Chapter 3

Chapter 3

In the last chapter, Andy passes on leaving the family in a melancholic state.

As they try to move on from the tragic events, Erin gets up early to prepare a birthday cake for her son.

09-01-17_1-37-30 AM.jpg

I hope this brings a little cheer back into our home.

09-01-17_1-38-40 AM.jpg

She places the candles on the cake and calls her son for the celebration.

09-01-17_1-45-06 AM.jpg

He mopes to the burger sculpted cake…

09-01-17_1-47-01 AM.jpg

then proceeds to blow out the candles.

I just wish they would come back.

09-01-17_1-47-16 AM.jpg

09-01-17_1-47-36 AM.jpg

Giles ages up into a teenager with the Romantic Trait and aspirations to have a Successful Lineage.

09-01-17_1-48-43 AM.jpg

However, despite Erin’s efforts to brighten the mood, sorrow still harbors within him.

Francesca, Andy,… Dad.

09-13-17_11-45-14 PM.jpg

Giles isn’t the only one with melancholic feelings. Anastasia and Gerald couldn’t help to visit their father to mourn.

09-13-17_11-50-39 PM.jpg

09-13-17_11-59-39 PM.jpg

This initiated Gerald to start working out later that day to blow off some steam and get his mind at ease.

09-14-17_12-15-16 AM.jpg

It only lasted, but for so long.

09-14-17_12-17-58 AM.jpg

Tiana still can’t figure out how to process the current events and what to do with her emotions. She wakes up to eat..

09-14-17_12-27-48 AM.jpg

09-14-17_12-29-25 AM.jpg

and finds Giles friend, Billie, hanging around.

“Hey.” Billie waves at Tiana. “Why do you look so sad?”

09-14-17_12-31-31 AM.jpg

“Well, you see.” Tiana starts, thinking how should she tell this to a child. “My daddy is no longer here with us anymore.”

“Why is that?” Billie inquires. “Did he leave you?”

09-14-17_12-32-04 AM.jpg

“Uhhh… He has-” Tiana stutters.

“Because my daddy says that whenever he leaves, that he’s always with me.” Billie interrupts playing with her dolly.

09-14-17_12-34-07 AM.jpg

“He says ‘Billie, wherever you go, I’m always going to be with you and I’m always going to love you.'” She continues. “He doesn’t come see me a lot any more.”

09-14-17_12-35-27 AM.jpg

“But he always says, ‘Billie, daddy doesn’t ever like to see you sad.’ … Does yours?” She asks with a smile.

Tiana seems amazed by the wisdom within the child. Even though she can feel the turmoil within Billie, she still keeps the smile on her face. Either she’s happy-go-lucky or embodies innocence. It makes Tiana feel warm.

“I guess not.” Tiana replies.

09-14-17_12-36-47 AM.jpg

“Then why are you sad? My daddy tells me that look doesn’t look good on anybody.” Billie explains. “It’s better to smile.”

Tiana thinks about the encouraging words she’s receiving from a mere child.

Daddy, wouldn’t want me to be sad. He would want me to… Her thoughts spark back to the last dinner she had with him.follow the dream of becoming a cook… Achieving Tiana’s Palace. This brings a smile to her lips.

“You’re right, Billie.” Tiana resolves. “It is better to smile.”

09-14-17_12-34-01 AM.jpg

Cornell seems the least affected child dealing with Andy’s death. His main goal is to be strong for the rest of them. That doesn’t stop him from pouring his artistic soul into a journal.

09-11-15_9-56 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Erin makes another attempt to brighten her sons mood, by giving him Francesca’s room.

“How you like the space?” Erin asks “Much bigger right?”

09-14-17_12-01-36 AM.jpg

“Yes, mom.” He hugs her. “Thank you so much.”

09-14-17_12-01-53 AM.jpg

Pocahontas decided she needed to make things right… that’s why she is having an awkward conversation with Elijah.

“Elijah.. I called you here today becau-.” Pocahontas started to say.

“Don’t you think I know, why?” Elijah interrupts in irritation. “How could you all not call me the second it happened?”

12-02-15_10-14-17 PM.jpg

“We had family matters that needed to be attended to.” Pocahontas explains.”But on be half of my family, we are sorry we did not inform you of Francesca’s passing. It happened so suddenly.”

“That was the love of my life and I’m just supposed to swallow your ‘sorry’?” Elijah asks.

12-02-15_10-09-27 PM.jpg

“Believe me we apologize, but our family comes first in this case.” She replies.

“And her lover, second!” Elijah shouts. “Do you even understand how this feels? There was no warning, no signs, nothing that would make me believe that she would be…. gone… and you all just… did nothing.”

12-02-15_10-10-49 PM.jpg

Elijah walks off to leave with his heart on his sleeve, saying “I just wish I could’ve been there for her.”

He leaves Pocahontas with her thoughts.

That went well. She shakes her head. Of course, I know how it feels. Maybe even better than you.

12-02-15_10-04-57 PM.jpg

Later that evening, Anastasia feels a bit better after mourning and starts goofing off with her cousin, Tyler.

“He said that?” Anastasia giggles.

“Yes!” Tyler laughs. “Simtron’s brother was all like, bauch, bauch, ‘you can handle these goons. I’m out.’ and left him.”

09-14-17_1-19-39 AM.jpg

Cindy eats dinner.

I know this family will pull through this. I know it. We all just need time.

08-19-15_1-39 AM.jpg

Tykayla and Aden express their emotions in the bedroom.

“Time to work on baby number two?” He excites.

“Definitely, this somber home could use another bundle of joy.” She agrees.

09-14-17_1-25-39 AM.jpg

They rush upstairs to have some fun.

09-11-15_10-04 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Tiana decided to execute her decision starting with her birthday gift, the cookbook.

Papa always said I achieve anything through hardwork.

09-14-17_12-43-40 AM.jpg

But after 10 minutes, she couldn’t get through the first page.

Papa! She cries.

09-14-17_12-47-39 AM.jpg

Wait… No. She wipes her tears, thinking back to the conversation with Billie. Papa, wouldn’t want me to cry. He’d want me to be successful and achieve. 

09-14-17_12-47-45 AM.jpg

Tiana gives up on the reading and goes straight into the hands on work in the kitchen.

Let’s try a different method. 

She quickly prepares the food and puts it right on the stove.

09-14-17_1-16-01 AM.jpg

She feels herself with every shake and sizzle, her spirit flying higher and higher, until…

09-14-17_1-16-14 AM.jpg

09-14-17_1-16-36 AM.jpg

the meal was done and her trance ends.

This may actually work. Ohk, another one.

09-14-17_1-21-48 AM.jpg

Back to Tykayla and Aden, it was time for the pregnancy test.

The verdict is..

09-14-17_1-57-21 AM.jpg

“Sweetlug!” she excites. “We are going to have another baby!”

09-14-17_1-59-30 AM.jpg

Aden laughs with cheer. “Just what we’ve been hoping for. Our second child.”

09-14-17_1-59-54 AM.jpg

Pocahontas ends the night in her room alone once again.

Oh. Andy. She wallows. Today was Elijah, tomorrow is Tiana.

09-14-17_1-52-38 AM.jpg



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