Chapter 31

Chapter 31

In the last chapter, Pocahontas was led to a small, old house where she discovered items from the generations before her stored there and Erin sort of aged up to be an adult, where we found out she is pregnant.

How is her pregnancy going anyway?

She figures out it is not all cherries and rainbows.

She is happily painting away…


until she feels the pang in her stomach she’s never felt before.

Ohh.. what is this?


Is this the baby? 


How does Pocahontas do it?


Later she vents to Cornell about it when he asks about her day.

“How does your mother do this?” She asks Cornell. “Being pregnant. All I do all day is sleep and crave food. This is exhausting and she had 3 of you already.”


“Well at least you look pretty while your pregnant, right?” Cornell tries to cheer her up.

“No, Cornell. No,” she tells her cousin. “But I’ll tell you one thing. This will be my first and last one. I’m not going through this again.”


Changing the subject she talks about work.

“So today I was promoted to Canvas Creator and I was assigned to finally create paintings…”


“but my new director, big guy, that was above me came over walking like this and says ‘that painting is never going to sell with that color scheme’..”


“Next thing you know someone comes over and tells me they want to buy it for $1,000 and I wasn’t even finished yet.” She laughs. “The director’s face was priceless.”


“I bet he’ll think twice next time about saying something.” Cornell laughs. “Did he really look and sound like that?”

“Yes, like a big fat chicken.” Erin continues and looks over when she hears another person laughing. “Ignacio when did you get here?”


In speaking of Cornell, he has been completely fascinated with his little sister. Every chance he gets he wants to talk to her.

He cheers her up after Ignacio’s birthday party…

“I don’t know if I liked the birthday boy.” Anastasia tells him. “I think he was telling fibs to me.”

“Hmm…” Cornell ponders. “Well would you like it if I told you a story?”


“About what?”


“Well in the woods there was a mean bear…” Cornell starts the story.


“He would ruin peoples campfires and run after little children…”


“Until a man came as big as the bear wrestled it to the ground. ”


“The bear became helpless and scared and never ruined another campfire again.” Cornell concludes.


Anastasia’s eyes grew wide and the questions started. ” When did this happen? Who was the man that wrestled the bear? Where are the campfires? Will I ever be that big to wrestle a bear?”


“Not now sis. I got to take a selfie.” Cornell says.


He talks to her at dinner.

“You know if anything ever tries to hurt you like a bear … or a boy…”


“You have your big brothers here to protect you.”


“Me and Gerald won’t let anything happen to you.”


“Thanks, big bro.” She goes to take a bite. “I know you would never fib to me.”


He even holds off on homework to listen to her talk about school.

“I told the story about the bear to everyone at school today.” Anastasia says.


“And they all got scared.” She laughs.


“Can you believe that? but I liked the bear story.”


Of course, Cornell wanted a picture with his cute little sister.



While Cornell seems to be so in love with his little sister, Anastasia has been on a mission to befriend a child her age. This is when she met George Shackelford at school and invited him over.


They start to play make believe.

“We’re looking for treasure, mate” Anastasia acts like a captain of a pirate ship.

“Aye Aye. Captain.” he responds.


“That gold I see?” Anastasia raises her hand to her forehead.

“That’s not gold, Captain.” He assures.


“Arghh.. looks like gold to me. We are going that way.” she tells him.

“But Captain that looks like the Cracken.” he says.


“Arghh… that Cracken can’t keep up with us. Keep rowing.” She orders.

“Ok, Captain. But we are going to get caught.” George believes.


“See I told you we could beat the Cracken!” Anastasia enthuses.

“We actually did it.” George expresses in the same enthusiasm.


After completing their adventure they laugh.


and with a hip bump, Anastasia has made her friend and maxed out her social skill.


However making friends has it’s draw backs, she had to stay up late to do her homework.


Gerald, on the other hand, completes his homework when he first gets home being the good kid he is.


He declared that Guy was his favorite cousin because that’s the only person he seems to want to talk to in the house.

Gerald shows off his mime skills to Guy while he works out.

“Heavy box,” Guy names the actions.


“Pushing the box to the left.”


“Now you’re in the box.” Guy continues


“The Disco!” Guy bursts out.


“No, Cousin Guy.” Gerald shakes his head.

“Hey, I thought mimes weren’t supposed to talk?” Guy says.

Gerald, also butts into a conversation between Guy and Cornell to speak to Guy.

“So did you like my mime? Did I do good?” Gerald asks.

“Hmm.. Well it was..” Guy starts.


“Terrific!” He enthuses. “Where did you learn to mime like that?”

“In class, we watched a movie and there was a mime with people watching and clapping when he was done. I did what he did.”


“That’s it you should be a professional mimer.” Guy declares.

“Do you really think so?” Gerald enthuses.

“Guy I don’t think that’s a-” Cornell get cuts off by Guy.


“Of course you should.” Guy assures. “You have more talent than two fiddlers on top of the moon.”

“Then that’s what I want to be. A mimer” Gerald declares.

Cornell tries again to correct them but gives up.


Along with attending to Gerald’s crave for his attention, he works on a sculpture for his unborn child.

I hope I have a boy. 


I can picture him now. Being a bigger athlete than his father.


He will love this when it’s finished.


At least this will be one thing he can remember me by.


Aden spends time with his family at dinner.

“Hey Cousin Aden, if you and Tykayla aren’t married then why does she live with us?” Anastasia asks. “Erin and Guy are married and mommy and daddy are married. Does that mean you guys don’t love each other?”

“uhh..” Aden stammers. “Well… you see…” Then he gets saved by Cindy who happens to be listening.


“What Aden is trying to say Anastasia, is that getting married doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other.” Cindy tells. “They are waiting for the right moment to have their wedding. They are planning it as we speak and it takes a long time to plan a wedding.”

“Really?” Anastasia asks. “I hope when I have a wedding it won’t take this long.”


Nice Save, Cindy. Aden thinks.

“Hey cousin Cindy, since they are planning weddings, why aren’t you married yet? Aren’t you older then him?” Anastasia continues her questions.

“Uhh..” Cindy now stammers. “Well… you see…”


“That’s because she’s helping to plan mine.” Aden now saves her. “In speaking of which, hey Cindy I thought of the perfect place to hold the wedding.”

“Where?” Cindy asks.


“Your Greenhouse. It would be perfect.” Aden answers. “It’s similar to the place I first proposed to Tykayla, but much more beautiful because of all those plants you keep up with.”

“You are just trying to butter me up.” Cindy says. “But the greenhouse would make it a beautiful wedding. I guess it’s the least I can do since I helped you get her.”

Anastasia busts out laughing. “Cousin Cindy helped you get Cousin Tykayla? How that possible?”


Cindy has been gardening as usual…


and reads with her Cousin Francesca.


After writing her 3rd Bestseller, Francesca has completed the Bestselling Author Aspiration. How does that feel Francesca? I know that feels great. Just sit back and look at your work. You deserve a break to revel in your achievements. You did push Elijah aside for this. So how about a new Aspiration? The Soulmate Aspiration perhaps? This can give you a chance to see Elijah again. If that’s what you want to do.


Tykayla uses the microscope mostly on her off days…


and enjoys cereal for breakfast.

Guess who’s getting married? She thinks.


Me and this cereal! She thinks. Just kidding Aden.


Since the baby was approaching soon Andy actually decided to take family leave this time. Usually when Pocahontas was close to conceiving, it was on Andy’s days off so he never had to take off, but he couldn’t risk it. This was their last and final baby.

On his day off, he took initiative and cooked many meals for the family.

pizap.com14418408352191 pizap.com14418408743052

It was the least he could do to let his wife rest. And rest she did.


During his cook-athon, Gerald came by to talk to his daddy.


Andy started telling his son the most outrageous story.

“Then when the monster creeps up on the men traveling in the woods…”


“…they run away, not wanting to get caught. They almost did get caught, but Captain Sim Man came to the rescue.”

“Yay!” Gerald expresses. “Tell me more about Captain Sim Man.”


Pocahontas spends some time with her children too.

First there was Cornell.

“How’s my sweet boy doing?” Pocahontas asks.


“I’m good mom” Cornell answers. “But you know you can stop calling me that.”


“Yes I know but you’ll always be my sweet boy.” Pocahontas says.

“I know..” Cornell starts to say. “At least don’t call me that around the ladies.”


“If that’s what you wish.” Pocahontas states. “Are you ready for your new baby sibling?”

“Well since I’m not that scared little boy anymore I once was… I would say I’m ready.” Cornell answers.


“I’m used to it now, having another sibling, since I’m the oldest.” Cornell explains. “Anastasia is the one never had to go through this before.”


“But the way she meets new people, I doubt she’ll be worried about it.” Cornell continues.


“The only thing I would worry about with her, is her asking the baby too many questions.” Cornell jokes.

“You’re right about that.” Pocahontas agrees.


Then she spoke with Gerald at dinner.

“How do you feel getting another sibling?” Pocahontas asks.

“I think it’s awesome!” Gerald enthuses.


“I get to show the baby all my mime tricks.” Gerald continues. “Maybe I can even teach it how to be a mimer like I will be.”


“My handsome boy wants to be a mime?” Pocahontas asks. “That sounds so cute.”


“It’s not cute mom, it’s manly.” Gerald disagrees. “I can hear them screaming my name.”

“I know you will be the best mime out there.” Pocahontas assures.


Before Pocahontas got the chance to speak to Anastasia about her take on having a new baby, a force of sleep overcame her.


The next morning, Pocahontas is greeted by Andy after he cooked breakfast.

“Good Morning my beautiful wife.” He goes to kiss his wife.


“How’s she doing this morning?” He asks.

“I’m doing great now that I saw your face first thing this morning.” Pocahontas grins.


All of a sudden she felt a kick in her stomach.

“I’m sure I’ll be having this baby very soon.” She says.


“We haven’t decided on a name, have we?” Andy says as he goes to feel the baby’s kick. “Our last child.”


“No, but I have a name I’ve always loved if it’s a girl.” Pocahontas says.

“And what may that be?” Andy inquires.


“Tiana.” Pocahontas answers. “My Princess Tiana or but if we have a boy he’ll be My Prince Tony.”


As Pocahontas is usually right when she knows when she’s about to have the baby, that night she was ready to have her last baby.

I’m about to have my last child. He thinks to himself before the panic. I can’t even express how this feels.


Well you could always express it by panicking.. right?


Pocahontas goes to the waiting room to hear her name be called.

Where did Andy even go? Pocahontas thinks. He’ll miss the birth if he gets lost again.


“Pocahontas. Please come with me to room 208.” She hears the doctor call her.

Well, time to have my final child. Pocahontas changes.


This will be my last time walking down these halls.


This room is different from the other one I’m usually in. 


“Congratulations Mrs. Bleu. You have a healthy baby girl.” the Doctor tells her. “Have you picked out a name for her?”


Only Mrs. Bleu. Pocahontas thinks. Where did Andy go?


Andy is just walking out of the break room of the Hospital. I guess eating food is worth missing out on your last child’s birth huh?

He lets out a deep breath. Nothing like food to calm the soul. Now which way was the room?


“We’ll name her, Tiana.” Pocahontas says as she goes to pick up the baby.


“Welcome to this expanding family, Tiana.” Pocahontas talks to her. “I don’t know where your father went, he probably got lost again like last time.”


She plays with her baby girl, while Andy walks into the room. He finally found it.

My Princess Tiana. She thinks.




Everyone the heir has FINALLY been born. lol. It took so long because I didn’t want to change the features of the Pocahontas’s other children. Luckily she could have 4 so I wouldn’t have to do that painful process (painful for me). So now the heir has been born and I’m so excited. Just forewarning for every heir I change their features in CAS so they can look like the real Disney Princesses. So you see Tiana is blue right now, but when she ages to a child she will be brown skin and her features won’t look like her mother or father. But we all will know that she is Pocahontas’s child. I hope you enjoyed this chapter as though it was a little long… This is the longest chapter I’ve ever written but I thought everyone could use more incite on the other family members. and yes it will be a minute until we move onto generation 4 (for Tiana has to reach YA until we move on) So feel free to stop reading anytime. This legacy is going to be a long one. Extra long because I ultimately refuse to move my sims out the house. Call me selfish but this is what it is. lol. I love to see everyone grow and I will continue documenting their growth. I appreciate all my readers. and if you stick with me until the end. then you are the BOMB . COM. or just super Awesome! 😀


8 thoughts on “Chapter 31

  1. Anastasia is soooo cute! I seriously think she’s be oming one of my favorite sims in your legacy 🙂 Typical Cornell, stops telling his story to take a selfie XD made me crack up. And Guy is super talkative lol, but I guesd that’s all part of his….charm?

    I can’t believe Andy missed his last child’s birth! Haha and just because he wanted some food too… But yay! I’m excited to meet Tiana, I eonder if she’ll turn out anything like Anastasia.

    And I will definitely keep reading your legacy, even if it takes me days to read one post lol! I love it, always makes me smile 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well if you seen the princess and the frog, that gives you an idea of how she might turn out. Lol. But things are always subject to change when they grow up… and start a family of their own.. just some incite lol. I love Anastasia too! She’s so freaking adorable. I’m glad she’s becoming your favorite. I love the little guy she befriended too. He’s so cute to me.
      Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I love hearing the effect of what I write has on my readers. It makes me happy. Especially when i think i prolonged this generation too much, but I’m enjoying writing about it, other generations after this may be shorter because of the restrictions placed on how many kids they can have and such. But yeah you made my day. 🙂 and it will actually take you weeks to read the next chapter for this is the last one until the 2nd to last week in November. I’m too busy with school to write right now. Maybe I can squeeze one before then but as of now my legacy is taking a mini break 😦 other then that that’s reassuring that you’re sticking around yay! Because I tell you things are going down in the next generations that I’m soooooo excited to start writing *squeal* … I think I talked to much so I’ll stop now.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Raymond!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So sweet, Cornell looking out for Anastasia, and great job, Anastasia, making a friend! I love their stories. There is so much going on with your houseful, and I totally understand not wanting to move anyone out, so the posts have to be long to catch up on everyone! I am very excited to see Tiana after you make her over to look like her namesake, and so glad for Pocahontas and Andy this is their last baby. Also, it was very funny how the adults were explaining to the kids why Tykayla and Aden aren’t married yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is the big brother! lol. That’s what big brother’s do. He’s always been a sweet kid though. and Yeah I’m glad you understand. I become very attached to my sims. Even more attached now that I’m actually writing about them and giving them personalities. So the posts will keep being long until someone ends up dying .. god forbid right now. but eventually it has to come. on a lighter note, I am SO excited too about Tiana. *squeal* I can’t wait to write all the drama that is to come when she hits of age. and then her children. The generation after Tiana will be the most fun to write for me because so much is going to go on. I’m excited for it all.

      Thank you for commenting and reading, Shannon! I’m glad you are still engaged in my legacy too along with my other readers! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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