Chapter 42

Chapter 42

In the last chapter, Tykayla and Aden had their baby boy, Andy and Pocahontas express worry of Tiana’s life turning out like Cinderella’s.

Francesca gets invited out by her boyfriend, Elijah, to go to the gym.

12-23-16_7-25-03 PM.jpg

Francesca starts on a machine as Elijah spots her…

12-23-16_7-26-24 PM.jpg

then he starts doing push ups.

12-23-16_7-26-47 PM.jpg

He stops to mask in the beauty of his lover.

12-23-16_7-27-21 PM.jpg

“Is there something wrong?” Francesca asks him as she noticed his stare.

12-23-16_7-27-51 PM.jpg

“Just admiring your beauty.” He expresses, making her blush.

12-23-16_7-27-43 PM.jpg

Cornell meets Pocahontas’s old friend, India.

“Oh my lordy, look at you!” She smiles. “You’re all grown up! I remember when you were just a kid talking going on and on about candy.” India continues.

“It’s great to see you Miss. India.” Cornell says respectfully.

07-11-16_11-50-59 AM.jpg

Gerald does his homework.

12-19-16_12-26-59 AM.jpg

Aden takes care of his child, as Tykayla works late nights.

“Hey buddy,” He greets Tyler with a bottle. “Are you hungry?”

12-19-16_11-22-30 PM.jpg

“Drink up.” He tells him. “I know you miss your mama late at night, but your daddy’s here.”

12-19-16_11-22-49 PM.jpg

When Tykayla isn’t sleep during the day, after work, she spends time with her young one.

“Where’s my baby.” She busts into the room. “There he is. That’s my baby.”

12-19-16_12-33-42 AM.jpg

“How you doing today, Ty Ty?” She asks him. “You being a good boy?”

12-19-16_6-48-58 PM.jpg

“You know good boys, get and achieve great things.” She says.

12-19-16_6-49-39 PM.jpg

“Such as this bottle.” She continues. “Mama, knows you are hungry.”

12-19-16_12-43-23 AM.jpg

Cindy tends her garden that is on the verge of desolation.

12-23-16_8-19-18 PM.jpg

Erin helps Giles with his homework.

12-23-16_8-44-33 PM.jpg

“I think it’s 54” He states with uncertainty.

“You got it!” Erin excites. “9 times 6 is 54”

12-23-16_8-45-09 PM.jpg

“Now whats 9 times 7?” Erin asks.

“Uhhh….” Giles holds out his hand and puts down his pointer finger of his right hand. “63!”

“Perfect!” Erin says. “Keep using that trick and you’ll get all the 9 times tables.”

12-23-16_8-45-34 PM.jpg

Anastasia meets one of her brother’s friends.

He’s kind of cute. 

12-19-16_11-09-07 PM.jpg

Andy browses intel for work.

12-23-16_8-01-10 PM.jpg

Tiana walks into the kitchen and see’s her mother.

12-24-16_12-55-39 AM.jpg

Taking Andy’s advice to worry less, Pocahontas talks to her daughter.

“Hey, Tiana. Would you like to learn a new recipe today?”

Tiana gets excited. “Yes! What are we going to make today mommy?”

“Something simple but challenging too.” Pocahontas tells her. “So you have to pay attention.”

“You got it, mama.” Tiana replies.

“Good.” Pocahontas says as she takes out the ingredients. “Today we’ll be making Fish Tacos.”

12-24-16_12-57-36 AM.jpg

“First, you prepare the vegetables.” Pocahontas says.

12-24-16_1-00-31 AM.jpg

“Ahh… ” Tiana groans as Pocahontas moves on to the onion. “My eyes.”

12-24-16_1-04-06 AM.jpg

“Onions do that to you. But in order to limit the amount they sting your eyes you run them under water as you are chopping them.” Pocahontas advises. “But when you have been cooking as long as I have, they don’t bother you anymore.”

“Run Onions under water.” Tiana restates. “Got it!”

12-24-16_1-04-38 AM.jpg

Next, Pocahontas prepares the fish.

“The way the dish turns out depends on the type of fish you use.” Pocahontas tells her. “I like Tilapia, so that’s the kind of fish we are using.” She starts to cut it.

“So you can use different type of fish in this meal?” Tiana asks. “How many fish are there?”

“I’m not sure, dear.” Pocahontas says. “I just stick to what I know.”

Hmm..  Tiana thinks. I wonder.

12-24-16_1-04-49 AM.jpg

Pocahontas continues. “After we slice the fish into chunks, we season it, combine it with the vegetables, and put it on the stove. We let it cook until the color turns brown and the outside becomes crispy.”

“mmhmm..” Tiana observes.

12-24-16_1-09-40 AM.jpg

“Then you take it off the stove and add the taco shell.” Pocahontas puts the fish in the shells. “Now you have fish tacos.”

“Mmm…” Tiana looks with satisfaction. “It smells so good, mama.”

Pocahontas giggles. “Wait until you taste it.”

12-24-16_1-14-07 AM.jpg


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