-18_8-41-03 PM.jpg

Eventually everyone noticed how Anastasia’s boyfriend was shoveling his mouth with food. Even Aden gave a stern face.

03-22-18_8-40-40 PM.jpg

This prompted Tiana to ask for the table,  “How did you guys meet?”

03-22-18_8-42-03 PM.jpg

We met a bar. Anastasia answers. “This isn’t the night, I met up with Yuri or anything. I went by myself.”

03-22-18_8-41-51 PM.jpg

“That’s when he called me over.” She continues. “And it all progressed from there.”

03-22-18_8-51-41 PM.jpg

“It was love at first site.” Matteo jokes. “I knew she was the one.”

Anastasia laughs. “We aren’t my mom and dad. That only happens to them.”

03-22-18_8-49-31 PM.jpg

“But I did know he was the one.” She continued. “When he understood and supported my cause, there was nothing I wanted more.”

After dinner, Matteo helps clear the table.

03-22-18_8-54-47 PM.jpg

Then sets them down by Tiana at the sink, who told him that she would wash them and thanked for his help.

He moves along to Anastasia.

“You want to take a walk outside before I head home?” He asks. “It looks nice out.”

“Let’s go.” Anastasia replies.

03-22-18_9-05-38 PM.jpg

Anastasia and Matteo walk out the house toward the lake, not taking their eyes off of each other.

03-22-18_9-19-06 PM.jpg

Anastasia and Matteo get to the lake and start to talk.

“You and my family seemed to have gotten along pretty well.” She starts. “Tiana seems to like you.”

“Your family is great.” Matteo replies. “I’m glad you invited me tonight so that I could get to know them better.”

03-22-18_10-04-26 PM.jpg

“I’m glad they got the chance too.”  She states “That’s why I think I’d like you to move in with me and my big family.”

“Anastasia, I don’t think that’s enough..” He says, making her face turn despondent.

03-22-18_10-04-57 PM.jpg

“I think…”

03-24-18_4-57-22 PM.jpg

“you have…”

03-24-18_4-57-28 PM.jpg

“to marry me.”

03-24-18_4-57-36 PM.jpg

Anastasia becomes so moved. “Matteo, you jokester!”

03-24-18_4-58-17 PM.jpg

“Of course, I’ll marry you!” She excites.

03-24-18_4-58-59 PM.jpg

He gets up and leans in for a kiss.

03-24-18_4-59-12 PM.jpg

She leaps into his arms, staring at him with happiness and bliss.

03-24-18_4-59-45 PM.jpg


The next day, Tiana comes home from work with her promotion and a little extra pay.

She climbs the stairs to her bedroom and pulls out a shoe box full of money from under.

03-25-18_3-21-43 PM.jpg

“Don’t you wait, Tiana. Next week, you’ll be an adult.” She smiles. “and a restaurant on the way.”



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