Chapter 43

Chapter 43

In the last chapter, Aden and Tykayla make their little boy feel more at home and Pocahontas gave Tiana her first cooking lesson.

Cindy chats with Andy over a meal.

“Pocahontas has done a marvelous job with this family, hasn’t she?” Cindy asks in amazement.

10-11-15_9-15-10 PM.jpg

“She defied Cinderella for love and still found a way to come back and take care of us. You know she didn’t have to do that.” Cindy continues. “She could’ve just ran off with you for good and never looked back.”

“Well I guess your right.” Andy agrees “Though I can guarantee that leaving you all for good never crossed her mind.”

10-11-15_9-16-20 PM.jpg

“Just at that moment, to follow her dreams, she had to abandon someone else’s, and had to make temporary sacrifices.” He explains. “Which, unfortunately, you all were.”

“We’ve come a long way since that time.” Cindy expresses. “It’ll soon be time for the new heir to take over.”

10-11-15_9-16-28 PM.jpg

Francesca uses social media to promote her new book and in turn gaining 89 followers.

06-10-17_11-20-39 AM.jpg

After school, Giles play with the dollhouse.

12-26-16_10-06-41 PM.jpg

Tiana sets out to catch a fish that she can use in the recipe she learned to make with her mom: fish tacos.

12-26-16_9-55-54 PM.jpg

I’ll definitely catch a fish and show mama for another fish and tacos dish.

12-26-16_10-04-53 PM.jpg

I think I got one.

12-26-16_10-05-03 PM.jpg

Reel it in.

12-26-16_10-15-12 PM.jpg

Got it. She excites as she runs to the house to show Pocahontas.

12-26-16_10-19-07 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Gerald continues practicing the violin.

12-26-16_9-37-33 PM.jpg

Anastasia held a gathering at her house for the club she joined as a child, Knights of the Hedge.

“You have quite grown into this armor we’ve been holding for you.” says Club Leader, Yuki, to Anastasia. “Very nice.”

“Why, thank you my good sir.” Anastasia replies in an accent.

06-08-17_9-42-44 PM.jpg

Andy took a Vacation Day from work to continue being their for his son, Tyler, as Tykayla works.

06-10-17_1-51-55 AM.jpg

He takes care of him…

06-10-17_2-22-02 AM.jpg

and tries to get to know him a little better.

“Hey Tyler!” attacking him with tickles and tries to make him smile…..

06-10-17_2-27-38 AM.jpg

but Tyler just looks back at Aden with a grimace.

06-10-17_2-29-33 AM.jpg

Why doesn’t he like me?

06-10-17_2-28-36 AM.jpg

Then Tykayla, walks in late at night, from work.

“Honies I’m home.” She says.

06-10-17_2-41-26 AM.jpg

“Tyler.” She rushes over to her newborn. “How is my baby today? ”

06-10-17_11-26-50 AM.jpg

“Aden talking care of you alright? I know he is.” She receives laughs and giggles.

06-10-17_11-27-02 AM.jpg

Then moves on to her husband.

“Hey, Sweet lug.” She leans into an embrace.

06-10-17_8-33-51 AM.jpg

“How are you today?” She asks.

“Not so good, unfortunately.” He says. “I don’t think Tyler likes me. I’ve been struggling to get any type of smile out of him. Nothing seems to works.”

06-10-17_8-34-55 AM.jpg

“You are a great father.” Tykayla insists. “Tyler will come to see that. You just have to keep trying with him and never give up.”

“Well I guess your right?” Aden replies hesitantly.

06-10-17_8-43-28 AM.jpg

“Well how was your day, Honey?” He asks.

“Guess what?” She replies with cheer. “I finally got that promotion I’ve been waiting on. No more dishes. I am now a Caterer.”

06-10-17_8-34-32 AM.jpg

“That’s wonderful honey!” He stokes. “I knew you could do it.”

“Thank you, Aden… and honey.” Tykayla says. “Don’t worry about Tyler too much. It is his birthday tomorrow and when he ages up. That’s your real time to shine.”

06-10-17_8-39-32 AM.jpg

Cornell struggles as he practices making drinks for work.

12-23-16_7-59-35 PM.jpg

This tastes awful.

12-23-16_8-08-44 PM.jpg

Erin paints on the balcony.

07-16-15_5-44 PM

Tiana finds her mom in the kitchen with excitement and giddy.

“Mama, guess what?” She starts. “I caught a fish today after school, to use in the next fish taco recipe.”

06-10-17_1-46-12 AM.jpg

“You did, did you?” Pocahontas smiles. “You know fish taco isn’t the only recipe you can use that fish for.”

“Really?” Tiana asks curiously.

06-10-17_1-46-36 AM.jpg

“Of course not.” Pocahontas says as she walks toward the fridge. “Fish is only one ingredient that can be used to make so many other recipes.”

“Such as” She continues as she takes other ingredients out the fridge. “Fish and chips.”

06-10-17_1-56-57 AM.jpg

Tiana’s eyes light up in amazement. “Does that mean we can use this fish for other recipes too?”

“Yes sweety.” Pocahontas says. “That goes for all ingredients. It’s just the way you prepare your main ingredient, that makes all the difference. You can grill it, broil it, dice it, chop it, or stuff it. And, also what you add to it is what impacts the recipe and turns it into a new one.”

Tiana suddenly looks confused as the culinary words are being thrown at her.

Pocahontas noticed she’s getting a bit carried away and just says, “But yes my princess, You can use Fish in more then one recipe.”

“Now we are going to prepare this fish the same as last time.” Pocahontas starts dinner. “What did we do?”

Tiana thinks. “We sliced it.”

“Yes Tiana” Pocahontas confirms. “But instead of those taco seasonings, we are going to use different seasonings and put it in a pot on the stove.”

06-10-17_2-23-37 AM

After they’ve finished cooking the meal, Tiana asks, “Mama how do you know how to cook so many good recipes.”

“Well some I learned from watching my mother, Cinderella.” Pocahontas answers. “Others I learn from reading cookbooks or television.”

06-10-17_2-27-12 AM.jpg

This excites Tiana. “I can learn new recipes from TV?” She asks.

“And books.” Pocahontas adds. “TV is one thing but say you want to make a recipe using a specific ingredient like, Fish. You can look up all the recipes that use fish in a book.”

“Ok, Mama.” Tiana says as she listens to the sounds of her grumbling stomach that were concealed by her utter excitement “Let’s eat.”

06-10-17_2-33-05 AM.jpg



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