Generation 3 Pocahontas

In generation three, Pocahontas lost her mother, Girl, as a teenager, prompting her Aunt, Cinderella, to adopt her. This established Pocahontas as heir of this generation because she is the last daughter of Cinderella, the heir of the previous generation. Despite Pocahontas’s carefree attitude of holding the title, she found that being heir was taken with extreme importance by Cinderella. So much in fact that Cinderella attempted to groom her and find a man worthy to take Pocahontas’s hand. This made Pocahontas angry because she had fallen in love with someone else and didn’t like that Cinderella was trying to dictate her life. Cinderella, on the other hand, didn’t approve of the blue guy she had brought home and assumed Pocahontas would come around and warm up to the man she had decided. In contrast, Pocahontas ran away, disowning the family name and abandoning the title as heir. She left with her lover and held a private wedding. She was in full bliss, until Cinderella was convinced she wasn’t going to come back home, and went out to search for her. When Cinderella found her, she apologized and opened up to Pocahontas about her past and the reasons for her controlling behavior. Pocahontas learned that Cinderella married her former husband for wealth in order to move her whole family to better living conditions. Cinderella had looked after, cooked, cleaned, and took care of her six other brothers and sisters for most of her life. With this understanding, Pocahontas persuaded her to believe in her and allow her to take control of the family Cinderella fought so hard to protect. Cinderella gained her confidence in Pocahontas and passed away, giving Pocahontas full control of her generation and the family that follows.

PocahontasPocahontas and her husband moves back in with her family and begin to start their own. Her husband was named, Andy, and spent most of his life within his career as a special agent and raising their children. They had two girls and two boys: Cornell, her oldest, is a young adult in the culinary career to become a mixologist. Gerald, her second, is a teenager that loves to entertain and make music. Anastasia, her third, is a teenager with an outgoing personality. She loves to talk to people and practices how to talk to people all the time. Her fourth, and last, Tiana, is the heir to the next generation. She grew up having fun cooking lessons with her mother and encouragement from her father. Her final wish as child on the cake was to become the best chef in the world.

The other family members of this generation went along with their own lives and occasionally took part in the heir’s affairs. Cinderella’s eldest daughter, Cindy became the adviser of the family. She was the person everyone came to with their problems and offered advise. She has a career in business and gardens in her free time. Erin, Cinderella’s second oldest, was an artist and made beautiful master pieces. She married Guy Cheslar, a loving husband, and bore Giles Cheslar. To their misfortune, Guy passed away before he could see his baby boy grow up. Giles is a child enjoying his club, the league of adventurers. Cinderella’s youngest, Aden, was a bit awkward as a teenager, but grown into a fine young man. He has a career in programming and a wife, Tykayla. Tykayla is in the culinary industry as a food caterer. They have one child Tyler Prince, who loves to collect things he finds. Pocahontas’s biological sister, Francesca passed away with achieving her milestone of becoming a bestselling author. She loved Elijah, whom she never married.


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