Chapter 48

Chapter 48

In the last chapter, Gerald caused a fire that Francesca cleaned up  and Tiana excites to her older brother, Cornell, about becoming a chef, and Francesca passes away.

Today is now Tiana’s birthday and like every past birthday, the child stays home and sleeps in as part of the celebration. However, Tiana had a different approach to this day. Today is the last day she’ll be able to bring home the grades she has been working hard for from Elementary school. So she decided to make it count.

12-26-16_9-53-15 PM.jpg

Although back at the house, it couldn’t be less celebratory; Pocahontas and Andy mourn over the loss of Francesca.

07-04-17_1-42-08 AM.jpg

“What are we going to do?” Pocahontas cries to him. “This was so sudden. She was my sister. But I..I can’t let this ruin Tiana’s birthday celebration.”

Andy looks solemn at his distraught wife. “Hey my love,” he tries to comfort, “Francesca wouldn’t want us to be sad on this wondrous day. It’s our daughter and her niece’s birthday. She’d want us to celebrate her life, along with Tiana’s birthday.”

07-04-17_2-05-10 AM.jpg

Pocahontas sniffs, “Your right.”

“Yes.” Andy confirms, “and better yet she’s never too far. We can relive her every time we open a book she’s written.”

“You’re right again.” Pocahontas lightens up a bit. “I think we ought to not let the rest of the family know until after Tiana’s celebration. So we can all can enjoy her birthday, at least for a little while.”

“You’re wish is my command, love.” Andy replies. “I’ll move the urn and fetch Tiana’s present. I’ll leave the dining room arrangements and cake to you.”

07-04-17_2-05-38 AM.jpg

Pocahontas starts with the cake, trying to escape the worries of her sister’s death.

One thing at a time, Pocahontas. She tells her self. Take one thing at a time.

07-04-17_2-44-32 AM.jpg

As the rest of the family comes home from either work or school, awaiting tonight’s celebration:

Cornell fixes the kitchen sink.

06-16-17_2-54-33 AM.jpg

Tykayla uses the microscope.

06-15-17_2-32-34 PM.jpg

Giles plays with the doll house.

12-26-16_10-02-49 PM.jpg

Tyler searches for more collectibles and come across another gem.

06-13-17_12-36-27 AM.jpg

Cindy enjoys a meal before the celebration.

08-19-15_1-38 AM.jpg

Anastasia and Gerald do their homework.

07-04-17_2-56-03 AM.jpg

07-07-17_1-49-13 AM.jpg

Erin feels distraught in the bathroom.

I broke the sink… she stresses, not again.

10-11-15_9-07-34 PM.jpg

Aden practices programming.

07-09-16_12-12-28 PM.jpg

As everyone gets settles in, Andy has places the Francesca’s urn in her room.

07-04-17_2-42-56 AM.jpg

Pocahontas finishes baking the cake and keeps her composure as she calls everyone to the dining room.

Here goes nothing.

07-07-17_1-42-12 AM.jpg

As the family awaits in the dining room, Tiana arrives without the grades she was hoping for. She passed Elementary with a solid B, but vowed that the next go round she’ll work even harder to achieve her A. Instead of letting the disappointment linger, she walks into the dining room full of cheer as she saw all of her relatives in one place and a candle lit cake.

Birthday Time!

07-07-17_2-29-17 AM.jpg

But to her surprise she sees all but one relative, her Aunt Francesca.

“Mama. I’m so excited for my birthday!” She excites. “But where’s Francesca?”

Pocahontas looks uncertain. “Just blow out your candles dear. We have all been waiting for you.”

07-07-17_2-32-47 AM.jpg

Tiana seems uneasy, but does what she’s told since she doesn’t want to hold up the rest of her family any longer.

She walks upon the cake and dreams big.

Hmm… what to wish for.

07-07-17_2-39-20 AM.jpg

I want to be the best chef ever.

07-07-17_2-39-49 AM.jpg

Then ages up into a teenager.

07-07-17_2-42-52 AM.jpg

07-07-17_2-44-55 AM.png

Everyone cheers and congratulates.

Her father gives her a big hug.

“Happy Birthday, Princess.” He says

08-11-17_7-11-01 PM.jpg

“I’ve got something for you.” He reaches and hands her a cookbook.

“My first cookbook.” She enthuses. “Thank you, papa.”

“Anything for my princess, Tiana.” He assures.

08-11-17_7-09-23 PM.png

Even with this celebration and all the cheers, Francesca is still on Tiana’s mind.

“Now that I have blown out my candles, can someone tell me where’s Francesca?”

08-11-17_7-10-33 PM.jpg

Pocahontas and Andy take good look at each other and then back at her.

“You may want to sit down, sweety.” Her father says as they make their way to the table.

I guess we couldn’t hold this to ourselves for long. Pocahontas thinks.

“Well everyone.” She addresses the table as everyone finishes their piece of cake. “It pains me to tell you all, but early this morning, Francesca passed away.”

And like that the celebratory mood turned melancholy, something Pocahontas was afraid would happen.

“However, in the mist of this tragedy, today is still to be a pleasant day because today we celebrate the life of Francesca and the life of Tiana.” Pocahontas continues. “With that said, Tiana what would you like to do with the rest of your special day.”

08-11-17_7-21-49 PM.jpg

Tiana has taken aback, as this was the first time she had experienced anything like this. Her aunt was gone, but as her mother had said, it was to be celebratory.

Still hurt and confused she replies, “Well you did say that, it’s not only my day but Francesca’s as well. We need to pay our respects to Francesca, she deserves that, and let’s watch a movie together.”

08-11-17_7-24-23 PM

“As you wish.” Pocahontas agrees.

They make their way to Francesca’s urn and mourn together…

08-11-17_7-28-53 PM.jpg

08-11-17_7-28-16 PM.jpg

08-11-17_7-28-37 PM.jpg

and watch a movie in the living room…

08-11-17_7-32-15 PM.jpg

allowing Tiana to fully understand the true meaning of Family.

*Notes: Today has been a bittersweet chapter, but the best part of it is that our heir, Tiana, is now a Teenager, and this is where the 4th Generation will begin. I’ve been debating for awhile about where to start the 4th Generation. And after much thought I decided the next chapter, during her teenage years, is the best time as any for my story purposes. After the festivities, I changed Tiana to her signature look. Pulling her hair back into a pony tail and replacing her clothing with a yellow dress. She is stunning.

09-09-17_5-03-22 PM.jpg

tianp.jpgI hope everyone has enjoyed this lengthy Generation of Pocahontas. Tiana’s is about to begin soon. Stay Tuned!




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