Chapter 38

Chapter 38

In the last chapter Gerald aged up into a teen and Tiana helped Pocahontas make a birthday cake for her father, Andy.

With the sun high in the sky, Tiana is up early this morning to give her father the birthday cake.

But when she arrives in the dining room, she looks mortified at the blank cake.

08-30-16_11-13-13 PM.jpg

“Mom.” she says to Pocahontas. “It’s missing something.”

She goes over to the cake and spread candles across it’s surface. “There! much better.”

08-30-16_11-46-29 PM.jpg

“Whoa, what do we have here?” Andy says when he arrives into the kitchen.

“It’s a birthday cake, daddy.” She says with a smile. “Me and Mama made it for you last night.”

“All this for me?” He gasps. “I must be the luckiest dad in the world.”

He goes over to blow out the candles…

08-30-16_11-57-07 PM.jpg

08-30-16_11-57-35 PM.jpg

and ages up to an elder.

08-30-16_11-59-05 PM.jpg

They all take a piece a cake and enjoy their meal.

“MMM.. mmm… Tiana this is good.” Andy says as he takes his first bite making Tiana feel jittery and happy.

08-31-16_12-16-44 AM.jpg

“You really like it daddy?” She asks.

“Like it? I love it. It’s the best cake I’ve ever eaten.” He says.

08-31-16_12-18-07 AM.jpg

“It seems Tiana really enjoyed cooking with me last night.” Pocahontas tells her husband. “She even offered to help me cook more meals. Isn’t that right, Tiana?”

“Yes, mama.” She says. “I even remember the recipe to make this cake. Cake mix, Eggs, sugar, butter, and uhh….” She tries to remember.

“Milk.” Her mother helps her out.

“Yes, Milk.” She remembers “Not water.”

Andy looks back in amazement. “Do you really like cooking that much, Tiana?”

08-31-16_12-27-06 AM.jpg

“Yes Daddy.” She tells. “It’s so much fun.”

08-31-16_12-25-53 AM.jpg

“Look at us, Honey.” He smiles at Pocahontas. “We have a mini chef on our hands. She could make a good living in the culinary industry.”

“Your thinking too far ahead, Andy.” Pocahontas says. “This could be more of a hobby then a career choice for her.”

“I know, honey.” Andy states. “I’m just pointing that out, that’s all.”

“What’s culinary industry?” Tiana asks them.

08-31-16_12-27-50 AM.jpg

“It’s a type of work or job that works with food.” Pocahontas says.

“Yeah. That’s where you can be a cook, or chef.” Andy further explains.

Here he goes again. Pocahontas thinks.

This makes Tiana so excited about this new found culinary industry. “Do you think I can really do that, Daddy? Become a chef”

08-31-16_12-24-44 AM.jpg

“Of course you can, baby girl.” Andy says. “You can be whatever you want to be as long as you have hard work and dedication. And that starts with doing good in school, which you should be going to right about now.”

08-31-16_12-21-11 AM.jpg

A grimace washes over Tiana’s face as she realizes she was about to be late for school and her siblings were already on the way to the school bus.

“You’re right, daddy.” As she finishes the last bite of cake, kisses both of her parents “I already told sissy that I was going to get straight A’s.” and ran to change her clothes for school.

After work, Cindy surfs the web for ideas.

08-31-16_4-44-16 PM.jpg

After school, Giles listens to a story from his mother.

Pocahontas didn’t seem to like this story back thenErin thinks. Maybe Giles will.

08-31-16_4-14-06 PM.jpg

With it’s huge body and sharp claws. it comes out from the water and chases after you.” She tells him.

08-31-16_4-14-13 PM.jpg

“Ma, is there really a monster inside of the lakes?” Giles asks with fear.

08-31-16_4-14-22 PM.jpg

“Of course not, hun.” Erin says. “It’s just a story.”

Maybe Pocahontas was right. Erin thinks. Not a story for kids.

08-31-16_4-14-17 PM.jpg

Cornell spends some time with his younger sister, Anastasia.

“Guess what, brother?” She starts. “I got into the Knights of the Hedge club.”

08-31-16_10-50-16 PM.jpg

“Whoa. That must be fun.” He says.

“Yeah. Maybe.” She replies with uncertainty. “There is a bunch of old people though.”

08-31-16_10-50-20 PM.jpg

Tykayla has been working out lately …

08-31-16_4-38-20 PM.jpg

but became deep in thought upon remembering the conversation she had with Anastasia about children. She went to her new husband to discuss it.

“I’ve been thinking, sweet lug.” Tykayla starts. “We should have a baby. I know we just wed and there are plenty of children running around this house here, but I would like one of my own.”

“You’ve read my mind, honey.” Aden says. “I was just a little too nervous to speak up about it.”

08-31-16_11-11-46 PM.jpg

Tykayla feels flattered. “Well.. shall we get to it?”

08-31-16_11-12-53 PM.jpg

They rushed upstairs to their bed in excitement.



Meanwhile, Gerald cooks on the grill.

08-31-16_11-59-04 PM.jpg

Francesca goes out to dinner with Elijah.

09-01-16_12-28-51 AM.jpg

“I know I missed your birthday the other day.” Elijah starts. “So to make it up to you, I wanted to take you to this restaurant.”

09-01-16_12-29-26 AM.jpg

“You have aged into a beautiful older woman. That I am lucky to be with.” He finishes.

This makes Francesca’s heart flutter as she can do nothing but smile.

09-01-16_12-29-36 AM.jpg

They go inside to enjoy their dinner.

09-01-16_12-41-41 AM.jpg

Shortly after Tykayla’s fun, she rushes off to the bathroom to take her pregnancy test.

Just to come back to Aden with the results.

“And the verdict is…” she starts to say.

09-01-16_12-04-49 AM.jpg

“We are having a baby!” Aden excites.

09-01-16_12-05-43 AM.jpg

She nods her head.

They both smile thinking the same thing. Our first child.

09-01-16_12-06-53 AM.jpg



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