Chapter 4

Chapter 4

In the last chapter, Giles turned into a teenager, Pocahontas met with Elijah to apologize about Francesca’s death, Tykayla is pregnant with their second child, and Tiana has determined to follow the dream of owning her first restaurant.

As the family becomes more and more adjusted to the loss of their family members, Giles seems the only one still troubled by it. He goes through his teenage phase of feeling rather lonely.

It started when Erin tried to greet her boy with a hug.

“Giles, my baby boy.” She greets.

09-14-17_1-14-25 AM.jpg

“No.” He lunges away. “Don’t act like you love me.”

09-14-17_1-14-43 AM.jpg

“Of course I do, baby. You’re my son.” She replies.

“No, you don’t.” He lashes out. “Everyone that claims they love me just leaves.”

09-14-17_1-14-39 AM.jpg

“Francesca’s gone, then Andy left.” He continues. “And everyone is acting like it’s OK, when there is nothing OK about it.

09-14-17_1-13-56 AM.jpg

“I don’t even have a damn daddy.” He flares up.

Erin looks appalled by his language. “Giles, I think you need to calm down a bit and think clearly.”

09-14-17_1-14-57 AM.jpg

“Easy for you to say.” He storms off. “No one will ever love me.”

This must be what I get for being a bit troublesome way back when. She thinks to herself. He just needs a bit more time.

Gerald practices the violin.

Music is the only thing I know how to do.

12-03-17_2-43-54 PM.jpg

Cindy waters her plants.

09-14-17_12-32-44 AM

Cornell meets Linda, Anastasia’s friend at the river side.

12-03-17_1-41-48 PM.jpg

Linda tells them the big news.

“Well I was just telling your sister here, that I’m pregnant with a little one inside me.”

“It must be extremely small.” Anastasia replies. “You aren’t even showing yet.”

12-03-17_1-42-34 PM.jpg

“Congratulations!” Cornell blurts. “Any thoughts on a name?”

12-03-17_1-42-53 PM.jpg

“I’m thinking about waiting until the baby is born to name it.” She replies. “But my mother in law insists that I come up with names now to make the process go ‘much smoother’, in her words.”

12-03-17_1-43-25 PM.jpg

“I’d just wish she’d butt out of me and my husbands relationship. She tries to take control of everything.

12-03-17_1-43-30 PM.jpg

“Even our wedding down to the last detail of the cake. It almost felt like I wasn’t even apart of the wedding.”

“Wow.” Cornell speaks

12-03-17_1-43-33 PM.jpg

“I keep telling her, her mother in law must’ve felt over excited and got carried away.” Anastasia advises. “You should have communicated how you felt about it or find a personal wedding planner and do it yourself.”

“That may have worked.” Cornell says.

“Yes but with a family and funds like mine… she was the only option. She did pay for it all.” Linda explains.

12-03-17_1-43-54 PM.jpg

Tykayla enjoys her first trimester by playing with clay.

12-03-17_1-46-39 PM.jpg

Aden lounges and plays a game of chess.

08-31-15_8-44 PM-2.jpg

Tyler discovers a Flamingonium.

09-01-17_1-32-11 AM.jpg

Tiana has been getting back to the swing of things in the kitchen. Her spirits have lifted for one sole purpose – her restaurant.

12-03-17_2-16-38 PM.jpg

The dream becomes more of a reality, when Pocahontas comes to talk to her in the kitchen.

“I see you have been learning a lot cooking by yourself this time.” Pocahontas acknowledges as she watches her daughter cook a meal.

“Practice makes perfect.” Tiana explains. “Papa, always told me I need hardwork if I’m ever gonna get anywhere.”

12-03-17_2-28-54 PM.jpg

“In speaking of which, where are you trying to go with this?” Pocahontas asks.

“Tiana’s Palace, of course.” Tiana answers. “The restaurant. That’s the dream.”

Pocahontas takes a deep breath. He told me to let her dream. “If that’s the case, I have a proposition for you.

12-03-17_2-31-09 PM.jpg

“If you can raise up money for the restaurant by your next birthday, I will double that. And we can look into buying a restaurant.”

Tiana puts down the knife to go hug her mama. “Mama, are you serious?” Tiana excites. “I can definitely do that.”

12-03-17_2-35-29 PM.jpg

Seeing Tiana in bliss, puts a smile on Pocahontas’s face.

12-03-17_2-36-16 PM.jpg

As Tiana goes back to finishing the meal, she stops and says, “Hey mama, can you finish this up for me?”

“Why yes dear, but where are you going?” Pocahontas asks.

“To go fill out applications, of course.” Tiana replies. “I need to make as much money as I can, before I become a young adult.

12-03-17_2-31-06 PM.jpg

“Oh, and don’t worry about Gerald’s cake for tomorrow. I got it covered.” She continues as she runs off.

She leaves Pocahontas alone with her thoughts.

Oh no. Pocahontas starts to worry. It’s just a dream, Pocahontas. She’s a child. Let your child dream, even if it’s a silly dream.

08-27-16_12-24-45 PM.jpg

Later that night, Giles mourn over his father’s death.

Why does everyone leaves me? 

09-14-17_1-01-14 AM.jpg

Is there anyone who loves me?

09-14-17_1-01-19 AM.jpg



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