Chapter 11

Chapter 11

In the last chapter, Tyler aged up into a Teen, Giles went out with Eliza to a festival, and Pocahontas talks to Tiana about George and her work ethic.

Today is Erin’s birthday.

That’s why we see Giles in the kitchen making a cake for his mother.

I feel so bad about how I’ve been treating her. He ponders.

02-11-18_2-06-17 PM.jpg

She doesn’t deserve any of that. She’s my mom, and a good one.

02-11-18_2-06-56 PM.jpg

I hope this will make it up to her.

02-11-18_2-07-14 PM.jpg

Within the next moments, Giles takes the cake out the oven and calls his mother down to blow the candles.

“Is this for me?” She comes in with a smile.

“Of course, Mom.” He states. “It’s for all the times I’ve done you wrong. Blow them out.”

02-11-18_2-27-52 PM.jpg

Erin takes a big woof at the birthday cake…

02-11-18_2-27-57 PM.jpg

and transforms into an elder.

02-11-18_2-28-12 PM.jpg

“Thank you, my baby.” She goes to hug her child. “I couldn’t ask for a better son.”

02-11-18_2-28-40 PM.jpg

Giles smiles at his aging mother.

Erin takes a piece of cake and walks toward Giles. “Now, my boy. Tell me about Eliza.”

02-11-18_2-29-01 PM.jpg

Cindy reads a book in Pocahontas’s room.

12-30-17_10-56-23 AM.jpg

Pocahontas cooks on the Grill.

02-11-18_1-53-04 PM.jpg

Tonight it’s Anastasia’s date with Matteo, whom she met previously at a bar. They meet at Chez Lama.

02-11-18_2-57-40 PM.jpg

“You clean up nice.” She teases upon meeting his gaze. “I like your suit.”

“If i’m being completely honest with you, this is my old man’s suit.” He replies. “I’m a fisherman for pete’s sake.”

02-11-18_2-58-10 PM.jpg

Anastasia laughs at his honesty. “I had a feeling.”

“However,” He looks into her eyes. “If these dates happen more often, I don’t mind buying a permanent set.”

Anastasia blushes. “Shall we go inside?”

02-11-18_2-58-04 PM.jpg

When they reach the interior of the restaurant. They read a notice stating all tables are reserved for the night.

02-11-18_2-59-24 PM.jpg

“Oh I’m sorry.” Matteo says with embarrassment. “I should’ve made a reservation.”

“Well, this is the most popular place in Willow Creek.” She confirms. “I wonder if the bar is open.” She pokes her head around the corner to see open seats at the bar. “Let’s go to the bar.” She assures. “It wouldn’t be the first time together.”

They make their way to the bar and order their first round of drinks.

02-11-18_3-05-03 PM.jpg

“Tiana would love it here.” She looks around at the interior. Maybe I should get George to take her here.

02-11-18_3-04-10 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Gerald practices to get better at the piano.

02-11-18_2-33-16 PM.jpg

Tyler finds interest in gardening.

02-10-18_8-39-18 PM.jpg

Back to Anastasia’s Date, they are finishing up a meal.

“The fish smacks you in the face?” She laugh with hysteria. “I could only image the red mark that formed on your face.”

“A mark?” He replies. “Try a cut, I told you it had spikes.”

“Even worse,” She continues with laughter.

02-11-18_3-07-32 PM.jpg

“Enough about me.” He tries to guide the conversation. “What made you want to get into the line of work that you are in?”

She ponders. “Well… as a child, I was very curious about everything. I asked millions of questions and just couldn’t keep my wonders to myself.

02-11-18_3-07-19 PM.jpg

“But as I started to grow and my questions got answers, I started to realize their are real issues around us.

“I can’t solve them all, so I joined a nonprofit that related close to my strongest belief:   , then I turned into this advocate.” She smiles. “I love my work.”

02-11-18_3-07-41 PM.jpg

“I can hear you talk about this all night.” He looks into her eyes.

“Well why don’t you?” She asks. “Let’s leave.”

02-11-18_3-10-07 PM.jpg

They walk and talk outside until it was late enough that Anastasia was thinking about going home.

“I had a great time tonight.” She hugs him.

“I did too. It’s not every night I get to go on a date with a beautiful woman.” He assures.

02-11-18_3-15-48 PM.jpg

Anastasia feels the connection and goes in for a kiss.

02-11-18_3-17-25 PM.jpg

And another kiss at his house.

02-11-18_3-21-46 PM.jpg

Until she forgot about the passing of time.

Back at the house…

Cornell plays a game of chess.

02-11-18_3-43-45 PM.jpg

Andrea draws in the children’s play room.

02-11-18_3-45-14 PM.jpg

Tykayla and Aden attempts to have strengthen their maritals.

02-11-18_5-29-33 PM.jpg

02-11-18_5-29-35 PM.jpg

.. but it’s no use, for something weighs heavily on Tykayla’s mind.

I’m getting too old. She thinks. Too old for you.

02-11-18_5-32-41 PM.jpg

Tiana was enjoying some downtime from her busy schedule when she see’s George breezing through the entrance.

“I finally found you.” He says with a smile.

“And here I am.” Tiana laughs. “You know you could’ve always called me right?”

02-10-18_8-26-05 PM.jpg

His eyes wonders as though he couldn’t have thought of that himself. “Sorry, excitement got to me.”

Tiana continues to laugh. “It better be worth it after the expense you had to go through to find me.”

“Well worth it.” He winks, sending roses to her cheeks.

02-10-18_8-26-09 PM.jpg

“Get on with it, then.” She tries to brush it off. “What’s going on?”

He goes to sit next to Tiana. “I know a while ago you rejected becoming my girlfriend. I respect your wishes. So what if next week we go out to dinner as friends.”

Tiana’s face is muted, but her heart is in a flutter. “Look, George-”

02-10-18_8-27-40 PM.jpg

“Just here me out,” George tries to explain. “There is this beautiful restaurant called Chez Llama. The best in Willow Creek.”

“And highly expensive.” She adds.

“And I know…” He continues. “how much you want to open up your own restaurant. So I propose we scope it out, take notes on the interior, the hosting, and more importantly, the food, to make sure yours is one of the best, if not the best.”

02-10-18_8-28-04 PM.jpg

Tiana is taken aback at how thought out this plan was. It made sense. In order to start a restaurant, you need to know how it operates and how it is designed. The only experience she has was working as a barista, but that’s just a cafe.

She saw through his ploy, but couldn’t turn down such an incredible idea, especially with Pocahontas’s words in the back of her mind.

She did say I should have some fun. Tiana thinks. “Ohk.” Tiana agrees. “We can go out to dinner, but only for the research.”

02-10-18_8-27-43 PM.jpg

“Whatever the lady wants.” He smiles. “I’ll pick you up next week at 7. I’ll be sure to wear my best suit.”

Tiana giggles. “I’m looking forward to it.”

George smiles at her comment. Tiana feels embarrassed at what she said.

George gets up to leave, and says “Goodnight, Tiana,” as he walks out the door.

She still feels that same flutter, like the last time he ended with her name.

02-10-18_8-31-49 PM.jpg

The next morning, Anastasia comes home in her pajamas with a joyful smile on her face. All she can think about is her new boyfriend.

02-11-18_3-54-52 PM.jpg


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