Chapter 37

Chapter 37

In the last chapter, Tykayla and Aden married and Francesca aged up into an elder.

Today is Gerald’s birthday. That’s why he is sound asleep in his bed, while his siblings and cousin go to school.

07-14-16_9-03-40 PM.jpg

Pocahontas is in the kitchen making her child’s birthday cake.

07-18-16_1-56-20 PM.jpg

07-18-16_1-56-29 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Francesca is practicing chess.



Erin eats a delicious meal while thinking of Guy.


Oh how I wish you were here.


Andy tries to craft something excellent.

07-11-16_12-56-39 PM.jpg

Cindy reads after work.

08-26-16_3-13-48 PM.jpg

When Gerald finally awakens from his slumber, he hears a sudden noise.


Wh-What was that?



Is it coming from down there?



Calm down and check to see what’s under the bed.


When he turns around and looks under. He sees a monster under his bed.

07-18-16_3-05-27 PM.jpg

Instead of running away, he tries to befriend the monster, like the friendly kid he is.



However, it didn’t work out. But through his determination he won’t give up on this monster.



But to his delight, Pocahontas is done with his birthday cake.

07-18-16_5-00-46 PM.jpg

and calls him down to age up into a teenager.



“Happy Birthday my boy.” She hugs him.

“Thanks, mom.” He says.

07-18-16_5-24-55 PM.jpg

Instead for a new room, like the usual gift Pocahontas usually gives to her children. Pocahontas bought him his own violin.

Oh the joy on his face.

08-26-16_3-51-07 PM.jpg

After school, Giles gets invited to go over Elisa’s house, the president of his new club called League of Adventurers.

He tells her a story about a space man.

“So he’s walking and bouncing in space.

07-13-16_5-31-59 PM.jpg

“When he sees a big meteor swoop in heading right for earth.

07-13-16_5-32-07 PM.jpg

“He launches his rocket toward the meteor to blow it up before it gets to earth.

07-13-16_5-32-15 PM.jpg

“And saves the day.” He ends

“Whoa.” She gasps. “He sounds awesome. Did this actually happen?”

07-13-16_5-32-44 PM.jpg

“Yeah it did and we see pigs fly” He says with sarcasm. “Come on Eliza, it was a story.”

“Well that was one great story.” She exclaims.

07-13-16_5-32-24 PM.jpg

Cornell works on new artwork.

08-26-16_3-31-53 PM.jpg

Anastasia chats with Tykayla.

“Tykayla you were so beautiful in your wedding dress.” Anastasia tells her. “Where’d you get it? Can I have one that same color one day?”

“Why thank you, little cousin.” She thanks. “If you want one then I bet you’ll get one. and you will look just as beautiful.”


Anastasia gets excited. “Really? Will my wedding me flowerful like yours too? Does this mean you and Aden are going to have a baby now?”

Tykayla seems stuck by the question.


“Because I heard when people love each other they get sent a baby from another planet. If it’s a girl it’s from Mars. If it’s a boy, their from Jupiter. Where do you want your baby to come from?” She asks.

This child. Tykayla thinks. Has a wild imagination.

07-10-16_8-07-21 PM.jpg

Aden plays video games.

12-07-15_1-10-59 AM.jpg

Later that night, Tiana awakens to use the restroom but hears a noisy sound downstairs in the kitchen. She descends the stairs, smelling the sweet aroma of chocolate as she walks closer. When she arrives in the kitchen, she sees her mother and rushes over to see what’s going on.

“Mama, watcha doing?” She asks. “It smells great in here.”

“Darling, don’t do that.” Pocahontas says shooken up. “You scared me. But I am baking a cake for your father. It’s his birthday tomorrow. Why are you up anyway? It’s pass your bedtime.”

08-27-16_11-49-54 AM.jpg

“I heard stuff going on down here and then smelled something good.” She says. “Oh Mama, can I help you bake please? I think it would make daddy really happy.”

“Well it is past your bedtime, but since you have been making such good grades…” Pocahontas considers. “I don’t see why not. However, once the cake is finished, you have to go right to bed.”

08-27-16_11-51-41 AM.jpg

“Deal!” Tiana excites. “What do you do first?”

“I did the first part before you came down here.” Pocahontas explains. “You add all of the ingredients cake mix, eggs, sugar, and milk, to moisten it. Water dries the cake.”

08-27-16_11-52-04 AM.jpg

“Cake mix, eggs, sugar, butter, milk, not water.” Tiana goes over it as though she’s memorizing a song. “Got it, then what’s next?”

“You mix it all together until you get a smooth consistency.” Pocahontas starts the mixing.

08-27-16_12-00-27 PM.jpg

“Consistency?” Tiana asks.

“The way the batter will look as I keep mixing.” Pocahontas invites her over to see into the bowl. “Don’t you see as I keep mixing, the texture of the batter becomes smoother? The consistency is becoming smoother.”

At this point Pocahontas has done most of the mixing, “Want to give it a try?”

Tiana is delighted as she gets handed the spoon oozing with chocolate. But as she tries to mix the bowl, she feels it’s harder then she expected. But her mother keeps encouraging her.

“That’s right, Tiana. Just like that. You are doing great.”

Hearing the words of her mother, gives her the strength to move past the burning in her left arm.

“I think the batters done now, Mama.” She says as it became easier to stir and looked very smooth.

“Good Job, that’s my girl.” She kisses Tiana.

“So what now, Mama” Tiana smiles.

08-27-16_11-58-51 AM.jpg

“Well we put the batter into a pan, so it can cook inside the oven.” Pocahontas tells her as she picks up the bowl and make her way to the oven.

08-27-16_12-02-56 PM.jpg

She shows Tiana how to do exactly how she described.

08-27-16_12-04-41 PM.jpg

08-27-16_12-04-48 PM.jpg

“Just like that” Pocahontas says as she closes the oven.

“And now?” Tiana says.

08-27-16_12-12-11 PM.jpg

“And now we wake for it to bake.” She replies

“How do you know when it’s done, Mama.” Tiana asks.

“You keep your eyes on it until you see the batter rise up and look a little like bread.” Pocahontas explains. “But there’s a trick to it too. You can take a metal knife and stick it through the middle. When you raise the knife, and there is batter on it it’s not finished yet, but if it’s clean, then the cake is ready.”

Tiana goes through all the steps in her head from the moment she walked in to this one. “Ok, Mama. I think I got it.”

08-27-16_12-13-41 PM.jpg

“You do huh?” Pocahontas says challenging her.

“Yup.” Tiana says. “So much I may be able to make a whole cake by myself. When I get bigger, of course, and can use the oven by myself. But until then mama can I help you make things like this with you again. This was so much fun!”

08-27-16_12-14-54 PM.jpg

“Well I don’t see why not.” Pocahontas says. “You can be mama’s helper.”

Tiana takes in a deep breath, filling her nostrils with the even stronger smell and look through the oven. “I think it’s done now mama.”

Pocahontas bends down and looks through it as well, “Why, I think your right.”

Pocahontas opens the oven door and retrieves the cake.



As Pocahontas places it on the counter beside the oven, Tiana couldn’t help and stare at it’s glory. “When are we going to give it to daddy?” She asks.

“Well by the time I give it to him, you’ll already be in school, dear.” Pocahontas says.

Hearing this, disturbs Tiana as she won’t be able to be there to see her father receive the cake she helped to make for him.

“Oh, please mama. Can I be there when you give him the cake?” Tiana begs. “I have to be there. Daddy has to know I made it too.”

08-27-16_12-23-38 PM.jpg

“Hmmm….” Pocahontas ponders. “Well, it’s already late, but if you wake up early tomorrow before school….”

08-27-16_12-25-04 PM.jpg

“I will Mama. I will.” Tiana pleads.

“…then I don’t see why not.” Pocahontas says.

08-27-16_12-30-47 PM.jpg

This brings joy to Tiana.

08-27-16_12-33-13 PM.jpg

She looks back at the cake both her and her mother made together and was riled with excitement at the thought of showing her father what she accomplished.

08-27-16_12-53-27 PM.jpg

“Ok, Mama. I’m off to bed now.” Tiana says as she walks toward the stairs.

“Well that was fast.” Pocahontas states. “I didn’t even have to remind you.”

“I need rest if I’m going to wake up early before school, mama.” She explains. “I may wake up late and not be able to give it to daddy.”

And with that Tiana travels to her room and falls right to sleep, awaiting the big day tomorrow.


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