Chapter 41

Chapter 41

In the last chapter, Pocahontas aged up into an Adult, Cornell aged up to a young adult, and Anastasia aged up to a teen.

Tykayla wakes up with the start of her contractions.



and ends up giving birth to a healthy baby boy named Tyler.

12-19-16_12-32-47 AM.jpg

12-19-16_12-33-12 AM.jpg

Aden is so excited he has his little boy, that he can’t help but smother him with love.

I have my first baby boy. He thinks.

12-19-16_11-23-12 PM.jpg

Anastasia practices her speech before going out to meet new people.

12-19-16_12-35-24 AM.jpg

First person she meets is Axel Carrera.

12-19-16_11-31-30 PM.jpg

They cloud gaze as trying to get to know each other.

“So you’re a Fisherman, huh?” Anastasia asks. “Well, do you like your work? Do they pay you well?”

12-20-16_12-06-34 AM.jpg

Cornell found a job in the culinary industry in order to further his aspiration in life which was to be a Master Mixologist.

12-19-16_12-16-57 AM.jpg

He practices his skill to prepare for the new job.


This is harder then I thought. 


Giles started a group gathering at his house and enjoyed his backyard pool.

12-20-16_12-10-38 AM.jpg

Tiana has been exploring her creativity by drawing

12-15-16_6-37-14 PM.jpg

12-15-16_6-37-03 PM.jpg

Francesca enjoys a good read.

12-20-16_12-42-26 AM.jpg

Gerald continues to practice his music.

08-26-16_3-51-14 PM.jpg

Cindy enjoys some relaxation after being promoted to Assistant Manager .

08-27-15_12-51 AM.jpg

Erin creates masterpiece after masterpiece.

08-26-15_10-58 PM.jpg

Andy talks with his wife, Pocahontas.

“She is such a quick leaner.” Andy enthuses about Tiana. When we baked the cakes, I let her show me step by step how to make it. I was astounded at how much she remembered from your cooking lesson.”

“Don’t tell me you asking her to bake was a test.” Pocahontas asks with irritation.

12-20-16_12-29-54 AM.jpg

“Of course not honey.” Andy assures her. “You saw how happy she was to know I needed her help in baking those cakes. She couldn’t stop smiling the entire time you all blew them out.”

“Well, I guess you are right.” Pocahontas says. “I’m sorry for accusing you. I just don’t want Tiana to ever get stuck in the same position as Cinderella.

12-20-16_12-34-37 AM.jpg

“Hey there” Andy comforts. “That’s different. We are well off from when Cinderella was a small girl. If Tiana does take culinary seriously, going forward, it will not be forced upon her. As her parents, we will make sure of that. No one is going to put our daughter into the position Cinderella once was in.”

Pocahontas smiles, feeling better. “You are right. We won’t let that happen.”

“Right.” He goes to kiss his wife passionately…

12-20-16_12-27-39 AM.jpg

then go upstairs to have some fun…

12-23-16_6-41-32 PM.jpg

leaving the worries of Tiana’s future for another time.

12-23-16_6-54-13 PM.jpg




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