Chapter 35

Chapter 35

In the last chapter, Erin was still in mourn over Guy, but quickly recounted as Giles was in need of her and Tiana Bleu has aged up to a child.

What has she been up to? Talking to her big sister of course.

“How does it feel to be older now?” Anastasia asks her. “Do you like it? Isn’t it cool that you’ll be able to go to school with us?”

“Yes, sissy. I love it!” Tiana tells her. “I can’t wait for school.”

07-08-16_11-41-12 PM.jpg

“I know I’m going to make mommy and daddy proud with straight A’s.” Tiana excites.

07-08-16_11-41-48 PM.jpg

“You’ll be able to make a lot of friends too like me and Gerald. I have this one friend named George and he comes over some times.” Anastasia tells her. “I know you’ll make a lot of friends. I will help you.”

“I don’t know, sissy. I just want good grades.” Tiana says. “Just wait, Elementary School. Here I come.”

07-08-16_11-46-06 PM.jpg

This makes Anastasia giggle. “You know school starts in a few days right? It’s the weekend.”

07-08-16_11-42-56 PM.jpg

“I know. I’m just so excited.” Tiana states.

07-08-16_11-42-08 PM.jpg

Besides getting to know her little sister, Anastasia enjoys her weekend by busting some moves in the living room.

07-10-16_11-29-29 AM

07-10-16_11-29-53 AM

07-10-16_11-30-00 AM

Cornell checks in on Erin.

“How are you feeling Erin?” He asks her.

“I’m working through it, but it hard.” Erin admits.

12-03-15_2-18-21 AM

“Well allow me to entice you with some Artist Criticism.” Cornell says.

“Hmm.. well ohk.” Erin accepts.

12-03-15_2-18-29 AM

“You know the latest mural from Yurseburg?” He asks. “The one everyone is claiming to be his best work? Well I feel his best work was definitely the piece of the prestigious King. His brush strokes made the whole painting.”

“I know right!” Erin states. “His brush strokes is what makes him the artist who he is. That’s what he’s famous for. But I guess the public is bored and wanted something different that’s why they are claiming his latest work as the best.”

12-03-15_2-18-37 AM

“I just hope this doesn’t end in ruin for him. Trying something knew isn’t always the best choice. This may only be a hype and end up being a flop.” He states. “I’m not the best artist but I know I would be afraid to go outside my comfort zone if I were in his situation.”

“I see what you are saying, but no artist can be confined in a box.” Erin states. “But with all that money he has how can he ever really be scared? The public would buy anything as long as his name is attached to it anyway.”

12-03-15_2-18-45 AM

“That’s fame for you.” Cornell says.

“Don’t worry, Cornell. You’ll definitely be even as good as me some day.” Erin encourages. “Just keep practicing.”

12-03-15_2-18-53 AM.jpg

“Thank you, Erin.” Cornell thanks. “That’s very encouraging.”

“No, thank you Cornell.” She says. “For trying to get me out this funk, even if it was for 5 minutes.”

12-03-15_2-19-02 AM

Tykayla has been doing some handy work…

12-02-15_9-19-37 PM

and observing the sky.

12-02-15_10-04-00 PM

Francesca went out on a date with Elijah to the Von Estate.

07-08-16_7-19-08 PM.jpg

Where she is first greeted by a ghost who lives on the manor.

07-08-16_7-18-17 PM.jpg

After exploring the estate with her boyfriend, they make their way upstairs to recount on their experience.

“This place is exquisite.” Francesca says. “How did you find such a refined atmosphere?”

“I scoured the internet for destinations that could bring us new experiences.” Elijah tells her.

07-08-16_7-23-52 PM.jpg

“It’s also bringing me new inspiration too.” Francesca excites. “Think of all the stories I can write about using this place as the base.”

07-08-16_7-24-01 PM.jpg

“And all the topics and genres.” She continues. “The range is relentless.”

07-08-16_7-24-50 PM.jpg

Francesca stops herself when she starts receiving a saddened expression from Elijah, for she was bringing up the single thing that was keeping her busy and apart from him.

“Hey, you know. In speaking of experiences.” She tells him. “I saw a nifty bush outside, in an area beside the manor.”

07-08-16_7-25-37 PM.jpg

“I thought maybe we’d explore that area a little bit more.” She continues.

07-08-16_7-26-42 PM.jpg

“Hmmm…” He gives her a look.

07-08-16_7-27-50 PM.jpg

“Let’s go.” He excites.

07-08-16_7-29-26 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, Pocahontas, Gerald, and Andy decided to come to the Von Estate as well that weekend.

Gerald was playing Chess…

07-08-16_7-42-00 PM.jpg

when his mother decided to hang out with him.

“One day I was walking in the woods.” Pocahontas starts her story. “as the young girl I was.”

07-08-16_7-46-55 PM

“When I came across a gigantic boar trying to catch a raccoon.” She continues. “But the raccoon couldn’t get far enough so I grabbed him and started running.”

07-08-16_7-47-08 PM.jpg

“The boar was all like eeeeyooooorrrrrree.” She mimics. “But I kept running.”

07-08-16_7-47-01 PM

“I did a lot of zig zagging and hurdling around the trees.” She says. “Until the boar finally ran into one. Which helped us in our escape. My mom got onto me that day about going into the woods alone, but she did let me keep the raccoon.”

07-08-16_7-47-13 PM.jpg

Gerald sits back in bewilderment. “Mom.. Don’t ever make that sound again.”

07-08-16_7-48-03 PM.jpg

Pocahontas laughs. “You should see your face right now.”

07-08-16_7-48-33 PM.jpg

Andy finds his self in a maze…

07-08-16_7-49-30 PM.jpg

and it seems like he doesn’t know where he’s going.

Gah.. where am I?

07-08-16_7-50-08 PM.jpg

I have got to figure this out.

07-08-16_7-51-29 PM.jpg

Back to Francesca and Elijah…

07-08-16_7-54-34 PM.png

07-08-16_7-55-20 PM.jpg

07-08-16_7-56-01 PM.jpg

Looks like Andy made it out of the maze, just to hear some strange noises.

Am I hearing.. No I’m hallucinating.

07-08-16_7-56-57 PM.jpg

It looks like they had fun.

07-08-16_7-59-32 PM.jpg

When they return back to the house, Pocahontas starts constructing a room for Giles.

Hmmm… His room should go here.

07-09-16_1-46-11 PM.jpg

Right next to Erin.

07-09-16_1-47-39 PM.jpg

In the meantime, after work, Cindy does her favorite thing, work in her garden.

Got to get things ready for the big day tomorrow.

12-02-15_11-31-15 PM.jpg

Aden searches for gems.

07-09-16_12-01-22 AM.jpg

07-09-16_12-01-16 AM

Erin paints with Guy still on her mind while her baby rests.

12-03-15_1-25-43 AM.jpg

12-03-15_1-25-55 AM.jpg

12-03-15_1-26-26 AM.jpg

12-03-15_1-47-42 AM.jpg

12-03-15_1-48-08 AM.jpg

Until her thoughts were interrupted by Giles’s wails.

07-07-16_9-03-11 PM.jpg

“Awe, did someone have a bad dream?” she asks.  “or just a stinky diaper?”

07-10-16_11-27-15 AM.jpg

“Either one mommy’s always going to be here to take care of you.” She reassures him. “Daddy’s here too, with us, in our hearts.”

07-10-16_11-32-23 AM.jpg

“It’s your birthday today, and don’t I wish he was here to watch you grow.” She tells him. “I know you will grow into a fine boy and than a man.”

07-10-16_11-32-57 AM.jpg

“And I will be there every step of the way.” She kisses him.

07-10-16_12-02-45 PM.jpg

Moments later Pocahontas calls Erin in for the big reveal of Giles new room.

“Wow, Pocahontas.” She looks around the room. “This is great.”

07-10-16_11-10-49 AM.jpg

07-09-16_2-04-11 PM.jpg

07-09-16_2-05-25 PM.jpg

“Pocahontas you really didn’t have to do this.” She says. “Especially since I used to be such a headache. I even thought that you were out to kill me at one time.

“You mean me and everyone else in this household.” Pocahontas giggles. “But it’s the least I could do. I put him right next to you because I know how much you’ll want him close to you. Especially, because of Guy.”

“Thank you so much, Pocahontas.” She hugs her.

07-10-16_11-12-18 AM.jpg

When Erin returns to her room, it is time for Giles Cheslar to age up to a child.

He has an aspiration of a Rambunctious Scamp with his dad’s Sarcastic Trait.

07-10-16_12-08-53 PM.jpg

07-10-16_12-09-35 PM.jpg

Happy Birthday, Giles!

As the day comes to a close, Tykayla and Aden spend time together on the couch.

“So tomorrow’s the big day.” Aden says. “Are you excited?”

“Of course I am, Sweet Lug.” Tykayla assures. “It’s the day I’ve been waiting for. Our wedding day.”

09-11-15_9-59 PM-2


So Giles is now a child wooo… and looks just like his father. Skin color, nose, eyes, and mouth. I am happy to say there are no more babies.. until later. Also, the next generation doesn’t start until Tiana becomes a Young Adult… we have a long way to go. lol.


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