Chapter 39

Chapter 39

In the last chapter, Tiana gave Andy the cake she helped Pocahontas made, Andy aged up into an elder, and Tykayla is pregnant with their first child.

Tiana has been doing her homework and working hard at school.

12-15-16_8-35-06 PM.jpg

Anastasia got invited to go to her friend, George’s, birthday party and invited Tiana to go with her. Pocahontas joins to look after her children.

“Hey George, I invited my sister. I hope that was ok.” She tells him. “I had promised her I would help her meet some friends.

“Cool. We can all have fun together!” He boasts.

12-16-16_1-55-00 AM.jpg

“Hello, I’m Tiana.” she introduces herself. “And your George?”

“Yup.” He says.

12-16-16_1-58-03 AM.jpg

“Tiana, this was my friend I was telling you about.” Anastasia  explains. “It’s his birthday.”

“Happy birthday, George.” Tiana states.

“Thank you.” He replies. “I’m hoping my parents get me a UFO toy.”

12-16-16_1-57-38 AM.jpg

“Yeah.” Anastasia says. “He’s crazy about Aliens now that he just watched some movie about it.”

“They are real.” George affirms. “That wasn’t just a movie. They are up there. My daddy told me.”

Tiana is taken aback at this strange topic. Aliens? Are they real? 

Whatever.” Anastasia says. “Let’s go play now.”

12-16-16_2-00-17 AM.jpg

Pocahontas takes to the grill to make the food as they play.

12-16-16_2-02-56 AM.jpg

The children start to play on the pirate boat.

12-16-16_2-07-04 AM.jpg

12-16-16_2-07-27 AM.jpg

12-16-16_2-09-07 AM.jpg

But then stopped playing with glee upon the announcement that the food was ready.

12-16-16_2-09-46 AM.jpg

They look content as they eat their food after playing.

Mmm… this is so good. Tiana thinks to herself.

12-16-16_2-14-57 AM.jpg

“Mama, what are we eating?” Tiana asks. “This is so good.”

“It’s grilled chicken, dear.” she answers.

“I see, but how did you make it?” Tiana continues. “This is so different from baking cake.”

12-16-16_2-16-24 AM.jpg

“You know I can always teach you, Tiana.” Pocahontas says. “I’m glad you like it. Hows your birthday going, George?”

“It’s awesome. It would be even better if I could see a UFO from down here. That’s what I wished for.” George says. “And Tiana’s right this is very good. Thank you.”

“Well if you keep believing, I bet you’ll be able to.” Pocahontas explains.

I’m so sleepy.  Anastasia thinks. I want to go home now.

12-16-16_2-15-53 AM.jpg

They leave the park without being able to see George blow out the candles for Pocahontas had to get her children to bed.

In speaking of birthdays, George’s wasn’t the only one in need of a celebration. It was Aden’s as well, that’s why our pregnant Tykayla is in the kitchen in preparation for it.

12-16-16_1-53-02 PM.jpg

but receives her shock of pain as soon as she was done with it.

Please stay out of my rib cage.

12-16-16_2-58-19 PM.jpg

Aden comes in with concerns, but then ages up into an adult.

12-16-16_3-00-56 PM.jpg

“Tykayla, you know you didn’t have to do all this.” Aden says. “You should be resting.”

“Maybe, but it’s your birthday.” Tykayla explains. “there was no way I was going to miss out on that, Sweet lug.”

“I thank you, my wife.” Aden says. “But now can you please go to bed.”

“Aye, Aye Captain.” she replies.

12-16-16_3-10-28 PM.jpg

Gerald practices playing the violin and becomes embarrassed when his family members walk outside and hears such a horrible sound.


Francesca works toward her next promotion and writes as many books as she can.

12-15-16_8-01-54 PM.jpg

Giles acts a bit naughty and plays in a pile of trash.

07-18-16_2-48-19 PM.jpg

Cornell invites over his teen friend after school.

“Looks like we don’t have a math test next week due to our teacher’s absence.” She shows him the email.

12-15-16_6-18-09 PM.jpg

“Thank the heavens.” Cornell enthuses. “I definitely wouldn’t be ready for it. I’m much more of a literature person myself.”

12-15-16_6-18-50 PM.jpg

“I know right?” she agrees. “Give me a book. Mark Twain. I’ll write a killer paper”

12-15-16_6-19-22 PM.jpg

Cindy tends to her garden.

07-10-16_8-49-35 PM.jpg

Erin finishes a masterpiece.

12-03-15_2-04-29 AM.jpg

The next day. Andy retrieves his daughter from her bedroom and asks her if she would like to help him bake a few cakes for their celebration.

“Is it really mama, sissy, and brother’s birthday?” She asks in excitement.

“Yes it is. And you get to help me bake all three cakes.” he replies.

12-16-16_4-36-58 PM.jpg

She smiles her huge smile. “Daddy, do you even know how to bake a cake or anything?”

Andy laughs. “I have never baked a cake before. That’s why I got , Chef Tiana, to help me out.”

12-16-16_4-36-26 PM.jpg

Tiana becomes excited as she gets the opportunity to show everything she learned. “Ok, Daddy. You can count on me.”

“I know I can, honey.”Andy tells her. “Now recite me the list of the ingredients that go into this bowl. I think I’m missing something.”

12-16-16_4-12-44 PM.jpg

Three cakes later, Tiana stands back in amazement at what she helped create.

12-18-16_7-45-41 PM.jpg

“You did it honey.” He praises her. “Three successful cakes.”

She smiles and asks. “Can I put the candles on them?”

“Of course you can honey.” He replies.

Tiana puts the candles on the cake and waits with excitement.

I can’t wait for them to see what I helped make for them.

12-18-16_7-48-52 PM.jpg



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