Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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The family has been adjusting since Francesca passed on.

Tiana rises early this morning with cooking on her mind. She reminisces about the cooking lessons she had with her mama as a child and how it’s time for her to do it all on her own. She grabs the cookbook she received from her father, and descends the stairs, into the kitchen. It’s time to cook.

After deciding on a recipe, she gathers the ingredients.

08-11-17_8-48-06 PM.jpg

And starts the preparation. What would your first dish be without mistakes.


08-11-17_8-50-57 PM.jpg


08-11-17_9-15-44 PM.jpg

I don’t remember mama using both hands.

08-11-17_9-15-55 PM.jpg

But after awhile, she got back into the swing of things.

“Alright now.”

08-11-17_9-23-36 PM.jpg

As she’s cooking, she thinks about her Aunt and how she passed away on the day of her birthday. She notices that despite how much she loves her Aunt, she barely knew her. Yes, they were living in the same house, but she never spent anytime with her. And this Tiana Bleu, found to be a problem. There must be a way. Tiana thought. To bring the family together more frequently, than when there is an occasion. 

Aha, I got it. She sets down the final meal and looks back at it with confidence. Family Dinners. Starting tonight.

08-11-17_9-25-21 PM.jpg

Cornell continues to practice his mixologist skill for work.

08-11-17_9-23-23 PM.jpg

Cindy reads a book written by her cousin, Francesca.

Francesca, you were marvelous.

07-02-17_1-30-17 PM.jpg

Erin helps her son, Giles with his homework.

“But mom, I just don’t get this question.” He groans. ” I don’t remember this war or why we had a sims war in the first place.”

“Think hard, Giles.” Erin says. “I know you can remember.”

12-23-16_8-42-24 PM.jpg

Aden hangs out with his brother in law, Andy.

“We have never talked much since my mother was around, trying to run you off, huh?” Aden states.

08-11-17_8-56-44 PM.jpg

Andy giggles. “That was awhile ago. You were just a teenager.”

“Nevertheless, I’m glad she didn’t succeed. You’re good for Pocahontas. ” Aden compliments, then changes the subject. “How they treating you in the ole secret service.”

08-11-17_8-56-54 PM.jpg

“I got to tell you it’s hard managing and training other agents.” Andy explains. “I remember when I was in my youth, my first day in the service. I really thought I knew everything. It’s hard to get these youths to realize they don’t.”

“That sounds tough.” Aden sympathizes. “But I know they have the best Agent Manager out there.”

08-11-17_8-57-09 PM.jpg

Tykayla talks to her son, Tyler, about a surprise.

“What if me and daddy made you a big brother?” She asks him

08-11-17_8-53-58 PM.jpg

“That would be so cool.” He exclaims. “I’ll have someone to collect things with and have even more stones.”

08-11-17_8-53-00 PM.jpg

Pocahontas plays a game of chess

This was one of Francesca’s favorite games. How did she figure this out?

09-10-15_3-25 PM.jpg

Anastasia and Gerald hang out to stargaze.

“Anastasia,” Gerald starts. “I don’t think school is for me.”

“How so?” Anastasia replies.

“For one, I’m close to failing.” He explains. “I have a low C, and I know without a doubt I won’t be able to get it back up…

06-15-17_6-10-56 PM.jpg

“I’m just not motivated.” He continues. “My heart is in the music.”

“If you are OK with how things are, then what’s troubling you?” She asks.

“I just .. don’t want to let mom down.” Gerald replies.

“Oh.. ” Anastasia says. “Right.”

06-15-17_6-10-31 PM.jpg

Anastasia tries to find the words to encourage her brother. “You see the star right there? I believe when I was little someone told me that I came from up there.” She giggles, making Gerald smile.

“Cornell had a wild imagination when we were children.” He states.

06-15-17_6-11-11 PM.jpg

“Yes, and it’s those memories that make me believe that everything is going to be OK.” She continues. “Just think, everything changes. Time moves and moves forward. When you finish high school, it’s your life to live. Mom will come around to understand, if she doesn’t already.”

Gerald gains an understanding. “Thank you, sis. To be younger, you sure are wise.”

Anastasia smiles. “I had practice.”

06-15-17_6-10-46 PM.png

Later that night, Tiana throws on her apron and starts cooking a quick recipe on the grill: Cheese Burgers.

08-11-17_9-56-24 PM.jpg

08-11-17_9-58-38 PM.jpg

Then calls the family to the dining room to eat.

“Dinner is served” She presents to her family.

“Tiana, ” Pocahontas starts. “I may have given you little incite on taking care of your family as heir, but this is impressive. However,-”

08-11-17_10-07-42 PM.jpg

“Wait mama. Before you give me that look, my goal is to make meals become more than just that.” She explains. “I want it to be a way to bring us all together and share something when we are all so busy with ourselves….”

“Papa and Francesca taught me that.” She winks at her daddy. “I remember someone, also, telling me my meals become extra special when I’m making them for someone else.

Pocahontas nods. “Well that is right but-”

“So I decided, once a week we will have a family dinner.” Tiana interrupts. “Starting tonight. It would also be a way for me to allow my family to try new recipes and my cooking first hand, if I ever wanted to, you know, make this hobby a reality.” She smiles

08-11-17_10-09-08 PM.jpg

“But-” Pocahontas tries to say until Andy interrupts.

“That’s a splendid idea, honey.” He tells his daughter. “You are definitely already a chef in my eyes. Let’s all eat Tiana’s creation and enjoy this first family dinner.”

08-11-17_10-15-49 PM.jpg

Tiana sits back and smiles as she watches her family eat and talk among one another.

08-11-17_10-15-27 PM.jpg

08-11-17_10-15-09 PM.jpg

08-11-17_10-21-21 PM.jpg

“What a wonderful idea, Tiana” Andy interrupts her fulfilled moment. “Family Dinners.”

“And these Cheese Burgers are delicious.” He continues. “I guess all those cooking lessons with me and mama payed off huh?” He laughs.

“Yes papa.” She says sarcastically. “You and mama.”

08-11-17_10-16-53 PM.jpg

“But honestly, Tiana. You have a natural talent. A gift if you may.” He affirms. “Instead of just becoming a chef, why don’t you go beyond that. Like… opening your own restaurant.

“There would be plenty of people lined up just to have a piece of your creation.” He continues. “I even have a name for it: Tiana’s Palace. Fit for a princess, if I do say so myself.”

“Do you really think so, papa?” Tiana smiles. “Tiana’s Palace. That has a nice ring.”

08-11-17_10-17-55 PM.jpg

Watching their conversation deepen made Pocahontas very nervous. This is the topic she was trying to avoid over the last few years, the career path she didn’t want incited in Tiana. Pocahontas became angry.

“Andy,” Pocahontas interrupts. “Can I speak with you in the bedroom, when you are finished with your meal?”

08-11-17_10-19-29 PM.jpg

She gets up to leave. “Delicious, my darling.” Pocahontas says to her daughter. “Keep up the good work.”

“What’s that about?” Tiana asks, concerned.

“Oh nothing you have to worry about, honey.” He kisses her forehead before leaving. “Just remember you can be anything you want to be and achieve any goal you set for yourself with hard work and ethic. I believe in you. All papa wants is for his princess to be happy.”


“Andy,” Pocahontas releases her fury within the walls of their bedroom. “Why do you think it’s OK to encourage Tiana with unrealistic promises and dreams?”

08-11-17_10-23-15 PM.jpg

“She will be crushed if this path does not work out.” She continues. “It was cute when she was 8 but she’s close to a young adult now. This is not the career path I would like her to have.”

“And a restaurant.” She rants. “That’s even worse then her potentially working everyday to take care of the basic needs of this family. Andy, she is already so ambitious, how are we ever going to find the money to pay for this restaurant.”

08-11-17_10-24-52 PM.jpg

Andy seems startled, but remains calm. “Calm down, Honey. It’s not going to get as bad as you may think.”

“But-” Pocahontas starts.

“No, Listen” Andy interrupts. “It’s simple. Let Tiana dream. I want my children to grow up with knowing that there are no limitations on anything they can possibly do.”

“She is not a young adult. She is still a child. A teenager.” Andy affirms. “She is allowed to dream. Why would you want to take that from her?”

08-11-17_10-27-20 PM.jpg

Pocahontas feels frustrated but guilty at the words that her husband had uttered with righteousness. Her face falls into a frown, igniting Andy to pull her into his arms.

“I’m sorry, Andy.” She apologizes in his shoulder.

“It’s fine my love.” Andy says. “You are only looking out for the well being of our child, the heir to this family. You don’t want her life resemble the same path as Cinderella. I know, honey, I know. I promise everything is going to be alright.”

08-11-17_10-28-35 PM.jpg



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