Chapter 2

Chapter 2

In the last chapter, Tykayla hints about having another child, Gerald expresses how he feels he isn’t cut out for school, Tiana curated the family’s first family dinner, and with Andy’s encouragement of Tiana, Pocahontas shared her fears of Tiana pursuing a culinary career path.

Tragedy struck the family this morning as Andy woke to the sound of death knocking on his door.

I had a feeling it was time for me to go, I just didn’t know it would happen this quickly.

08-11-17_10-30-45 PM.jpg

Pocahontas becomes horrified and in tears.

Andy..? No… No.

08-11-17_10-39-25 PM.jpg

She flees in panic to bring in her other family members.

Don’t cry my lovely wife. Life with you is something only a select few could have. I am very honored to have been one of those people. I stand by what I’ve said before: I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you. Pocahontas, I love you.

08-11-17_10-31-53 PM.jpg

To my children: There isn’t a day that goes by that your smiles fill my heart with joy. I used to worry I was working too much to never spend time with any of you, but everything turned out like it should. I love you every one of you.

08-11-17_10-32-02 PM.jpg

To my princess and the heir, Tiana: My hope in you has never faltered. I believe in what you will become and the path that you will take. Don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams, but remember to never forget what’s most important.

08-11-17_10-32-09 PM.jpg

Tiana comes in to see her father lying on the ground.

08-11-17_10-33-35 PM.jpg

Papa…. you were just here yesterday. She thinks in shock. How can you be gone so soon?

08-11-17_10-33-15 PM.jpg

This can’t be happening… Papa, you were just smiling so happily at dinner.

08-11-17_10-34-28 PM.jpg

You were encouraging me to.. to..

08-11-17_10-34-43 PM.jpg

Tiana bursts into tears… Papa!

08-11-17_10-35-01 PM.jpg

The family mourns as…

08-11-17_10-37-39 PM.jpg

Grim takes Andy’s soul.

08-11-17_10-38-28 PM.jpg

Goodbye, my love. I’m so sorry about yesterday. Pocahontas regrets through her tears. I love you … so much.

08-11-17_10-39-38 PM.jpg

Later that day, Anastasia runs into her cousin-in-law, Tykayla, in the hall.

“How are you holding up, dear?” Tykayla asks.

08-11-17_11-05-41 PM.jpg

“Not so good.” Anastasia sobs. “I wasn’t even there to say goodbye.”

08-11-17_11-06-00 PM.jpg

“It’s just heartbreaking you know?” She continues. “I know mom is having the worse of it right now.”

“There, there sugar.” Tykayla comforts. “It’s good to let all that out, but you know before you can worry about others, you have to make sure yourself is alright. Understood?”

“I understand. I just can’t help but worry.” She concerns.

08-11-17_11-06-08 PM.jpg

Aden paces away from the house with sorrow.

I can’t take this.

12-03-15_12-58-31 AM.jpg

Giles classmate, Billie, shows up and lightens the mood for him.

08-11-17_9-27-32 PM.jpg

“I’m glad your so happy.” Giles says sarcastically as he opens the door. “My cousin passed away today.”

“Well why wouldn’t I be?” Billie shares. “It’s about to be your birthday right? You should be happy too!”

08-11-17_9-29-43 PM.jpg

“There’s going to be cake and presents.” She continues.

“Well, yeah, your right.” He says with a big smile. “I’m going to be a teenager.”

08-11-17_9-29-50 PM.jpg

Erin tries to capture the sadness of the house within her art.

07-04-17_12-15-44 AM.jpg

Gerald and Cornell laugh about the old times with their father.

“You remember his stories?” Gerald asked. ” He told me the one about Captain Sim Man fighting lake monsters and stuff.”

“Captain Sim Man.” Cornell states. “Isn’t he your favorite hero?”

09-01-17_1-26-17 AM.jpg

“Was my favorite hero.” Gerald corrects. “That’s just a childhood favorite.”

“Oh.” Cornell says. “He used to check up on me, you know, while I was doing homework.

09-01-17_1-26-21 AM.jpg

It doesn’t matter how much they laugh about it they still can’t get passed his death.

“I miss dad.” Cornell speaks.

Gerald replies, “Me too.”

09-01-17_1-27-24 AM.jpg

Despite the melancholy aura inside, Tyler takes out the time to enjoy his life outside by making a big mess.

Put this here.

09-01-17_1-27-11 AM.jpg

And some here. Now it looks like Simtrons face on the ground.

09-01-17_1-28-04 AM.jpg

He stares at it mortified at his creation.

No it doesn’t. I have to start over.

09-01-17_1-31-07 AM.jpg

Cindy also tries to find a peace of mind in her garden.

06-13-17_1-53-20 AM.jpg

Pocahontas tries to ease her mind by doing chores around the house.

Both of you are gone within such a short period. I have to make things right by both of you. She thinks. Starting with Elijah.

09-10-15_3-48 PM.jpg






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