Chapter 6

Chapter 6

In the last chapter, Tiana started her first day of work, Gerald aged up into a young adult, Erin councils her son, Giles, and Tykayla and Aden found a name for their baby girl.

We left off where Tiana was cooking Cindy a birthday cake.

Done. She thinks as she spreads the candles over the cake.

12-04-17_2-07-27 AM.jpg

She tastes the trim of the icing around the plate.

Hmm… I should’ve added more cream cheese.

12-04-17_2-07-38 AM.jpg

Then called Cindy to her celebration.

Cindy comes in ready to blow out the candles…

12-04-17_2-11-15 AM.jpg

and age up into an elder.

Wow. Grey hair is beautiful.

12-04-17_2-11-47 AM.jpg

She gives Tiana a hug. “Thank you, Sweet Pea.” She tells Tiana. “The cake looks amazing.”

12-04-17_2-13-04 AM.jpg

“Ain’t no problem.” Tiana assures. “It’s the least I can do. I get better with every meal I make and make sure they all turn out special.”

12-04-17_2-12-27 AM.jpg

Pocahontas approaches her daughter with mixed emotions; She’s pleased and uncertain how fast her daughter was accepting her role as heir. “You really have taken on your title. That was very nice.”

“Mama, I just love to cook.” She confirms. “It has nothing to do with this title. What’s most important is that everyone in our family is taking care of right? And I love taking care of them through my cooking.”

Pocahontas stands abashed, without showing it. “Fair enough.” She states. Then why am I still worried?

12-04-17_2-14-57 AM.jpg

Since Gerald aged up into a young adult, he takes up a job in the entertainment industry and plays at the park for tips in his free time.

12-03-17_3-21-37 PM.jpg

He picked up quite a nice crowd and made his goal of earning $50 in tips.

12-03-17_3-22-13 PM.jpg

There was one smiling face that stuck around until the end, that Gerald couldn’t help but talk to.

12-03-17_3-25-40 PM.jpg

“Can your name be as beautiful as you are?” Gerald flirts as he sits next to her.

12-03-17_3-26-18 PM.jpg

“Oh my.” She giggles. “Do you use that line on every beauty you come across?”

12-03-17_3-26-25 PM.jpg

Gerald answers honestly, being the good guy that he is. “Actually, that was my first time and my first time talking to someone as beautiful as you.”

“Do tell.” She insists.

12-03-17_3-26-54 PM.jpg

Cornell admires the art in the dining room.

08-31-15_12-14 AM.jpg

Ahh.. what an interesting composition.

08-31-15_12-14 AM-2

Tyler tries to find another collectible. This time for this new sibling.

Awe, Sapphire. I know she’s like this one.

09-01-17_1-22-43 AM.jpg

Erin walks into the living room to dance when she spots Pocahontas on the couch.

Oh. I thought I was alone. She thinks.

“Hey, Erin.” Pocahontas giggles. “Dancing to the rhythm?”

12-04-17_1-23-20 AM.jpg

After Giles’s phase passed, he is feeling much better and happier.

I still have people who love me.

09-13-17_11-54-04 PM.jpg

Tykayla and Aden took the opportunity to go out on a date before they would have two children to look after. They go for lunch at Chez Llama.

12-04-17_2-52-59 AM.jpg

Tykayla finds a table as her husband goes to the restroom.

“How many would will it be?” She asks.

“Two please.” Tykayla answers.

12-04-17_2-53-55 AM.jpg

“You can follow me this way.” She guides her.

12-04-17_2-55-04 AM.jpg

When Tykayla arrived at her table she is told that her server will be right with her.

12-04-17_2-55-54 AM.jpg

Within the next moment, Aden comes to the table.

“Do you mind if i sit next to such a gorgeous woman?” He flirts.

Tykayla blushes. “Only I can sit next to this handsome man.”

12-04-17_2-57-13 AM.jpg

Aden whips out the menu he snagged on his way to the table.

“Pretty fancy dear for a lunch date.” Tykayla says while gazing the menu

“Only the finest for my beautiful wife and daughter.” He replies

12-04-17_2-57-31 AM.jpg

“Is is because you are about to hit that big promotion, baby?” She asks.

“That and you deserve it.” He assures. “I love you.”

She gazes into his eyes. “I love you too.”

12-04-17_3-00-10 AM.jpg

They are interrupted by a waiter asking for their meals.

“What will you both be having today?”

“Calamari Soup for him.” Tykayla orders. “and a desert for me. I don’t have much of an appetite right now.”

“Coming right up.” He exits.

12-04-17_3-02-21 AM.jpg

Tykayla and Aden enjoy themselves and the scenery while they wait for their food.

“It’s almost time.” Aden excites for the moment his baby girl arrives.

“Yes it is.” She smiles. “Something tells me sooner rather then later.”

12-04-17_3-03-22 AM.jpg

In the next moment their food arrives.

As they both take one gulp, they look at each other.

“This is amazing.” They say on cue.

12-04-17_3-08-27 AM.jpg

In the mist of their date, back at the house, Anastasia invites her best friend, George over to hang out.

“Wassup?” He asks as they go for a high five.

“Nothing much. Just going out with the club members and all.” Anastasia replies. “How’s the Alien research going?”

12-04-17_3-46-48 AM.jpg

“It’s going as usual. A little here and a little there. It’s all theory though.” He confirms. “But we are close to finding their home base and once that happens we can undergo an investigation on them.”

“That sounds really cool.” Anastasia assures.

12-04-17_3-46-42 AM.jpg

“It’s incredible, it may take years until we can locate it, but we’re close. I just hope that …” He trails off, reserving all his attention to Tiana sitting across the room.

12-04-17_3-47-33 AM.jpg

Anastasia follows his gaze and smiles.

“That’s Tiana.. remember?” She asks. “I introduced you to her when we were kids. She even went to your birthday party at the park. You haven’t seen her since then have you?”

George couldn’t take his eyes off her. “She’s beautiful.”

“You want to drool on the sofa?” She asks, with a laugh.

He smiles back at her. “Take me there.”

12-04-17_3-47-59 AM.jpg

They make their way to Tiana and are thrown into instant conversation.

“Yes, I am telling you, Tiana.” He states. “Aliens are real.”

“Wow. There’s a whole other life form, but us out there.” Tiana astonishes. “Who would’ve thought?”

12-04-17_3-55-20 AM.jpg

“Technically speaking, he was telling me they haven’t found their home base yet.” Anastasia says.

“Yes. But we are close.” He assures. “It’s going to take a few years and when it does. I want to be apart of that investigation. That’s my dream.”

12-04-17_3-58-10 AM.jpg

Dreams. Tiana thinks. “Someone once told me a dream isn’t anything without hard work and patience. And with all your hard research, you are going to get somewhere.”

George gazes in awe, making Anastasia feel she was no longer needed there.

“Well, looky here. I think mom needs my help with something .. or something.” She states.

12-04-17_3-52-28 AM.jpg

Anastasia leaves them to get to know each other a little better.

They talked for some time.

“Tell me about your dreams, Tiana?” He asks.

“My dream… to own my own restaurant.” She explains. “My father believed in it. He even picked the name for it: Tiana’s Palace. He claimed it is a ‘restaurant fit for a princess.” She rolls her eyes.

He looks at her with a smile. “Tiana’s Palace. I like that.”

“It’s kind of corny actually.” She laughs. “But I love it nevertheless. I believe in it too.”

12-04-17_4-02-47 AM.jpg

George takes a back. “Wow, Tiana. I can’t believe it took me this long to get to know you better.”

“What do you mean?” She asks in confusion. “I knew you since we were children.”

“Not like that.” He says gazing into her eyes.

Tiana could feel her cheeks getting hot as she almost forgot the food in the oven.

“Oh crap. It’s time for the food to come out.” She remembers.

“You cook too?” He inquires.

“Yes.” She claims. “It’s for our family dinner this week. If you aren’t doing anything, why don’t you come?”

“I’ll be there.” He agrees with no hesitation.

“I’ll see you there then.” She states. “I’ll tell Anastasia to send you the details.”

12-04-17_4-02-56 AM.jpg

Meanwhile, Tykayla found her way to the hospital at the end of her date.

I knew it would be sooner rather then later. She thinks. But right now? She groans.

12-04-17_3-21-38 AM.jpg







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