Memorial: Francesca Hills

Memorial: Francesca Hills

1st daughter of Girl and Frank Hills.

Francesca followed her aspiration to become the Best Selling Author. She succeeded at the price of never bearing any children and never wedding.

Francesca spent most of her life writing novels…

and reading them.

06-15-15_11-20 PM

Though she put work and aspirations first, she made time to enjoy the pleasures of love found within Elijah. They went on frequent dates and loved each other.

07-08-16_7-59-32 PMDate on the Von Estate
09-01-16_12-29-26-amFrancesca’s Post-Birthday Dinner Date
06-13-17_2-20-50 AM
Cafe Date

Despite the hiccups in their relationship.

04-11-15_3-18 AMElijah Flirting with a  Stranger

Besides Elijah, Francesca held seldom time for her family. Not for any reason other than her writing. However, when she did find the time, you found her:

Joking with her Cousin, Cindy.

06-12-15_3-20c2a0pm-2.jpgCindy Making Fun of Francesca

Listening to her other cousin, Erin’s theories.

07-06-15_11-32 PM-4Erin Venting

Talking with Pocahontas’s Husband, Andy.

07-08-15_9-54 PMDiscussion about Erin Prince

Chatting with her newphew, Cornell.

pizap.com14387416458271Cornell Describing His Mother’s Tummy

Welcoming her niece, Tiana Bleu, into the family.

pizap.com14446227719181Francesca Holding Tiana Bleu

Hanging with her little cousin, Giles.

jkGiles Excited about His New Club

With her death, she has fulfilled her goal in life. She knows she’s not very far, for each of her books that is read, there is a piece of her to remember.

Rest In Peace … 


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