Chapter 47

Chapter 47

In the last chapter, Tykayla tried Cornell’s new mixed drink and Pocahontas taught Tiana how to use the grill.

This morning became very eventful for Pocahontas’s family.

What started as a casual cook on the grill for Gerald,

07-04-17_12-17-37 AM.png

resulted in the side of the house caught in flames and Gerald  failing it.

07-04-17_12-25-10 AM.jpg

The family went into a frenzy and panic… and, also, maybe a bit of disgust, like it’s written on Giles’ face.

07-04-17_12-20-53 AM.jpg

They eventually evacuate in fear.

07-04-17_12-26-23 AM.jpg

Luckily, Francesca came to the rescue. After the plethora of fires that were started in the house when she was younger, she knew exactly what to do. Maybe it’s time the next generation knew too.

07-04-17_12-21-20 AM.jpg

After the chaos and paying the expenses for everything roasted, the family calmed and Gerald went to check on the hot dogs.

Still Good. He thinks.

07-04-17_12-20-10 AM.jpg

The rest of the family went to enjoy the day that they had left.

Giles does his homework.

07-02-17_1-26-16 PM.jpg

Tykayla and Aden strengthen their maritals by having a little fun.

“Hey, I think the Observatory misses us.” He whispers.

“Oh really?” She smirks. “Or is it that we can’t get enough of it.”

07-02-17_2-15-15 PM.jpg

They both laugh.

07-02-17_2-15-34 PM.jpg

07-02-17_2-15-24 PM.jpg

and make their way into the Observatory.

07-02-17_2-20-22 PM.jpg

Cindy enjoys the evening talking to her younger sister, Erin.

“How’s it going being Assistant Manager?” Erin asks.

“The money is wonderful, but the paperwork is awful.” Cindy complains.

06-15-17_6-31-22 PM.jpg

“Whenever the Head Manager doesn’t want to fill out the more complex reports, she just hands them off to me.” Cindy continues. “She claims they are simple and that she is doing the more important reports. Marsha, I tell you.”

06-15-17_6-31-16 PM.jpg

“That’ll be you one day right?” Erin asks.

“Yes.” Cindy replies. “I just have to tolerate her a bit longer.”

06-15-17_6-31-28 PM.jpg

Francesca bonds with her cousin, Tyler.

“Cousin Francesca, what kind of stories do you write about?” Tyler asks. “Are there any super heroes or villians?”

“Well, Tyler” she starts to explain. “Every novel I’ve written has a super hero and a villain. However, they may not be the type that you are used to seeing.”
07-02-17_1-43-17 PM.jpg

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“My books are usually about ordinary people, like you and I, making a difference in the world. Those are my heroes.” She explains.

07-02-17_1-43-08 PM.jpg

“Such as a Fireman.” She continues. “He saves lives and people from burning buildings without the help of super powers. The only powers he needs is bravery and courage.”

“Wow.” Tyler says with a smile. “That’s so cool.”

07-02-17_1-43-02 PM.jpg

Cornell talks with his little sister, Tiana.

“Have you been having a lot of fun, being Mommy’s helper?” He asks her.

06-16-17_4-07-38 AM.jpg

“I’ve been having tons of fun. We made fish tacos, spaghetti, and, my favorite, gumbo” she smiles. “I love cooking with Mama and learning all the food stuff.”

06-16-17_4-08-34 AM.jpg

Daddy said I could become a chef.” She says proudly. “I just have to work hard in school and learn a lot.”

“My little sister, the chef. ” Cornell states. “I like the sound of that. I know you can do it.”

06-16-17_4-08-43 AM.jpg

Anastasia hangs out with her childhood friend,George.

“How you doing, George?” Anastasia asks him.

“It’s going.” He replies. “I’ve been making progress on my research on Aliens.”

06-15-17_6-39-38 PM.jpg

“It’s not all just UFOs and teleportation through a sky beam.” He continues “There’s so much more, Anastasia.”

“I’m glad to hear about your progress.” She states. I just hope that what your telling me is true.

06-15-17_6-40-09 PM.jpg

“So where do these Aliens live, exactly?” She asks.

“Well to be exact…” He pauses. “I haven’t made it that far in my research.”

06-15-17_6-41-27 PM

Similar to Tykayla and Aden, Pocahontas and Andy, also, solidifying their maritals…

06-16-15_12-47 AM.jpg

as they await for the big day.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” He asks his wife.

“I’m actually afraid” She says. “for the first time that our princess, Tiana, is becoming a teenager.”

10-11-15_8-55-40 PM.jpg

“Honey, don’t be.” He assures her. “We’ve already made it through one and are half way through two. Tiana will be a breeze.”

“I’m sure your right.” Pocahontas replies with a smile. Then why do I still have this uneasy feeling.

10-11-15_8-56-41 PM.jpg


However, the next morning stroke tragedy instead of bliss, for Francesca was dying from old age in the kitchen.

To my family: I love you all. Pocahontas has taken great care of us.

07-04-17_1-19-02 AM.jpg

To Elijah: You are the most precious thing to me, besides my family. Hope the rest of your life will be filled with glee. I’m sorry I couldn’t see your life through to the end. 

07-04-17_1-20-01 AM.jpg

My legacy is set by the books I have written. Each page is a piece of my soul. Fore, my soul is in each book I have written and never long gone. 

07-04-17_1-28-48 AM.jpg

Francesca had left… with only Pocahontas and Andy to witness it.

07-04-17_1-30-51 AM.jpg

07-04-17_1-46-09 AM.jpg

“How are we going to tell the family?” Pocahontas cries to her husband. “Especially, Tiana. It’s supposed to be her special day.”

07-04-17_2-04-45 AM.jpg


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