Chapter 10

Chapter 10

In the last chapter, Andrea aged up to a child, Tiana learned mixology from Cornell, and Anastasia met Matteo.

Today is Tyler’s Birthday.

Tykayla has been cooking since she came home from work last night, in order to make him a Hamburger style cake.

This is how you hold the spoon, right?

06-13-17_12-35-37 AM.jpg

Tyler starts off by hanging with his dad on the back porch.

“Come here, son.” Aden calls. “You see that? I think I see your favorite Simtron.”

“Whoa, Cool!” he cloud gazes.

02-10-18_2-48-28 AM.jpg

“I think I see an Alien Spaceship now.” Tyler starts to lays next to his dad.

“Are you sure?” Aden jokes. “That has to be a football.”

02-10-18_2-48-35 AM.jpg

“Come on Dad” Tyler giggles. “UFO’s are shaped like a football.”

“Or that’s what they want you to think.” Aden replies.

“Whatever.” Tyler says his final word.

02-10-18_2-48-44 AM.jpg

Before they know it, it was time for the celebration.

Aden walks into the kitchen and sees a nice Hamburger Cake with Tyler’s name on it.

He notices his wife’s absence and assumed she was getting rest after coming home so late last night. He puts the candles on the cake…

02-10-18_3-01-56 AM.jpg

then calls, Tyler, to it.

He takes a big blow

02-10-18_3-02-22 AM.jpg

and ages up into a teenager. He acquires the Sweet Trait to coincide with his Geek Trait, and aspires to be Fabulously Wealthy.

02-10-18_3-04-12 AM.jpg

His father comes up behind him with joy.

“Happy Birthday, Son.” He smiles. “I was thinking maybe we’d go out to this public pool I found for some fun.”

02-10-18_3-04-50 AM.jpg

Tyler gets excited.

02-10-18_3-05-17 AM.jpg

Anastasia takes a picture of herself…

12-30-17_11-26-44 AM.jpg

to send to Matteo.

Nice angle and .. send. A few seconds later. Haha.. He thinks my faces are cute.

12-30-17_11-26-53 AM.jpg

Erin starts another masterpiece.

01-06-18_1-54-19 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Aden and Tyler make it to the public pool of Willow Creek.

02-10-18_6-42-55 PM.jpg

They walk in to head to the changing rooms…

02-10-18_6-43-51 PM.jpg

02-10-18_6-44-35 PM.jpg

then headed straight to the pool.

02-10-18_6-45-22 PM.jpg

“How do like it so far?” Aden asks his son. “The public pool.”
“It’s cool, Dad. Thanks for bringing me.” Tyler smiles.

02-10-18_6-45-43 PM.jpg

“Where was mom?” Tyler asked. “I thought she was going to be around.”

“Asleep.” He tells him. “She got home late last night from a catering gig and stayed up later making your birthday cake.”

“Really?” Tyler replies. “She didn’t have to do that.”

02-10-18_6-45-45 PM.jpg

“She’s done more, son.” Aden says. “She texted me on our way here, telling me she has a surprise for you. I wonder what it is myself.”

“Should we check it out?” Tyler asks.

“Yes, But after you catch this.” Aden splashes him, starting a water fight.

02-10-18_6-46-49 PM.jpg

Back at the house, Giles preps himself in the mirror after receiving a phone call from Eliza. He’s been asked to go to a festival with her in the city.

Looking good, Giles. He makes his flirty face.

01-04-18_11-41-39 PM.jpg

Cornell and Cindy hang out to watch some TV.

“Did he just-?” Cornell busts out laughing.

“Yes.” Cindy confirms. “That’s what he gets.”

02-10-18_2-37-19 AM.jpg

When Tyler makes it back home with his dad, he see the aftermath of his mom’s work: room renovations of Gerald’s old room that is now his.

“It looks pretty nice in here.” Aden says walking in. “Tykayla did a good job.”

“This is awesome.” Tyler says. “My new room!”

02-10-18_6-36-07 PM.jpg

He starts the move in process by placing one of his frogs on his desk and filling out the comfort of the desk chair.

“Now it feels more like my room.” He tells his dad. “Where’s mom now?”

“She probably went back to work.” Aden answers. “You know she takes the night shift.”

02-10-18_6-39-09 PM.jpg

Tyler whips out his phone to send a text.

“Who’s that?” Aden asks.

“Just sending a thanks to mom.” Tyler replies. “She needs to know how much I appreciate her.”

02-10-18_6-38-25 PM.jpg

Tyler wasn’t the only room that got a renovation.

Tykayla turned Tyler’s old room into a girly girl room for his sister, Andrea.

06-11-18_1-55-13 PM.jpg

06-11-18_1-55-28 PM.jpg

She enjoys her new room, by playing with her toys.

02-13-18_1-25-34 AM.jpg

Gerald had moved to a renovated room too where his new piano is the key decor.

02-10-18_7-00-22 PM.jpg

02-10-18_7-00-37 PM.jpg

Giles reaches the Humor and Hijinks Festival and meets an apologetic Eliza.

I am really sorry for the other night. She apologizes. “It’s just I don’t want anything serious right now. I know we’ve been friends for awhile and for that, I don’t want to hurt you.”

02-10-18_7-58-31 PM.jpg

Giles starts to feel a bit better.

“If it makes you feel any better,” Eliza continues. “You are my type. I lied.”

Giles smiles, as he sees a window of opportunity. “So you do like the Gilesmyster?” He flirts.

She laughs. “I might, but let’s go.” She grabs his arm.

02-10-18_7-57-30 PM.jpg

Giles starts the festival by purchasing a T-Shirt.

02-10-18_7-59-12 PM.jpg

“You know I could by you one too?” Giles assures Eliza.

“No thanks.” She states. “The logo could’ve been better.”

02-10-18_8-01-31 PM.jpg

Giles giggles. “You’re right, but I like to show support. Hey, we should go pick a side. Should we be apart of the Pranksters or the Jokesters?”

Eliza smiles. “I love to pull a good prank.”

“It’s settled then!” Giles excites.

02-10-18_8-01-34 PM.jpg

Giles walks to the prankster side and takes a sip to let the game begin for him. He’s a part of a team that has to do more pranks than the jokesters can make jokes.

02-10-18_8-02-11 PM.jpg

Eliza makes her way to take her own drink and share a warm embrace with him.

02-10-18_8-03-10 PM.jpg

Giles zoned out of space and forgot his mission when his teammate came and scared him.

“Boo!” She scares.

“Ahh..” Giles flinches.

02-10-18_8-05-18 PM.jpg

Sometime later Eliza and Giles make their way to the bubble area with the scare still on his mind.

“Grr… I would’ve gotten her back too.” He assures. “She’s just too good.”

02-10-18_8-07-16 PM.jpg

Later that night at the house, Tiana was working on new recipes in the kitchen when her mother spots her.

“Tiana, why don’t you take a break from cooking and talk to me.” She interrupts.

“Ok, Mama.” Tiana says as she finishes up her dish. “You can try this fried fruit I just got done with.”

12-03-17_2-29-24 PM.jpg

Tiana serves her mother and starts to clean up her work station.

“What’s going on, mama?” she asks.

“When I said take a break, I didn’t mean do something else.” Pocahontas insists.

“Oh, Mama. I have to keep this kitchen in order.” Tiana continues. “So, what’s on your mind?”

01-03-18_2-24-21 AM.jpg

Pocahontas sighs as though she has been defeated. “I heard George came by to see you the other day.

Tiana stands in confusion. “He did? Why, this is the first I’m hearing of this. What did he want?”

01-03-18_2-24-19 AM.jpg

Pocahontas shakes her head. “He never said. He just said it was really important.” She starts to smile.

Tiana gets a bit red. “Mama, don’t look at me like that.” She rolls eyes, “I don’t have time for guys or ‘dating’. I don’t even know if I want to get married.”

“No one said anything about marriage,” Pocahontas assures. “but Tiana, you know, it’s OK to have some fun from time to time. I’m very worried that you have been working a little too hard after your father passed. I’m afraid you’re overexerting yourself.

01-03-18_2-24-17 AM.jpg

Tiana finishes cleaning the kitchen and goes to kiss Pocahontas on the cheek. “Don’t worry mama. I’m OK. Everything is going to be just fine.”

Pocahontas feels uneasy as she watches her daughter go up the stairs. She takes her first bite of the fried fruit.

It’s so good. Pocahontas confirms. It might’ve been better than my mothers.




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