Chapter 45

Chapter 45

In the last chapter, Tyler aged up to a child, Pocahontas and Cindy explored the city, and Tiana took her mom’s advice and watched the food channel.

As Tyler adjusts to being older, he sets out to find a collectible by digging through rocks and came cross a Blue Sapphire Crystal.

06-13-17_12-36-36 AM

Cindy tends to her garden that was starting to rot away.

06-13-17_1-49-07 AM.jpg

Francesca goes out on another date with Elijah to a cafe in Windenburghs.

06-13-17_2-13-55 AM.jpg

They meet with a kiss.

06-13-17_2-16-03 AM.jpg

Then order some food.

06-13-17_2-17-13 AM.jpg

He gazes at her as she takes a bite of her food.

06-13-17_2-20-50 AM.jpg

and end up switching tables.

“It is what they say.” Elijah starts. “A woman’s beauty intensifies with age.”

06-13-17_2-29-43 AM.jpg

Francesca smiles and starts reminiscing about their older times.

“You remember that time we explored the Von Estate.” Francesca asks.

“Oh, yes.” He says. “The architecture was magnificent, and those rose bushes…”

Francesca laughs. “That was fun and beautiful.”

06-13-17_2-26-10 AM.jpg

“Elijah.. you have been with me through all these years and not once have I thought of marriage.” Francesca says. “Sometimes I feel guilty, I’ve been so focused on my career.”

“All of that doesn’t matter, my love.” He explains as he touches her hand. “As long as I can continue to be with you.”

She squeezes his hand firmly. Only if it could continue to be like this.

06-13-17_2-26-20 AM.jpg

Back at home, Erin paints Masterpieces.

06-15-17_3-14-34 PM.jpg

Gerald takes himself a lazy nap.

12-26-16_9-52-33 PM.jpg

Anastasia uses her new charisma skills to meet someone new.

The person she met is Estelle.

12-24-16_1-19-50 AM.jpg

“How are you doing today?” Anastasia tries to strike a conversation.

“Oh. I’m doing very well.” She replies. “Just exploring this town since me and my husband moved here from Oasis Springs.”

“Oasis Springs?” Anastasia says. “How far is that from here?”

“Oh, just 20 miles that’a way across the bridge.” She answers.
12-24-16_1-22-20 AM.jpg

This makes Anastasia start to think. I wonder what it’s like there and the people there and if there are different customs due to it’s geographic location. Anastasia’s thoughts swirls around her head until Estelle interrupts her.

“Is everything OK?” She asks. “You seem such deep in thought.”

“Oh, yes.” Anastasia replies. There I go again rambling fifty millions questions in my head, at least nowadays they don’t all come out my mouth at once, like they used to

“Sooo.. ” Anastasia tries her charismatic skills again and relieve the embarrassment. “How do you like it here so far?”

12-24-16_1-22-01 AM.jpg

Cornell continues to practice his Mixing skills.

06-15-17_3-09-53 PM.jpg

Giles plays with the dollhouse.

12-26-16_10-06-18 PM.jpg

Tiana finds her mother, Pocahontas, in the living room to tell her something exciting.

“Guess what Mama, Guess what.” She excites.

“What’s going on, Tiana?” Pocahontas asks.

06-15-17_3-25-08 PM.jpg

“I did what you said, and I found a new recipe by watching TV.” Tiana explains.

“Oh really?” Pocahontas smiles. “and what may this be?”

“Spaghetti!” Tiana squeals. “Oh, can we make it mama? Can we?”

I could’ve taught you that. Pocahontas thinks. But let’s see how much you know.

06-15-17_3-25-14 PM.jpg

“Well I don’t see why not, as long as you can walk me through it step by step.”

“Of course, Mama.” Tiana says.” I remember everything.”

06-15-17_3-25-46 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Andy uses the microscope.

06-10-17_2-17-46 AM.jpg

Tykayla enjoys a bath.

09-10-15_3-20 PM.jpg

Aden donates to charity.

06-13-17_1-06-52 AM.jpg

Back to Pocahontas, Tiana has already started giving her directions on how to make spaghetti.

“We need tomatoes, Onions, peppers, and these other Vegetables to make the sauce.” Tiana explains as her mother goes into fridge to retrieve the ingredients.

“But as were prepare the sauce for it, it said that we boil the noodles separately.” Tiana continues.

06-15-17_4-14-29 PM.jpg

“I’m on it, Tiana.” Pocahontas turns on the stove to boil the pot of noodles in water and start chopping the vegetables.

Tiana sits back in amazement at Pocahontas’s chopping tricks.

06-15-17_4-17-55 PM.jpg

06-15-17_4-18-58 PM.jpg

06-15-17_4-18-48 PM.jpg

“Remember to season the vegetables.” Tiana points out.

Pocahontas complies.

06-15-17_4-19-16 PM.jpg

“Now we put the vegetables into another pot on the stove to make it into the sauce.” Tiana directs.

06-15-17_4-22-04 PM.jpg

“and we have to keep stirring it or the sauce will get stuck to the bottom.” she continues.

06-15-17_4-23-00 PM.jpg

“Then after it gets thick we pour it over the noodles and we got spaghetti!” Tiana excites.

“You want to try this sauce before pouring it over the noodles?” Pocahontas asks.

06-10-17_2-23-26 AM

“Hmm… Yeah.” Tiana replies questioningly. This is the first time her mom ever asked her to taste it during the cooking process. She usually eats the final product already expecting wonderful savory flavor, but after one taste of this spaghetti sauce she realized the importance of testing the sauce. “Mama, it’s missing something.” She says, disappointingly.

“Well, what is it missing Tiana?” Pocahontas asks.

Tiana thinks hard, even though she did exactly what the TV cooking show said to do, she didn’t like it. Somethings missing, Tiana thinks. That’s it.

“Mama, we need oregano.” Tiana exclaims. “I think that would make it taste much better.”

Pocahontas chops up some oregano, drops it into the pot, and let Tiana have the final taste. And with Tiana smiling ear to ear. She approves. Ending the cooking lesson.

12-24-16_1-00-26 AM.jpg

As Tiana runs happily upstairs, to tell the family to try her spaghetti, Pocahontas grabs a dish and tries it.

This is actually really good. Pocahontas thinks. My daughter has a gift… but I hope these dreams stay trivial. The road to a chef isn’t the path I would want her to take, at least for the sake of the rest of this family.

06-15-17_4-36-27 PM.jpg


In response to Tyler aging up into a child, there has been some renovations to accommodate the family. It was time for Cornell to move into something more fitting for his new found adulthood. Therefore on the 3rd floor between Pocahontas’s daughters’ room and the children’s play room, his room was built.

06-13-17_12-37-56 AM.jpg

06-13-17_12-38-09 AM.jpg

06-13-17_12-38-28 AM.jpg

06-13-17_12-38-45 AM.jpg

This allows Gerald to ditch his childhood room for Cornell’s teenage room, and Tyler to enjoy Gerald’s old room. For further accommodations, there is now a small bathroom on the 3rd floor next to Cornell’s room.

06-13-17_12-43-58 AM.jpg

06-15-17_3-51-26 PM.jpg



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