Chapter 30

Chapter 30

In the last chapter, the family went to Ignacio’s birthday party and Pocahontas was thinking about what she should get Erin for her birthday.

That night the family either cleaned or fixed up the house.

Guy fixes the toilet.


Aden fixes the stereo.


Anastasia takes out the trash from upstairs.


Pocahontas takes out the trash too from downstairs…


with Gerald trailing behind her to do the dishes.


As Pocahontas makes it to the trash can she hear her name being called…

“Pocahontas … Pocahontas …” goes the whisper.

Do I hear something calling my name? She asks looking up.


“Pocahontas …” the whisper continues

It can’t be anything, Pocahontas. Erin’s craziness is just robbing off on you. She takes a deep breath.


“Beside the trash can…” the whisper orders as she throws away the trash.


Pocahontas relentlessly obeys the whispers that she thinks she hears and discovers a torn piece of paper, folded, under an old metal key shining in the moonlight. When she reaches for the items, a gust of wind opens up the folded paper, revealing an address.

I wonder where this address leads to.

“Go… ” the whisper returns.

Still uncertain about what exactly is happening, Pocahontas types the address into her phone and leaves in search to solve this mystery.


Meanwhile, Francesca is on the computer writing her next book.


Cornell is drinking orange juice flipping through his Simstagram.


Andy browses the Intelligence Database.


Tykayla is eating chips fantasizing about her wedding.

It’s going to be a beautiful wedding.


When Pocahontas arrives to the location, she finds an old, abandoned house that seemed to have been occupied years ago. With her guard up, Pocahontas goes up the stairs to investigate this mystery further.


When she tries to open the door into the old property, she finds out that the door is locked. Thinking hard as to how she will be able to get in to the house that she was pushed to go to, she realizes the key that she found by the trash can is the key that goes to this unrefined door. With the key into the lock, and the turn of the knob, Pocahontas has found her way inside. However, the pain in her belly has prevented her from going any further.


When she finally makes it inside, she finds herself surrounded by wooden boxes with a table in the middle holding up a book and a candle, the only light source that is allowing her to see her surroundings. The walls look old with the wallpaper completely stripped from it and the floor seems rusted that Pocahontas must be careful of where she steps.


This doesn’t stop her from walking over to the lit table and to the book she is curious to read.



When she picks up and opens the book, she notices the last page has been torn out. She lifts the folded torn page she found, be side the book. When the torn edges meet, they fit together like a puzzle piece.

This page must have been torn out of this book. Pocahontas thinks.

As she turns the book to the front, she opens the first page to find it addressed to her.

“Dear Pocahontas,” It starts to read.

“I see you have made it to my abandoned lifestyle that I lived long ago. This is the house your mother and I grew up in. As you can see what I told you was true, it was a cramped living space for 9 people. I know you have questions of why I have brought you here and why I still kept this place despite the uncanny memories, but truth be told I kept it as a back up. Let me explain. In those boxes are items that me and your mother’s siblings have acquired over the years, awards through all of our promotions and other things we had growing up. There might even be a portrait of us somewhere. Why did I keep all of these things you ask? Just in case, I ever had to resort to selling these items so I won’t go back to the horrific lifestyle. These items are very expensive and would get our family out of any nook that we may have come across. Fortunately, things have never came to that. So the reason I brought you here. I am entrusting the items to you now. I used them as a last resort if you may, but now I pass them on to you, for you, as the heir, to do what you think is necessary with them. I have no doubt that you will do wonders for this generation and other generations to come.

Sincerely, Cinderella.”

As Pocahontas gathers her thoughts and tears, as she flips through the pages to see if anything else was written, she is left with nothing but gratitude and sadness. Pocahontas reads the letter over and over until she feels she has it memorized, puts down the book, and gets ready to go through the boxes of items.

After reading the familiar handwriting, she cannot help but feel like she is not alone anymore like she once felt.


And without her knowing it, she is right. She is not alone. Behind her is a familiar translucent face, glistening in the moonlight, by the window of this rundown house.


“Farewell, Pocahontas. I can take my final leave now. Give our family all my love.” and with that last whisper .. she vanishes.


The next day is now Erin’s birthday.

Pocahontas has stayed at the old house the whole night sorting through the boxes that were labeled with pieces of  paper attached to them. She feels confident about the present she is going to give to Erin.


Going inside, she already finds Guy working on Erin’s birthday cake.


This is my first time baking a cake ever.


I hope I have better luck then most to start cooking without starting a fire.


I really hope she likes it.


Time to put it in.


I did better then I thought. He thinks with confidence. I don’t have the fire curse.


Meanwhile, Pocahontas made her way upstairs into Erin’s bedroom.

Good she isn’t in here. Pocahontas thinks. She’ll love this gift.


Erin makes her way to the kitchen and finds her birthday cake.

“Awe, Guy you shouldn’t have!” Erin excites as she embraces him. “Thank you!”


“Of course, love.” He smiles.


After a long passionate kiss…


he says, “Happy Birthday Erin. I’m sorry I can’t stay to share this day with you two as both of us have to work, but I’ll make it up to you both when we return.”


With one last kiss, he leaves for work. Erin was about to blow out her candles, but she was interrupted by the calling of her name. Pocahontas wanted to see her in her room.

When she made it up the stairs, she spoke to Pocahontas without noticing her gift.

“Yes, Pocahontas? I was just about to blow out my candles.”


“Oh. I’m sorry, Erin.” Pocahontas apologizes. “but since you’re here now I want to give you your gift.”


“It’s this Easel.” Pocahontas shows her.


“Ha ha… uhh… sorry to break it to you Pocahontas but we already have 2 of these.” Erin tells her.


“Haha.. why yes but this one is better then those 2.” Pocahontas assures her. “This was our uncle Grumpy’s, our mothers’ brother.”


Erin’s eyes grow wide. “That’s almost as great as my other birthday present.”

Pocahontas looks confused. “What do you mean your other birthday present? The cake Guy made you?”


“No, silly.” Erin denies. “this one.” she says looking at her bulging stomach. “Pocahontas I’m pregnant!” she excites.


Pocahontas couldn’t help but become excited too. “When did this happen?”


“I just found out last night after Ignacio’s birthday party.” Erin explains. “I would’ve told you last night but you totally ran off somewhere and I bet it was to get this for me.”

Erin directs her attention to the Easel.

“Where in the world did you get this?” Erin excites with curiosity.


“Let’s just say, a close spirit directed me to it.” Pocahontas says with a smile.


Notes: So you learn new things about this game everyday (or at least every other week). I don’t know if it was the stupidity in me but I never knew that female sims couldn’t age up when they were pregnant. Now it’s one thing if they were turning into an elder then I could see why they couldn’t but Erin was turning into a full adult and I was so confused as to why she wouldn’t age up when I tried to make her blow out the candles. Turns out they can’t age up when pregnant on no circumstances… wow. I never knew that. So yeah It’s Erin’s birthday but she’ll age up later.. after the birth of her baby. Regardless, this is her birthday chapter. Happy Birthday Erin. You will not get another birthday chapter. Got to save those for the rest of the family since it’s growing expeditiously.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 30

  1. Haha Gerald’s face when he’s doing the dishes is priceless XD And hmm… Interesting to see Cindy’s ghost floating around. I’m assuming she was the one who was whispering? Makes me wonder if the ghosts can actually interact with their family or not. And oooh, Erin’s pregnant! What an awesome birthday gift lol. Can’t wait to meet her baby as well as Pocahontas’!

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