Chapter 5

Chapter 5

In the last chapter, Giles went through his teenage phase and Pocahontas makes a proposal to Tiana that set her daughter’s spirits high, but left her filled with worry.

Early this morning, Tiana starts her new job at a Barista at 5 am.

I will definitely get this restaurant.

12-04-17_2-23-08 AM

After two hours, she has only earned $56.

Without having time to think, she changes clothes to get started on Gerald’s birthday cake before heading off to school.

12-03-17_2-46-09 PM.jpg

She starts to think about the low sum of money. Am i going to get anywhere with this? She sighs. Patience and hardwork, Tiana. You need those promotions.

12-03-17_2-48-42 PM.jpg

Enough about that now. She snaps herself out of it. It’s Gerald’s birthday.

12-03-17_2-48-58 PM.jpg

As she places the candles on the cake, she calls her older brother and Pocahontas for the celebration.

12-03-17_2-51-23 PM.jpg

As he stands in front of the cake and transitions from teenager to adult, Tiana tells him to make a wish.

I hope the music doesn’t fail me. He wishes.

12-03-17_2-52-20 PM.jpg

Tiana watches his conversion and then looks with a grimace at the time. The school bus was outside and about to peel off. She runs out the kitchen saying her congratulations.

“Thank you, Sis.” Gerald calls back out.

Pocahontas was filled with bliss watching her baby boy grow into a man. She rushed to give him a big hug.

My handsome boy.

12-03-17_2-55-05 PM.jpg

After looking into his mothers eyes, he felt guilty and started confessing.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t doing well in school.” Gerald says. “My head was never in it. I didn’t feel motivated.”

Pocahontas persists a smile on her face. “Don’t you think I know that, baby? I knew you were having a hard time since you hit high school. You can’t hide things from me, but thank you for being honest, my good boy.

12-03-17_2-55-21 PM.jpg

“In fact,” She continues, “I have a gift for you. Follow me outside.”

When they reached outside, Pocahontas showed him a brand new piano.

12-03-17_3-01-02 PM.jpg

“This is for you.” She tells him. “Happy Birthday.”

Gerald’s eyes light up and kisses her forehead. “Mom. You really didn’t have to. I was OK with my violin.”

12-03-17_3-02-04 PM.jpg

“Yes, but I wanted you to have every avenue explored within the musical arts. You have been an entertainer since you were just a child; Practicing mime routines and making jokes, I knew this was the path you were to walk all along.”

Gerald feels a bit embarrassed talking about his childhood self. “If that’s the case, then we all know what Tiana’s destined to be. It seems she started work this morning.”

Pocahontas hides the grimace over her face. Oh. No.

12-03-17_3-06-09 PM.jpg

Cindy enjoys a good read.

12-04-17_1-42-43 AM.jpg

Cornell tries his favorite mix.

09-14-17_1-56-18 AM.jpg

Hmm… not bad but I made it a little too bitter.

09-14-17_1-56-50 AM.jpg

Erin tries to talk to her son, Giles, again after his dramatics the other day.

“How are you feeling, sweetheart?” She asks him.

“It’s no use.” Giles answers melancholy. “I feel so alone.”

09-14-17_12-02-24 AM.jpg

She gives him a big hug and holds him tight. “You know, your dad made you something right before he passed away.”

“I know it’s that dragon sculpture in my old room.” He replies.

“But you know what makes that dragon special?” She asks. “It’s the love he put into it.”

“Sweetheart, your father loved you and that sculpture is a symbol of his love.” She continues. “And just because he’s not around, doesn’t mean your ever alone.”

She looks at him. “You know you’ll always have me.” She winks. “I do love you.”

Giles falls into guilt and utter sadness. “I’m sorry mom. You are always there for me.”

“And always will be.” She smiles.

09-14-17_12-02-14 AM.jpg

Tyler watches Simtrons in the play room.

07-04-17_12-18-10 AM.jpg

Anastasia gets invited out by her pals to go out to the bar.

She meets up with Yuri, but falls nervous.

12-04-17_1-27-43 AM.jpg

She rushes to the bathroom so practice her speech.

“Anastasia, all you have to do is strike up a conversation.” She tells herself.

12-04-17_1-33-20 AM.jpg

“Ask how their day is, their job, without asking any personal questions.” Anastasia assures. “You can do that.”

12-04-17_1-33-38 AM.jpg

Immersed in confidence, she leaves the bathroom to find her friend.

Where is she?

12-04-17_1-30-28 AM.jpg

After a loss effort, she made her way to the bar.

12-04-17_1-30-41 AM.jpg

She ordered food and received a text from her friend that she had to leave because of an emergency.

12-04-17_1-31-09 AM.jpg

She ate her food and chatted with the locals.

I’ll just enjoy this atmosphere.

12-04-17_1-31-40 AM.jpg

Back at home, Tykayla looks like she’s about to pop.

“How’s my beautiful wife doing?” Aden asks.

“She keeps kicking.” Tykayla makes a face. “Feel her.”

12-04-17_2-49-55 AM.jpg

Aden moves down to feel her stomach. “Every time I move my hand she kicks that spot.”

“That’s good.” Tykayla insists. “That means she can tell where the warmth is.”

“What are we going to name her?” Aden asks.

“Well, I named Tyler. Do you have any names in mind?”

“I’ve always liked Andrea.” Aden suggests.

“Beautiful.” Tykayla smiles. Andrea Prince.

12-04-17_2-50-27 AM.jpg


The next morning, after work and before school. Tiana starts another cake.

I believe Cindy likes white icing. She smiles.

12-04-17_2-05-08 AM.jpg


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