Chapter 9

Chapter 9

In the last chapter, Anastasia aged up into an adult, Tykayla became an elder, and George swung by to look for Tiana.

Today is Andrea’s birthday.

Tykayla retrieves her daughter for the celebration.

“Is my lovely ready for her birthday?” She goos at Andrea. “Mommy, doesn’t want to see her babies grow up. She wants her babies to be young forever.”

12-05-17_3-58-31 AM.jpg

“But today is your special day.” She says as she grabs Andrea out the bassinet.

Andrea ages up into a child and, to Tyler’s misfortune, obtains the Neat trait.

So instead of collecting gems and watching frogs, she’d much rather stay neat and tidy.

For her birthday, she sets the table outside to eat her chocolate cake.

I should get Mr. Pony to eat with me.

01-06-18_1-51-15 PM.jpg

This doesn’t stop Tyler from enjoying his adventures.

Whoa, this frog is different.

01-06-18_1-06-58 PM.jpg

Gerald gives his mother a sweet hug.

“I love you mom.”

12-30-17_11-20-12 AM.jpg

Tiana is in the middle of learning the art of Mixology, so she can get a promotion at work.

I have a basics of cooking down. Mixology shouldn’t be so hard. She thinks…

01-06-18_1-32-45 PM.jpg

Until she almost drops the shaker..

01-06-18_1-32-57 PM.jpg

Whew that was close.

01-06-18_1-33-01 PM.jpg

She smiles at her recovery then realizes Cornell saw the whole thing.

Maybe before trying bar tricks, you should practice making the drinks.” He sneaks up behind her.

01-06-18_1-36-01 PM.jpg

“Uhh… I guess your right.” She says with embarrassment. “Could you help me?”

01-06-18_1-36-19 PM.jpg

“Anything for my sister.” He takes a seat. “Shall we get started?”

“Yes!” She says with confidence.

01-06-18_1-36-25 PM.jpg

After a few hours, Cornell was ready to give up. “Maybe we should take a break.”

“No, Nell.” Tiana asserts. “I can get this right. Bear with me.”

01-06-18_1-36-51 PM.jpg

After a few more hours, Tiana looks up with confidence. “I learned 5 mixed drinks.”

01-06-18_1-36-33 PM.jpg

Erin cooks a meal.

09-01-17_1-37-25 AM.jpg

Upon turning into a young adult, Anastasia decides to go to the bar again, but this time by herself.

She was ordering at the bar…

01-06-18_3-12-35 AM.jpg

when someone called over to her to sit with them; This is where she met Matteo.

“You were so beautiful walking through this room, I couldn’t help but stare.” He compliments. “Even more, to talk to you.”

01-06-18_3-33-41 AM.jpg

Anastasia accepts this with a smile. “Thank you.” Anastasia replies, letting her charisma flow. “I didn’t notice you, but you don’t look too bad yourself.” She winks.

Matteo starts to giggle. “Confidence and beauty.” He states. “That’s one of a kind. What will it take to get a gal like that to go on a date with me?

01-06-18_3-33-58 AM.jpg

“Why don’t you ask her?” She flirts. “She’s right in front you.”

“Can you spend an evening with me this week? At Chez Lama? Say 10 o’clock?” He asks.

Anastasia smiles. “It’s a date.”

01-06-18_3-33-43 AM.jpg

Cindy goes out fishing.

01-06-18_2-33-24 PM.jpg

Giles hangs out with Eliza.

“We have to watch it again!” She exclaims with a funny video blasting through her phone.

“No.. No..!” Giles tries to say through the middle of his laughter. “I don’t think my stomach can handle anymore.”

01-03-18_2-43-57 AM.jpg

They were having a good time until he walked her out and tried to flirt with her.

“I’m sorry.” Giles apologizes. “I read the mood wrong.”

“No, it might be my fault.” She explains. “Giles, you’re a really fun guy to be around. But I only see you as a friend.”

12-05-17_3-13-19 AM.jpg

“So don’t take it too personally?” She assures. “You just aren’t my type.”

This is a kick in the face to Giles.

12-05-17_3-13-34 AM.jpg

“I’m sorry.” Eliza says before she leaves.

12-05-17_3-13-40 AM.jpg

Aden and Tykayla hang out upon the eve of their son’s birthday.

“Come on, we deserve to capture this moment of us wonderful parents.” Tykayla claims as she tries to persuade Aden to take a picture with her.

“If you insist, my love.” Aden gives in.

12-30-17_10-39-07 AM.png

They smile widely at the camera. “Say Cheese!” Tykayla says.

12-30-17_10-39-26 AM.jpg

Tykayla looks at the image with satisfaction. “Now they’ll have something to remember us by.”

12-30-17_10-39-30 AM.jpg

“Is that what you were so worried about?” Aden asks. “You could’ve just told me.”

“I know.” Tykayla assures. “It’s just something that’s always in the back of my mind. They are just growing up so fast so soon. And we are getting older as well.”

“Yes.” Aden understands. “Can you believe it? Our first born is becoming a teenager. And I have a day planned for him.”

12-30-17_10-39-04 AM.jpg




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