Chapter 44

Chapter 44

In the last chapter, Aden and Tykayla anticipate their son’s, Tyler, birthday, and Pocahontas had another cooking lesson with Tiana.

Cindy decides to take a vacation day off of work to get away from the chaos of business board rooms.

06-10-17_11-37-31 AM.jpg

Then goes downstairs to chat with the family.

“Well, I took the day off from work and thinking about touring the city.” She says. “Would anyone like to join me?”

06-10-17_11-55-40 AM.jpg

“Oh no, deary.” Says her cousin, Francesca. “Me and Elijah are supposed to be working out soon.”

“I wish I could go.” Says her niece, Anastasia. “I got school this morning.”

“Well how about you Pocahontas?” Cindy asks.

“Hmm… Well there are plenty of things I should be doing around the house…” Pocahontas starts.

“Come on, Pocahontas. You deserve a break.” Cindy interrupts her. “We can go while the children are at school and come back before it ends.”

“Hmmm…” Pocahontas says. “That sounds reasonable.”

“Then it’s settled. We’re going to the city.” Cindy enthuses.

06-10-17_11-54-55 AM.jpg

Meanwhile, Erin starts are ground mural near the pool.

06-10-17_11-30-15 AM.jpg

Cornell fixed his stereo and digs through the residue for upgrade parts.

06-10-17_11-47-52 AM.jpg

Francesca goes on her workout date with Elijah.

12-23-16_7-26-06 PM.jpg

Pocahontas and Cindy arrive at the Spice District.

06-10-17_12-44-15 PM.jpg

06-10-17_12-45-25 PM.jpg

They first thing they do is…. karaoke.

06-10-17_12-28-09 PM.jpg

06-10-17_12-28-35 PM.jpg

06-10-17_12-28-56 PM.jpg

Upon leaving the Karaoke Bar, they here music and follow the sounds of a musician.

06-10-17_12-32-32 PM.jpg

06-10-17_12-33-40 PM.jpg

They soon smell the aroma of food and follow their noses to the food stands stationed there.

06-10-17_12-36-34 PM.jpg

“What should we try Pocahontas?” Cindy asks.

“Well these Somosa’s look really good.” Pocahontas says “Can I order two of these?”

06-10-17_12-36-56 PM.jpg

But to their surprise, the Somosa’s have a bit of spice to them.

“Hot Hot Hot” Pocahontas says as she belches.

06-10-17_12-39-08 PM.jpg

06-10-17_12-39-31 PM.jpg

Oh my goodness. She thinks.

06-10-17_12-39-48 PM.jpg

“I guess that’s why this is called the spice district.”  Cindy jokes. “Isn’t it wonderful out here, Pocahontas?”

“Why yes it is.” Pocahontas says. “It is no forest but it’s still beautiful in it’s own way.”

06-10-17_12-41-02 PM.jpg

“There are so many recipes out here.” Pocahontas enthuses. “If Tiana becomes serious about culinary when she becomes of age, maybe I’ll tell her about this place out here. She is still a child now. Cooking with mommy, is probably just a phase for her.”

“It’s possible.” Cindy says. “But always keep their hobbies in mind and pay special attention. Though, I don’t need to tell you that after raising 3 other children.”

06-10-17_12-40-38 PM.jpg

Pocahontas giggles. “I practically raised Aden too after Cinderella passed away… or what was left of him to raise.”

“You were and still are our biggest support system.” Cindy assures. “Look at the time, we must be heading back now.”

06-10-17_12-40-52 PM.jpg

After work, Andy celebrates his promotion through frustration and rage.

I deserved it after the day that I had.

06-10-17_1-52-36 PM.jpg

After school, Anastasia practices her speech.

06-10-17_1-59-42 PM.jpg

Giles enjoys a meal.

12-24-16_1-21-35 AM.jpg

Gerald goes to the local park to play for tips, but with his low skill, he is weary about how much he’ll actually obtain.

It starts off rough.

06-10-17_9-12-58 AM.jpg

but eventually gets better.

06-10-17_9-12-25 AM.jpg

He brings forth a crowd and ends the night with $18.

06-10-17_9-13-55 AM.jpg

06-10-17_9-14-20 AM.jpg

After Tiana was done her homework, she is seen in the play room watching the Cooking Channel.

06-10-17_3-51-57 PM.jpg

Im going to learn a new recipe. She thinks.

06-10-17_3-58-16 PM.jpg

Aden has been trying his best to get his son to smile and after a plethora of tries…

06-10-17_2-09-10 PM.jpg

06-10-17_2-08-36 PM.jpg

He finally succeeds.

“You know who I am now.” Aden says smiling. “Yeah it’s daddy.”

06-10-17_2-06-07 PM.jpg

After the feed of the bottle….

06-10-17_1-56-56 PM.jpg

and the arrival of Tykayla from work, it’s time to age up their child.

“Hey sweet lug.” She leans into Aden. “Today’s the big day.”

06-10-17_4-34-31 PM.jpg

“Are ready my sweet?” He asks.

“Let’s do this.” She excites.

06-10-17_4-36-51 PM.jpg

She walks over and gathers her baby.

“Hey there my baby boy.” She starts. “Do you know what today is?”

06-10-17_11-51-47 AM.jpg

“It’s your birthday!” Tykayla exclaims. “I know I haven’t been around much lately, working night shifts, but I love you very much and can’t wait to see what kind of man you’ll become.”

06-10-17_11-27-40 AM.jpg

Tyler ages up into a child and shares the same Geek trait as his father.

06-10-17_6-22-19 PM.jpg

Happy Birthday Tyler!

*Notes: Please note the reason Tyler didn’t transform into a toddler is because to keep the consistency of the early part of this legacy all of the babies will turn into a child.

So Tyler aged up! As you can see, he has Tykayla’s eye color and Aden’s hair and skin tone. He looks a lot like his father and is a Geek just like him!


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