Memorial: Guy Cheslar

Memorial: Guy Cheslar


Married into the family.

He married Erin Prince…

02-24-15_11-45 AM-2

and had one child with her:

07-10-16_12-09-35 PM

Giles Cheslar

Frequently, he spent time working out…



when he wasn’t showing love to his wife.

07-09-15_12-30 AM-2Guy’s Birthday Party
pizap.com14409215708452Erin’s Birthday Celebration

His time with the family was short lived as he was already aging when he married Erin. Nevertheless, he made an impact on the family.

He had conversations with Cornell.

pizap.com14393313213851Cornell excited about his younger sister.

He answered Anastasia’s questions.

pizap.com14407959019391Anastasia asking how he met her Aunt, Erin.

He encouraged Gerald to be a performer.

pizap.com14416846684661Guy watching Gerald perform his mime.

Despite forming relations with his new family, Guy never got the chance to see his son grow up. So he lays at peace with having to hold and see his son, at least once.

1540093.largethumbGuy playing with his son, Giles.

Rest In Peace … 


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