Chapter 8

Chapter 8

In the last chapter, Tykayla and Aden had their baby and George attended Tiana’s Family dinner.

Tiana has been under a lot of work and pressure these past days.

She comes home from school to make dinner and meals for her family.

12-05-17_4-30-08 AM

Stays up late in an attempt to finish her homework.

12-30-17_10-50-31 AM.jpg

Then wakes up early for work just to come home exhausted…

You’re almost there, Tiana.

12-05-17_4-05-22 AM.jpg

.. and try to complete the homework she didn’t finish the night before within an hour before school starts.

12-30-17_10-55-49 AM.jpg

Now it’s the weekend. She is able to take this time to catch up on sleep and hone her skills for a promotion.

But before she indulges in a bit of relaxation, she has birthday cakes to make for her sister and Aunt in law.

You’ll get to sleep soon.

01-03-18_2-35-19 AM.jpg

Hang in there.

01-03-18_2-35-35 AM.jpg

She finishes the cakes and sets them onto the counter. She leaves them undecorated, before sleep deprivation catches up to her.

But she has nothing to worry about, her mother arrives to put the candles on the cake.

Where’s Tiana? She asks herself. Don’t tell me she’s pushing herself too hard… I was afraid of this.

01-06-18_1-27-46 AM.jpg

Pocahontas calls Anastasia down to the birthday cake.

“This is it!” Anastasia tells herself. “You can now make a difference in the world.”

01-06-18_1-22-16 AM.jpg

She goes downstairs to transform herself into a young adult.

01-06-18_1-32-53 AM.jpg

She ages up and acquires the Ambitious trait.

01-06-18_1-35-17 AM.jpg

Pocahontas rushes over to hug her first daughter.

“You have grown into such a beautiful woman.” Pocahontas assures. “I have a gift for you. Follow me upstairs.”

01-06-18_1-37-25 AM.jpg

Anastasia follows her mother into her bedroom where she is directed to her father’s old desk.

01-06-18_1-46-44 AM.jpg

“I’d like to give you something of your father’s that I know you could use.” Pocahontas states. “He loved all of you guys very much, and instead of giving away his things, I’d much rather pass it on.”

Anastasia stands in awe of the gift she is receiving. “Thank you, mom. I miss him so much.”

01-06-18_1-46-30 AM.jpg

“The only issue that I have, is where I’m going to put it.” She jokes. “You know me and Tiana’s room isn’t big enough to hold this massive desk.”

Pocahontas laughs. “You can keep it in here for the time being.”

01-06-18_1-46-54 AM.jpg

As Pocahontas leaves the room, Anastasia sits to gain a feel of the gift.

Dad’s chair… Dad’s Desk … Dad’s Computer. She looks to her left. Dad’s Ashes.. 

She sits for a moment taking it all in, then starts to look for job openings.

Dad.. I’m going to make a difference.

01-06-18_1-50-05 AM.jpg

As Anastasia finds a job, Tykayla and Aden have been doing the usual, taking care of baby Andrea.

“That’s my growing girl.” She talks to her daughter. “Eat up.”

12-05-17_3-58-03 AM.jpg

Aden comes in to give his wife a hug.

“Let me handle Andrea, love.” He tells her. “Today’s your birthday. Tiana has a cake sitting out just for you.”

12-04-17_2-50-43 AM.jpg

“Oh, Sweetlug, I didn’t notice.” She explains. “Hurry down when you can.” She walks out the door.

Aden picks up his daughter.

“Who’s daddy’s girl?” He teases.

01-04-18_11-39-49 PM.jpg

“You’re so beautiful, just like your mother.” He assures. “You and Tyler make me a proud father.”

01-04-18_11-39-23 PM.jpg

Aden wraps up his time with Andrea to celebrate with his wife.

She is just about to blow out the candles.

Aging… I’m not usually afraid of anything.. but leaving my children behind.

01-06-18_1-37-02 AM.jpg

Here goes nothing. She blows out the candles…

01-06-18_1-36-49 AM.jpg

and turns into an elder.

I’m not leaving my hair color behind either.

01-06-18_1-37-44 AM.jpg

“How does it feel to become more beautiful?” Aden asks Tykayla.

“Some getting used to.” She says with uncertainly. “But my baby Andrea is going to be gorgeous on her birthday tomorrow.”

01-06-18_1-45-48 AM.jpg

Erin finishes her mural.

12-30-17_11-21-50 AM.jpg

Cornell listens to music in the family room and drinks his favorite mix.

Not bad Cornell, not bad.

12-30-17_11-37-06 AM.jpg

Giles checks himself out in the mirror.

Looking good.

01-04-18_11-41-28 PM.jpg

Cindy got a promotion to regional manager.

I’ll definitely take that trip now.

12-30-17_12-33-26 PM.jpg

Tyler visits his baby sister, Andrea.

“Hi, Andrea. I’m your big brother, Tyler.” he states. “I can’t wait until you are as big as me.”

She goos and gahhs.

01-06-18_3-01-04 AM.jpg

“That’s right, you’ll be a big girl” He continues. “and I got you a present too for your birthday tomorrow. It’s this turquoise stone I found. It’s so cool. Maybe we can collect together.”

01-06-18_3-01-07 AM.jpg

He smiles to himself as Andrea smiles and laughs.

I’m a good big brother.

01-06-18_3-01-01 AM.jpg

Gerald runs into Anastasia’s friend, George, at his house but George isn’t here for Anastasia.

“Hey, whoa you look like your sister.” George greets. “Have you seen, Tiana?”

“Well if you think I look like, Tiana, then you’re wildly mistaken.” Gerald giggles. “What do you want with her?”

01-03-18_1-59-13 AM.jpg

“Oh, no not that sister. Anastasia.” He assures. “And I have to ask Tiana something.”

“We get that a lot, but the last time I seen her, she looked as busy as a frog.” Gerald explains. “She always has some place to go and something to do. Good luck getting a hold of her.”

01-03-18_2-06-15 AM.jpg

“So, you haven’t seen her at all today?” George asks.

“After school? Not a chance.” Gerald confirms. “You’re better off calling Anastasia to make sure she’s around before coming over here unexpectedly.”

“Thank you.” George says in defeat. “I’ll take that advice.”

01-03-18_2-06-37 AM.jpg

He walks off without giving up hope as he continues his search and waits, until he ends up going home.

I’ll just call next time.

01-03-18_1-48-55 AM.jpg

But little did he know if he had waited maybe even an hour later, Tiana would’ve appeared, as she did that same night, determined to get back to her work.

These skills won’t hone themselves, Tiana. She thinks. Let’s do this. Promotion.

01-06-18_3-18-27 AM.jpg




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