Memorial: Andy Bleu

Memorial: Andy Bleu


Married into the family.

He married Pocahontas, whom was heir of the 3rd generation.

Pocahontas Portrait

He fell in love with her and stayed by her side, despite being dismissed by Cinderella‘s disapproval.

Together they bore 4 children:


Cornell Bleu, their oldest.

12-28-17_4-04-19 PM

Gerald Bleu, their second oldest.

12-28-17_4-01-38 PM.jpg

Anastasia Bleu, their third.


Tiana Bleu, their last child and heir of the 4th generation.

Andy played a key role in helping Pocahontas follow her heart, despite family ties and hierarchical pressure. They ran off together and got married, to return and start a family.

05-19-15_12-58 AM-3

Pocahontas and Andy Wedding

Andy spent the rest of his life in the career as a special agent with concerns that he may be working too hard to spend time with his children.

12-23-16_8-01-10 PM

But despite these worries, he always made time for his immediate family:

He was always there for Pocahontas, whenever she needed him.


Death of Cinderella


Andy massaging his wife

He parented his son, Cornell, even if he sometimes failed.


Andy advising Cornell about Hygiene

He cared for baby Anastasia:


Andy tickling Anastasia

He told his son, Gerald stories:


Andy tells a story about Captain Sim Man

He gave encouragement to his daughter, Tiana.


Andy complimenting Tiana’s early cooking skills

Andy spent moments with the extended family as well. Even though Cinderella was opposed to him, the others welcomed him.

He chatted with Aden:


Traded off Genius Notes

Hand out with Francesca:


Andy asking about Elijah

Reminisced with Cindy:

10-11-15_9-15-10 PM

Andy talks about Pocahontas with Cindy

Listened to Erin:


Erin shares with Andy her belief.

Even Cinderella came around and talked with him.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 14.06.01

Cinderella and Andy talk about Aden’s grades

Andy’s sudden death gives rise to conflicting thoughts and emotions throughout the immediate and extended family. However, his impact on the heir, Tiana, will be ever lasting. Though, he can no longer oversee her growth, he leaves her the wish that as she follows her dreams, she will never lose sight of what’s most important.

08-11-17_10-17-55 PM

1st Family Dinner

Rest In Peace…



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