Chapter 46

Chapter 46

In the last chapter, Francesca went out on a date with Elijah and Pocahontas cooked spaghetti with her daughter, Tiana, from a recipe she found.

Giles chats with Francesca about his club group.

“Cousin, Francesca. I got into a club called the League of Adventures.” He tells her.

“You did?” She says surprisingly. “What do you guys do?”


“We play at the playground and swim a lot.” He tells her. “It’s so much fun and the president is really nice.”

“Oh are they?” Francesca replies.

06-10-17_2-35-29 AM.jpg

“Duh!” Giles says sarcastically. “I went to her house and we played in the backyard and told stories.”

“She does seem very nice.” Francesca confirms.

06-10-17_2-37-12 AM.jpg

Anastasia completes her homework.

06-16-17_3-41-35 AM.jpg

Cindy enjoys a good meal after work.

10-11-15_9-03-49 PM.jpg

Cornell tests out his mixing skills and asks Tykayla to try his drink combination.

06-15-17_6-13-08 PM.jpg

And with a bittersweet taste…

06-15-17_6-21-43 PM.jpg

Tykayla thinks, this is pretty good, and replies , “You’re getting really good at this. Keep it up.”

06-15-17_6-22-02 PM.jpg

Andy does his preliminaries for work the next day.

07-01-17_10-59-26 PM.jpg

Erin gets freaked out at the trembling sound of broken bathroom appliances.

“EEEK. How’d that happen?” she yelps.

10-11-15_9-07-54 PM.jpg

Aden fixes Francesca’s broken computer.

06-16-17_1-24-26 AM.jpg

Gerald practices music in his room.

06-16-17_3-01-17 AM.jpg

Tyler plays video games on the computer.

06-15-17_3-29-52 PM.jpg

Pocahontas thought it was about time to teach Tiana how to use another cooking appliance, the grill.

“Tonight, I will teach you how to use the grill.” Pocahontas starts as Tiana walks in. “It’s another important way of cooking other then using the usual stove. The grill adds it’s own flavor on the food being prepared. As you learned, there are different ways you can cook a fish, grilling it, is one of those way.”

“I get it, Mama” Tiana replies.

07-02-17_1-37-53 PM.jpg

“Ahhh, but you won’t truly understand until you have tasted what I’m referring to.” Pocahontas says. “Instead of fish today however, we will be cooking Mama’s special, Gumbo.”

Tiana laughs. “Mama is it really your special? I don’t ever hear people talking about it.”

“But that’s where your wrong, Tiana.” Pocahontas replies. “Just because it’s not being discussed, doesn’t mean it isn’t special. It becomes special when someone puts their heart and soul into cooking it for the sake of others. And tonight, I’ll be making my special for my special someone: You and the rest of our family.”

“Now, go get me a pot, we have to start preparing the vegetables, potatoes, and meat.” Pocahontas continues.

Tiana watches as her mom prepares the ingredients before putting them into the pot onto the grill.

06-15-17_4-15-47 PM.jpg

06-15-17_4-21-04 PM.jpg

“There.” Pocahontas says as she gazes over her pot. “Now when all the ingredients are in, we watch it carefully and stir it to make nothing gets stuck to the bottom.”

07-02-17_1-39-29 PM.jpg

“You know when it’s done when the meat and vegetables are tender and the broth thickens.” Pocahontas continues. “Season it as it’s cooking.”

“Mmmm…” Tiana takes a big sniff. “It smells so good.”

07-02-17_1-39-39 PM.jpg

“And it’s done.” Pocahontas finishes. “Would you like to taste Mama’s specialty.”

“Yes, Mama.” Tiana excites.

07-02-17_1-41-01 PM.jpg

Pocahontas makes herself and her daughter a bowl and watches Tiana take the first bite.

07-02-17_1-54-07 PM.jpg

“Mama! It’s really really good.” She enthuses as she puts another spoon full in her mouth. “I see why you call it your specialty. It’s the best thing ever.”

“Thank you, babygirl.” Pocahontas says. “And remember why it is my specialty… because I made it for you and our family.”

07-02-17_1-54-15 PM.jpg



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