Chapter 40

Chapter 40

In the last chapter, Tiana met George and helped Andy bake cakes for her family’s birthdays and Aden aged up into an adult.

Tiana finally gives the cakes she made with her father to her family and celebrates their birthdays.

“Happy Birthday!” Tiana presents the cakes to Pocahontas when she walks into the kitchen.

“Tiana, did you bake me a cake this time?” Pocahontas asks when she walks over to the cakes.

12-18-16_8-07-34 PM.jpg

“Yes, Mama and for sissy and brother too.” Tiana replies. “It was daddy’s idea. I had to help him since he never made a cake before.”

“Is that right?” Pocahontas says. “They came out wonderful. Mama, taught you well didn’t she.”

“Yes, Mama.” Tiana smiles.

“They look delicious.” Pocahontas compliments. “and I bet Anastasia and Cornell will think so too.”

Pocahontas goes over to her confetti cake and blows out the candles…

12-18-16_8-07-41 PM.jpg

and ages up into an adult.

12-18-16_8-08-51 PM.jpg

Pocahontas calls her other children to their designated cakes so they can age up as well.

Next is Cornell as he whimpers about if he’s ready for the transition from teenage hood to adulthood.

12-18-16_8-15-07 PM.jpg

But after the blow of the candle and the age up, he realizes he’s ready to acquire the trait of a Genius.

12-18-16_8-15-26 PM.jpg

Next is Anastasia .. as she makes her wish and then blow her candles…

12-18-16_8-23-22 PM.jpg



to age up into a teen with the Good trait and an aspiration to be a Friend of the World.



Pocahontas congratulates her son with excitement.

“Cornell, my big boy.” Pocahontas enthuses. “You’re actually a young adult.”

“I know mom.” Cornell confirms. “It’s no big deal.”

12-18-16_8-23-02 PM.jpg

The family all takes a piece of cake to eat.

“Did you really make these cakes for us, Tiana?” Anastasia asks.

“Yes. I did” She confirms. “With Daddy.”

“Tiana, thinks it’s fun to cook.” Pocahontas says. “She wants to start helping me cook meals.”

07-08-16_11-42-56 PM.jpg

“Yup.” Tiana confirms. “Daddy even says if I learn a lot and work hard. I can be a chef in the culary.”

“You mean culinary dear.” Pocahontas corrects.

“Yeah. Culinary.” Tiana states.

“Is that so?” Cornell asks. “Well if any dish you make turns out as good as these cakes. I believe in you. Thank you, Tiana.”

Tiana is filled with joy as she receives the praise from her family.

12-18-16_11-59-48 PM.jpg

Gerald acts on his laziness to lounge and nap after the celebration.

08-31-16_3-23-02 PM.jpg

Giles does his homework.

08-26-16_4-05-29 PM.jpg

Tykayla wakes up late and enjoys a good meal.



Andy practices making drinks.

09-01-16_12-08-41 AM.jpg

Cindy goes fishing on her day off from work.

08-31-15_10-54 PM.jpg

Erin cooks on the grill.

08-18-15_11-54 PM.jpg

Francesca concentrates on a game of chess.

07-14-16_9-11-16 PM.jpg

Aden talks with his wife, Tykayla.

“How are you doing honey?” He asks.

“I could be better.” She tells him. “Our little boy keeps poking into my rib cage.”


“Let me see him.” He rubs her belly feeling him push outward toward his hands.

Tykayla lets out a breath. “That’s one way to get him out from under.

“Have we decided on a name?” He looks up at her.

“I like T names, such as my own .. so I was think about .. Tyler.” she tells him.

“Tyler.” Aden repeats the name. ” I love it.”

Tykayla groans again as Aden moves away from her stomach.

Ugh.. up under me again huh? She thinks.


Notes: So Anastasia is a teen and looks just like her mother Pocahontas. I did say before how I loved the game genetics. She definitely has her mother’s eyes and mouth which makes her look like her double. She is positively beautiful to me as well.



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