Chapter 29

Chapter 29

In the last chapter, Cornell aged up into a teen, Anastasia aged up into a child, Pocahontas is pregnant again with their 4th and final baby and Aden and Tykayla started planning their wedding.

Cornell is enjoying his room so much that he just had to lock his door so no one but him could get in.

He loves meeting new people just as much as he did when he was a child.

On a jog, he runs into Antoinette York .


However he might not enjoy this conversation.

“What did you just say?” He asks.

“I said the Mythological Sim Gods are what are ruling us right now.”


“Ah huh.” He replies.

“Do you not understand?” she asks.


“Nope not a word.” He says honestly.


“Well.. let me explain.” She says. “You see.. the Mythological Sim Gods ar-”

She stops when Cornell starts taking a selfie in a middle of their conversation.


“Did you really have to do that right now?” she asks

He uploads the picture to Simstagram.


“Huh? What you say now?” he inquires when he is done posting his new picture.

She just gives him a stare. Someone does not look happy.


Along with Cornell meeting new people, Anastasia has too. Expressing her outgoing personality, she meets Chaya Barr.

“Hi, I’m Anastasia.” she greets.


“Yesterday was my birthday. You see I’m a big girl now.” she explains.

“Well Happy late Birthday.” Chaya says.


“How does it feel to age up?” she inquires

“It’s great! I get to follow my brothers around and do what they do. but I have one question.” Anastasia states


“Why are you dressed like that?” She asks.


“uhh… well” she stammers. “The place I work requires me to dress this way.”

“and where do you work?” Anastasia continues to ask.


“I work at the local lounge.” she replies.

Anastasia’s eyes get wide and start spilling out a lot more questions. “Do you like the lounge? How does it feel to work there? What is a lounge? Is it somewhere you lay down and sleep?”


While Chaya tries to satisfy Anastasia’s questions…

Francesca reads a book before work.


Tykayla plays Sims Forever before her shift.


and Guy trudges home exhausted ..

I’m so old I can’t even walk without getting tired. He saddens. I wish I was young again.


To make up for his lack of youth, he made friends with his little cousins in the house. They seem to love to talk to him.

First there was Gerald.

Maybe he’ll like this impression. Gerald thinks.


“Mmmnnnguuuhhh” Gerald lets out


“I’m here to eat your brainsss..” Gerald makes believe.


“I want your brainsss” Gerald continues. “Give themmm to meee.”


They both laugh at Gerald’s impression.

“That was good Gerald.” Guy compliments as he laughs.


and then there was Anastasia.

“How did you meet cousin Erin?” Anastasia asked.

“Well I was out and one day she caught my eye.” Guy tells


“She was so beautiful in her swimsuit and the way she laughed made her look like a goddess.” He continues.


“and instantly she said we should date.” He concludes. “It was the best thing that ever happened to me.”


“Oh.” this leads to Anastasia asking more questions. “Why was she in her swimsuit? When did you guys marry? How can she ‘caught your eye’? Did she grab it? When did you move in?”


That day, the family soon got a call to go to Ignacio’s birthday party.


Anastasia gives her mom a big hug.


Gerald, however isn’t as happy to be at the party.

“Mommy why are we here?” He asks Pocahontas.


“It’s Ignacio’s birthday today.” Pocahontas tells. “We are here to celebrate.”

“Err…” Gerald groans. I don’t wanna be here.


His attitude soon changes when he sits down to eat.

Mmmmm this is good. 


Erin makes it to one of the rooms to admire the artwork.


Cornell and Aden accompany her in the room.

“Wow this decor is awesome.” She expresses.

“The color scheme is well put together.” Cornell adds since he is an art lover too.


Aden not knowing what they are talking about changes the subject, “Cornell, you don’t look too good. Are you alright?”

“I’m just sleepy.” He answers. “I’ll probably sleep soon.”


“Hmm… well.” Aden starts. “Me and Tykayla are thinking about getting married in Cindy’s greenhouse. What do you guys think about that?”

“Uhh.. if she makes you happy Aden. I’ll support you.” Erin says thinking about the quarrel she had with Tykayla.

Cornell is too tired to comment.


“But a wedding in the greenhouse would be very romantic.” Erin fantasizes.  But even better if it wasn’t with her.

“You know, really should try to get to know Tykayla better, Erin.” Aden tells her. “I know about the fallout you guys had and I know she tried to make up with you.”


“Wait, you guys, you know what?” Erin asks, sarcastically excited, getting both of there hopes up.


“How about… no.” Erin giggles. “Ok, Aden maybe I’ll think about it. Cornell you should really get some sleep.”

At least I’m getting somewhere. Aden thinks.

“Yeah, I know” Cornell exhausts.


As soon as there conversation ended. That’s where you find Cornell, asleep.


Andy found out that one of the other guests had a mean streak and took it out on him.


Pocahontas came to him soon after lifting up his spirits, so he didn’t even have to dwell on the sudden incident.


“Hey you know what Andy?” Pocahontas asks flirtatiously.

“Yes, my sweet?” Andy replies.


“Well I know there’s a room unoccupied.” Pocahontas starts to say. “So maybe you know we should..” cocking her head towards the house.


Without saying an extra word they gave each other a look…


and then headed to that unoccupied space flooding it with hearts..


… and smoke…


…and oh can’t forget about the fireworks.


Cindy makes it inside to chat with her sister.

“So the secretary is now cheating on her boss with his brother.”


“Oh my gosh, are you serious?” Erin laughs


“Apparently it happened on the night when we had a party at the office and he invited his brother.” Cindy tells the story. “He found out because there was a camera in one of the offices they were in. She’ll get a demotion for sure.”


“and you’ll fill the spot right?” Erin asks confidently.

“Yeah but I don’t know if I want to sleep with the boss.” Cindy says. “That’s too much drama for even me to handle.”


Anastasia is still outside having a staring contest with Ignacio.


Looks like she won… then why is she still staring at him.

Hmm… she thinks.


There’s somethin bout him.


Then she finally says something to him.

“Who you texting?”


“One of my friends about my why he couldn’t make it to my birthday party.” Ignacio answers.

“Hmm… I don’t believe you.” Anastasia tells.


“Is it really your birthday?” she asks.


“You don’t look any older so how can it be your birthday?” she inquires.


Her question was quickly answered when he finally aged up to a young adult.


When Pocahontas is done her rendezvous with Andy, she gets confronted by the cook.

“What are you feeding this boy?” the cook asks.

“What ever do you mean?” Pocahontas asks.


“Why he’s just skin and bones.” The cook states. “Just look at how he’s eating my food. Like he hasn’t ate in days.”


“He’s a normal boy.” Pocahontas defends. “and boys eat. How dare you imply that I am not feeding my child.”

“If the shoe fits.” The cook says as she goes back to cooking.


The nerve of that woman. Pocahontas thinks.


At the end of the party, Gerald asks his mom one question.

“Hey, mom. What happened to your clothes?”

Pocahontas stammers.. “Uhh… umm… it’s time to go home handsome.” as she walks out the door.


After the party, Pocahontas walks to the kitchen in deep thought.

In speaking of birthdays, what in the world should I get Erin for hers tomorrow?



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    1. Haha.. especially Anastasia in this case. So you already know there’s more questions where those came from and a lot more Cuteness I promise. 😉 Lol. But yeah they were having a conversation then out of no where he started to take a selfie. Lol.

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