Chapter 32

Chapter 32

In the last chapter, the heir Tiana Bleu was born, Anastasia made a new friend, and Erin is having a hard time with her pregnancy.

Every baby’s homecoming has that first person to welcome them. Tiana’s was Francesca.

I have another beautiful niece.


I can’t believe Pocahontas had 4 of you. With all of you running around there’s no point in having my own. 


Nevertheless, I am graced with 4 delightful nieces and nephews. 


I truly am a lucky aunt. 


After the delivery, Pocahontas does her usual “homecoming cleanup”



leaving baby Tiana to rest.


Until she is in need of some attention, that Pocahontas doesn’t hesitate to give her.

“There. There my baby, Tiana.”


“Is someone hungry?” Pocahontas pulls out the bottle.


“Drink up my princess.” Pocahontas tells her.


“So that’s how you do that?” Erin comes up beside her disturbing the mother-daughter moment.


“Yes, you just tilt her head back, leaving it to rest on your arm and cradle her while you give her the bottle with you other hand.” Pocahontas tells her.

“How do you know what the baby wants?” Erin asks.


“Call it mother’s intuition.” Pocahontas explains. “For Andy it took him after Gerald to learn how to properly take care of these little ones.”

“I hope it doesn’t take me that long.” Erin says. “I’m trying to make this one my only one.”


“Would you like to hold her and feed her for practice?” Pocahontas asks.

“No ma’am.” Erin declines the offer. “The last and first time I tried to tend to one of your babies’ needs they ended up rejecting me.” She reminisces about her first time with Gerald. “I’ll take my chances with my own.”


“Well, another thing that’s important is that you talk to the baby.” Pocahontas continues. “tell them how much you love them.”


“They love attention and will cry for it just like crying for a bottle. It’s just as important.”


“And then you can hold them like this, which I think makes them feel safe.”


“And talk to them while you cuddle and bounce them.”


“They-” Pocahontas stopped speaking as she looked around to see Erin walking out the room.


“I guess it’s just me and you, Tiana.” Pocahontas talks to her.


“But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


“I love you so much, my princess.” Pocahontas kisses her.


Tiana isn’t only getting attention from her mother. Andy has took out time to see his second daughter and last child.

“Hey daddy’s princess.” He talks to her. “Welcome to your Kingdom.”


“Looks like you are going to get everything you set your heart on.” He tells his daughter.


“Daddy is going to help his baby girl get whatever she wants.” Andy says. “Isn’t that right daddy’s girl?”


Besides taking care of the baby and the chores, Pocahontas and Andy find themselves in very flirtatious moods.

It all started with a well needed massage for the mother of his 4 children…



then escalated to the bedroom.




It doesn’t stop there as they couldn’t get enough of each other even after they were finished.




They aren’t the only ones that were getting hot and heavy.

Tykayla and Aden had their share while watching a romantic screening.

“Are you think what I’m thinking?” Tykayla says to Aden.

“Oh I think I know what you’re thinking.” Aden replies


“So how about it my wife to be.” Aden asks.

Tykayla giggles. “Flattery will get you no where.” she plays hard to get.


“We’ll definitely won’t need this.” Aden turns off the TV.


“But we’ll probably need some of this.” Tykayla goes to kiss her fiance.


“Maybe way more of that then necessary.” Aden says.


They laugh then make their way upstairs to have some fun.


And what a fun time they had.


Tykayla doesn’t hide it. It’s written on her face.


When you would think only these two couples were having their fun, you might have forgotten about Erin and Guy who had their  own relations.

Rather then a massage or a TV show, it started off with a gift for the baby, Guy had made.


“Guy this is perfect for our baby.” Erin exclaims. “When did you do this?”

“Oh the other day.” Guy says. “I thought the little one’s second gift should be from me.”


“The second gift?” Erin asks curiously. “What’s the first gift?”

“The gift of life, of course. That you are willing to give them.” Guy says grabbing her hands.


Erin blushes. “You are so sweet.” and gives him a kiss on a cheek.


“You know,” Erin whispers, “I think you deserve to be rewarded for being such an amazing husband and soon-to-be father.”


With no more words, but a giggle and an expression of excitement,


Erin and Guy made some love.




Gerald has been having trouble with his homework, so he asks his mom for help.

“Mommy, I need help on this math problem.” Gerald comes to her. “We are multiplying fractions and I just don’t get it.”


“My handsome boy knows how to multiply right?” Pocahontas asks.

“Most of the numbers. I get stuck on the 9’s and 8’s. The bigger numbers.” Gerald confesses. “But right now we are multiplying fractions.”


“You know, Gerald, when multiplying fractions you just multiply the numbers that are across from each other.” Pocahontas tells. “Try that.”

“Ok. Mommy.” Gerald looks at his homework using his mother’s advise.


“Can you check over my problem, please?” Gerald asks.

“Spectacular my handsome boy.” Pocahontas goes in to hug him after reviewing his problem. “I knew you could do it.”


Anastasia came home from school very upset.


And to her surprise she sees her new friend George waiting to greet her.


“What’s  wrong Anastasia?” he asks.

“I got in trouble at school today.” Anastasia admits.


“Trouble?” George asks. “What did you do?”

“Mrs. Meller said I was asking too many questions that was messing up class.” Anastasia answers. “She said if I did it again I can’t have recess.”


“No Recess?” George shocks.

“Yes, no Recess, But the only thing I wanted to know was about her dog… and the color… and how it barks… and where it sleeps.” Anastasia explains.pizap.com14482336038654.jpg

“Maybe some grown ups don’t like talking about their dogs.” George says. “Next time ask about her about her hair. I hear teachers like talking about their hair.”

“Do you think that will work?” Anastasia asks.

“Yeah” George reassures. “My mommy gets happy whenever daddy asks about her hair. It got to work.”


While George tries to solve Anastasia’s problems, Cornell is having problems of his own.. staying focused on his homework.

The speed of light is relative to- break time!


I’ll finish reading after this level. He thinks while switching out the book for his phone.


Francesca talk’s with her cousin Cindy about work.

“Now listen to this.” Francesca starts.


“At my book signing today, this woman was making a big fuss over how my book was making a mockery on the public and announced that everyone shouldn’t read my book.” Francesca continues.


“After she realized no one was listening to her absurdity, she bumps into a stack of my books that just so happen to fall on her.” Francesca laughs

“Well that back fired.” Cindy giggles.

“Entirely.” Francesca says.


Later, while Erin was painting, she felt a sharp pang in her belly,


and that’s when she knew.

It’s finally time to have this baby. 


She called for Guy and they both rushed to the hospital.

I’ll never be pregnant again. Erin complains to herself while the contractions start.

Guy can do nothing but panic.


Erin changes and starts walking to the room she has been directed to.

Where is Guy? He’s always there when I need him.


He’s in the lobby trailing far behind.

I got to find the room.


If Guy doesn’t get here…


Found it. “I’m here my sweet.” Guy comes into the room.


I’m about to have my first child. He thinks after regaining his composure.


I’ll be called daddy. I wonder if they’ll look like me.


“Guy, where’s the doctor?” Erin asks impatiently. “I’m ready to have this baby.”


“She’s coming dear.” He tries to calm his wife. “As a matter of fact here she comes now.”

“I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Chesler for my lateness.” The Doctor comes in. “I-”


“An explanation isn’t needed just get this baby out of me.” Erin urges.

“Right away ma’am.” The Doctor starts the procedure, and eventually produces the baby. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Chesler you have a healthy baby boy.”

“A baby boy, huh?” Erin expresses. “Look at that Guy we are parents to a little boy.”


“Have you guys chose a name for the handsome fellow?” the Doctor asks.

“I totally forgot about that. I was so focused on having this baby that picking a baby name was the last thing on my mind.”


“But if he’s anything like his father, sweet and caring, then he should be named after him.” Erin says picking up the baby.


“Giles.” Erin chose a name. “His name is Giles. Our baby boy Giles.



6 thoughts on “Chapter 32

  1. Yay, nice to see more of the new baby! Speaking of which, welcome baby Giles! Seems like every post there’s a new baby haha.

    And woo, lots of cute romance this time 😉 I can’t wait to see more of the new babies!

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    1. Haha right? This family just keeps on growing! Lol. But I like to play with the genetics a bit and see what they look like. Lol. That’s the main reason for all the babies. But I will say the pace of birth will be slowed now. Erin is determined to never be pregnant again. Lol. Can’t force her.
      Thanks for liking and commenting! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I know right! She’s a wonder woman doing it all! I love her so much. and Erin, well yeah, at least she has him.
      Thanks for liking and commenting! I’m sorry for my major lateness.


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