Chapter 36

Chapter 36

In the last chapter, Tiana enthuses about getting good grades, Francesca goes on a date with Elijah, and Giles ages up to a child.

Today is Aden and Tykayla’s Wedding Day. The family gathers inside and outside the greenhouse.

07-14-16_12-23-42 PM.jpg

Tykayla and Aden stare at each other with adoration…

07-14-16_12-28-39 PM.jpg

and start their vows.


07-14-16_12-29-39 PM.jpg

07-14-16_12-31-19 PM.jpg

Andy looks sadden as he thinks about the day his little girl grows up and has a wedding of her own.

Oh. Tiana…

07-14-16_12-38-42 PM.jpg

Never grow up. 

07-14-16_12-38-36 PM.jpg

As the wedding continues Tykayla and Aden exchange rings…

07-14-16_12-39-43 PM.jpg

and with a kiss they are finally married.

07-14-16_12-45-51 PM.jpg

After the wedding, Cornell mingles with Melinda.

“How did you enjoy the wedding?” she asked.

“Great.” Cornell says. “I’m happy for my Uncle Aden.”

07-14-16_1-08-30 PM.jpg

“His wife is really nice and very beautiful.” He continues. “She makes him happy.”

07-14-16_1-09-15 PM.jpg

Erin goes to congratulate, Tykayla after the wedding.

“I just wanted to say how beautiful this wedding was and congratulations.” She says.

07-14-16_1-17-58 PM.jpg

I know we had our issues in the past, and I also want to apologize for that. I have said some pretty terrible things with no regard to you or my brother.

07-14-16_1-17-51 PM.jpg

“But I realized when Guy passed away that I need to cherish my family.” She says. “And that includes you.”

“Thank you for all the compliments and for coming to me.” Tykayla says. “Even if you didn’t see you as a part of your family before, just know I already have. So of course, I accept your apology, sister.”

07-14-16_1-19-02 PM.jpg

Giles wanted to stargaze with his Aunt, Cindy.

07-14-16_1-45-41 PM.jpg

“Aunty, I wonder what’s out there.” He says. “I know there’s stars like that one, but how did it become a star?”

Cindy ponders over this questions but can not give an answer. “I bet when you start school Monday, you could ask your teacher.”

07-14-16_1-45-26 PM.jpg

Tiana changes into her pajamas and goes to play with her dollhouse.

07-11-16_9-34-46 AM.jpg

Pocahontas gets to work on a cake for Francesca’s birthday that happens to be the same day as the wedding.

07-14-16_2-22-31 PM.jpg

07-14-16_2-25-54 PM.jpg


“There.” Pocahontas looks at the masterpiece. “Now to call Francesca.”

07-14-16_2-47-43 PM.jpg

Francesca comes into the kitchen ready to age up…..

07-14-16_2-57-42 PM.jpg

into greys.

07-14-16_2-58-38 PM.jpg

“Thank you, Pocahontas.” She hugs her.”You know, you didn’t have to do this. My birthday is insignificant to the wedding.”

“Nonsense.” Pocahontas tells her. “Everyone’s birthday is important in this family. Happy Birthday, Francesca.”

07-14-16_3-08-36 PM.jpg

Later that night, Gerald talks with his sister, Anastasia.

“Wasn’t the wedding beautiful? What was your favorite part?” Anastasia excites. “Mine was the bride. Tykayla was so pretty.”

“Yeah. It was pretty cool.” He says.

07-11-16_11-33-21 AM.jpg

“But guess what tomorrow is?” He asks.

“Sim’s Day?” She asks.

“No.” He says.

“Animal Day?” She asks.

“Nope.” He says.

“Oh I know.. Pajama Day! It has to be.” She asks.

“No, Anastasia.” He states.

“Ahh… I give up.” She states.

“It’s my birthday!” He finally tells her.

07-11-16_11-33-07 AM.jpg

“And you know what that means.” He continues.

“You get cake, and presents, and candy.” Anastasia excites.

“Yes. and I get to stay home from school.” He smiles.

07-11-16_11-33-27 AM.jpg

*Notes: I haven’t updated in awhile. Since my life is sort of chaotic. I am doing my best to move forward with this legacy despite relapses. I’m excited because Tiana is so close to being in the spot light as heir. Stay Tuned!


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