Chapter 12

Chapter 12

In the last chapter, Erin aged up into an Elder, Anastasia went out on her date with Matteo, Tykayla felt down about aging, and Tiana accepted George’s offer to go out to dinner.

Since the Anastasia’s date with Matteo, they’ve become inseparable.

He comes over just to say hello, with a kiss on the cheek.

02-11-18_5-44-37 PM.jpg

Gerald goes to a new location to earn tips and spread his music.

Unfortunately, he gathered a smaller crowd outside the art museum compared to the other venues.

02-11-18_4-58-28 PM.jpg

02-11-18_5-01-06 PM.jpg

“Gahh.. ” He groans after hours of playing. I didn’t earn enough. Maybe it’s because of the heat.

02-11-18_5-03-45 PM.jpg

Andrea gets to know her cousin, Giles.

“Do you ever eat with your stuff animals?” She asks him.

“Why no.” He replies. “I don’t have any stuff animals.”

01-06-18_11-43-55 AM.jpg

“Why not?” She asks him. “I love my stuff animals. We eat together all the time.”

“I used to have a few when I was your age.” He assures. “But as I got older, I didn’t want them anymore.”

01-06-18_11-43-53 AM.jpg

“Well I’m sure I’ll never stop loving my stuff animals.” She claims.

Giles giggles. “I’m sure you won’t.”

01-06-18_11-43-58 AM.jpg

Tyler does his homework.

03-11-18_11-12-47 PM.jpg

Erin removes her mural in order to start over.

Many people hate anything new after reaching old age, I’m different.

02-11-18_5-27-12 PM.jpg

Cindy goes fishing.

01-06-18_2-33-09 PM.jpg

Tykayla hasn’t been feeling herself since her and Aden’s last love making. He noticed her behavior and approached her after work.

“Tykayla, you’ve seem really down lately and I’m worried your unhappy.” Aden starts. “Is everything alright?”

She shakes her head. “No. I’m afraid I’m making you unhappy. Just look at how old I’m getting. There’s no way you couldn’t lose interest in me. Even I lost interest in me.”

06-10-17_8-41-44 AM.jpg

“Tykayla, my love. You are beautiful. From the day I first met you, I can never keep my eyes off you.” He assures. “You know I have a thing for older women anyway.” He winks.

Tykayla starts to laugh. “You were a teenager when you were trying to get with me. I was a young adult, wondering why this kid kept calling my line. But Aden I can’t even have anymore children.”

06-10-17_8-38-26 AM.jpg

Aden stands astounded. “Is that what this is really about? You want another child?”

Tykayla looks up at him with guilt. “Yes.”

Is she going through a midlife crisis? He asks himself. “Love, you have given me two beautiful and bright children. I couldn’t ask for anything more. But if you insist on another child. We could always adopt.”

Tykayla smiles as if her worries have been swept away. “Adoption. Why didn’t I think of that. Yes sweet lug. Let’s adopt.”

06-10-17_8-41-19 AM.jpg

Cornell practices bar tricks.

Where’d it go?

09-14-17_1-20-51 AM.jpg

Pocahontas keeps up the house.

09-14-17_12-24-13 AM.jpg

Later that night, Tiana arrives to Chez Llama with George for dinner.

“You look handsome.” She compliments him with a casual tone.

He smiles. “You’re just as I expected, Beautiful.”

This sends roses to Tiana’s cheeks, for she replies, “Thanks. Let’s go explore this restaurant.”

02-11-18_5-55-40 PM.jpg

When they walk in, they order a table to wait on. Tiana took this as an opportunity to explore the restaurant. She takes notes on the interior.

Host stand next to the bar? Curious.

02-11-18_5-57-18 PM

Entertainment stage and guests at the bottom of the pit. I hope we get a table down there.

02-11-18_5-57-46 PM.jpg

I wonder where this staircase leads to.

02-11-18_5-58-06 PM.jpg

02-11-18_5-59-52 PM.jpg

Why are the bathrooms upstairs and not on the same floor level? Hmm… they’re so far from the guests.

02-11-18_6-00-32 PM.jpg

There’s more up here?

02-11-18_6-00-52 PM.jpg

Tiana’s eyes light up when she comes across a balcony.

This has got to be my favorite part. The second story is a balcony. You can look over the whole restaurant from up here.

Tiana’s exploration was short lived when George chimed in, “I got a text saying that our table is ready. Shall we?”

02-11-18_6-02-36 PM.jpg

They go to their seats where a comedian was wrapping up his session.

02-11-18_6-12-16 PM.jpg

“Aw man.” Tiana says. “We missed all the entertainment.”

“I guess that’s why we finally got a seat.” George replies. “I’m sorry I didn’t make reservations before hand.”

“It’s no big deal. It gave me lots of time to look around.” Tiana assures.

“Let me make it up to you by buying this dinner.” George offers and takes out the menu. “They have a space taco.” He enthuses. “I got to get that.”

02-11-18_6-12-54 PM.jpg

Tiana laughs. “Of course you would.” She looks over her menu. “Hmm… I got it. I’ll get something experimental. This Honeycomb Garden looks intriguing”

02-11-18_6-13-29 PM.jpg

“That sounds really good.” He says. “Hey, I’m going to head to the bathroom. Can you order for me?”

“No problem.” Tiana assures.

02-11-18_6-13-39 PM.jpg

Two minutes after he left, the waiter comes with a pen in hand.

“Hello. Welcome to Chez Llama. I am your server for this evening, Estaben.” He introduced himself. “Can I start you off on something to drink?”

“We have actually decided on what we want to eat.” She replies. “He would have the space taco with a juice on the rocks. I’d like your honeycomb garden with a white nectar blend.”

“Coming right up” He assures.

“Thank you.” She says.

02-11-18_6-16-44 PM.jpg

When he leaves, George comes back and sees that Tiana has pulled out her homework.

02-11-18_6-18-50 PM.jpg

“Tiana.. I understand you have schoolwork to do” He starts. “but I thought maybe we can make this dinner fun without worrying about the work, at least for tonight.”

“George, I’m almost done.” She says as she is glued to her pencil. “Besides, tonight was mainly for the research. I’ve got a lot of research from just this night to make Tiana’s Palace a 5-star.”

02-11-18_6-19-02 PM.jpg

Despite Tiana’s truth, George seemed a little hurt by her words but was relieved when their food arrived 10 minutes later, prompting Tiana to stop doing her homework.

02-11-18_6-19-37 PM.jpg

“This looks amazing!” She enthuses. “I got to get a picture of this.”

02-11-18_6-21-02 PM.jpg

“Are you sure you’re able to cover both of us?” She asks. “I calculated the prices when you were gone. This is a mighty expensive ticket.”

“Actually I can.” He assures. “I went in for an interview at the science facility the other day. They called me back for a second interview within the next two weeks. I have a strong feeling I’ll get the job. So let’s take this as a celebratory dinner as well.”

02-11-18_6-20-45 PM.jpg

But you didn’t get the job yet. She thinks. “Impulsive.. but I won’t stop you.” Tiana claims. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you. I’m so close to reaching aliens I can feel it.” He says.

“Didn’t you tell me it could take years before they discover their home planet?” Tiana claims.

“That is true.” He agrees. “But as time goes on, they keep getting closer and closer. I’m just in a great time now more then ever to join the force.”

02-11-18_6-20-52 PM.jpg

She smiles at his deavours and takes a bite.

“How do you like the food and the restaurant?” He asks.

“It’s amazing. The food is awesome. I love the customer service. The entertainment center is something I couldn’t even dream about. The balcony, looking over the whole place is amazing. It was such a good idea to come here.” She excites. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Thank you.”

02-11-18_6-22-37 PM.jpg

“It’s my pleasure, Tiana.” He gazes at her sending flutters to her stomach.

She drinks her glass in order to keep from smiling.

02-11-18_6-23-19 PM.jpg

But as the evening went on…

02-11-18_6-22-11 PM.jpg

02-11-18_6-23-48 PM.jpg

she could to nothing but smile..

02-11-18_6-25-07 PM.jpg

02-11-18_6-23-50 PM.jpg

and enjoy herself.. and her company.

02-11-18_6-27-01 PM.jpg

02-11-18_6-27-05 PM.jpg

After they cleared their plates and payed for the check, Tiana wanted to go to one more spot she didn’t get up explore upstairs.

The outside balcony’s nighttime view.

“Beautiful” she whispers.

“Not as beautiful as you.” George says from behind.

02-11-18_6-03-34 PM.png

She turns around to see the confidence of a man that has been trying to be with her for months, deplete.

“Tiana. I really like you.” He states. ” The time we spent tonight confirmed that. I got to know you a whole lot better then I ever have before, and I want to keep getting to know you. I love the time we spend together. Will you allow me to do that?”

02-11-18_6-04-56 PM.jpg

At that moment Tiana wanted more then anything to continue to be swept in the emotions that have been running rapid that night and say yes, but she stopped herself. Yes, she had fun. Yes, she began being a little more carefree. Yes, she was able to live her life. Yes, did she like him. But that wasn’t enough. She has a goal to accomplish, and still he did not fit in that. Anywhere.

“George,” she starts. “I’d like to thank you for tonight. This has been the only night that I have been truly a free spirit throughout my whole teenage years. And what I’ll never forget is that you made that happen, but I have a plan for my life, maybe one day you can be apart of that, but right now it’s only me that has to achieve this, without any other distractions.”

02-11-18_6-05-16 PM.jpg

And with that she didn’t say another word and started walking through the restaurant towards the exit. George was suffering another rejection, while Tiana was fighting a silent whisper in the back of her head, begging him not to give up on her.

02-11-18_6-29-55 PM.jpg


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