Chapter 28

Chapter 28

In the last chapter, Cindy aged up to an adult and Andy is completely in love with his baby girl. We left off where Pocahontas is getting ready for her kids birthday.

Today is Anastasia’s and Cornell’s birthday!

But before Pocahontas can get started on the preparations, she has to take care of little Anastasia.


“Hello, my beautiful baby. You know what today is right?” Pocahontas asks rhetorically.


“Today’s your birthday and Cornell’s birthday.” Pocahontas tells.


“I really loved having my beautiful baby.” Pocahontas kisses her. “I love you so much.”


You are so precious. Sometimes I wish you could stay like this forever.

“I will be back, Anastasia, with your father and brothers later. I have to prepare for later.” Pocahontas tells.


Cornell has been drawing since he woke up.


Gerald takes a fresh dip into the pool.

pizap.com14395206336431 pizap.com14395207267211

After taking care of little Anastasia, it was time to make Cornell’s birthday cake.

My sweet boy is actually growing up.


It felt like he was just a baby yesterday.


It is always exciting to watch them grow.


And I have a couple more years until he’s a young adult.


As Pocahontas finishes up the cake, Cindy is in her new greenhouse gardening her life away.


Surrounded by pleasant plants in such a bodacious greenhouse is fascinating.


“How do you like your new home?” Cindy asks the plants.


“Pocahontas created this just for you and me.” Cindy tells her plants


“It’s the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.” Cindy expresses.


Francesca is playing chess.

Hmm… I don’t know where to put this one. 


Ok. New game. I’ll win this one for sure.


When the cake is finished Pocahontas goes into Cornell’s current room.

Hmm.. This room needs a little more redecorating for a teenage boy.


A new wallpaper definitely.


Let’s get started.


While Pocahontas renovates Cornell’s room, Andy works toward a promotion by browsing the intelligence database.

So this is… ohhhhh


I figured it out.


Aden and Tykayla chat at the dinner table.

“Aden, we need to talk about our wedding.” Tykayla says.


“Yeah, we do need to plan it.” Aden agrees. “Would you like a big or small wedding?”

“I don’t have many friends.” She replies. “I prefer if the wedding was small with just our family here.”

“Ok.” He takes note. “What kind of wedding would you like?”

“Somewhere similar to the scenery where you proposed to me.” She answers. “It was so beautiful surrounded by all those plants.”


“Well since you want a small wedding, then Cindy’s new greenhouse should be suitable for all of us to fit in.” Aden suggests.


“OH MY GOSH! Aden that’s an AWESOME IDEA!” She excites. “Do you think she’ll let us use it?”

pizap.com14395282509961“Well she did help me get you.” He tells. “She shouldn’t be against me keeping you.” He jokes.


Tykayla gives a confused look. “Wait. She helped you get me?”


When Cornell’s new room is completed she looks around at her work.

08-18-15_1-57 AM

08-18-15_2-19 AM

08-18-15_2-27 AM

He’ll definitely love this. 

08-18-15_1-56 AM

She then calls her husband and children into her bedroom. It’s time for Anastasia to age up.

“Me and your father want to thank both of you for being the best brothers your baby sister could ever have.” Pocahontas tells her children.


“She’s about to age up today and when she does we want you to continue to look after her.” Pocahontas continues.


“Can you do that for your little sister and us?” Pocahontas asks.

Cornell and Gerald both look at each other and then at her. “Yes mom.” They both say in unison.


Andy gets up to go talk to his wife.

“Are you ready for this?” Pocahontas asks. “I know how much you are attached to Anastasia.”

“I have no choice but to be ready.” He replies.


Pocahontas goes to hug him.

“Well, you don’t have to worry.” Pocahontas says. “Because we are going to have one more and I think it’s definitely a girl this time.”


“Are you saying you’re pregnant again?” Andy asks. “How can that be possible?”

“Well, that night when we were-” Pocahontas starts.

“OH, that night.” Andy remembers. “I almost forgot about that. Well this is exciting.”

“Yes, but before thinking about this one. Let’s focus on the ones we already have.”  Pocahontas says as she walks over to Anastasia’s bassinet. “Happy Birthday baby girl.”

Anastasia ages up into a child with the Loves Outdoors trait and Social Butterfly Aspiration.


In the mean time, Guy and Erin become inseparable in the bedroom.

“Hey you know what?” She whispers to him.


“I think it’s time.” She continues giving him that look.

When he realizes what she means, he makes his way to his side of the bed. “I’m ready.”


After the age up of Anastasia, It’s Cornell’s turn, that’s why we see Pocahontas hugging him so tight.

“Oh, my sweet boy.” She expresses.


“Mom.” He lets out. “I’m still going to be your boy, I promise I don’t want those ladies.”


“I know, sweet boy.” Pocahontas says. “It’s just seeing you grow up is not something a mom gets used to easily. It takes time.”


“Ok just one more hug.” Pocahontas hugs him.



“and a kiss.” Pocahontas kisses him.

“Mom, no kisses.” Cornell tries to objects.


“Can I blow out my candles now?” Cornell asks. “I want some cake.”

“Yes you can, sweet boy.” Pocahontas answer. “And I have a surprise for you afterwards.”


Cornell goes to his cake and taste the icing.


“MMMMMMM…” He lets out.


Everyone  celebrates in the background as he blows out his candles.


As he transforms from a child to a teen with the Art Lover trait and Master Myxologist Aspiration….



He takes his first selfie.


Pocahontas then tells him to go upstairs with her to show him his room.

He inspects his new room.

08-18-15_3-30 AM

08-18-15_3-30 AM-2

My new room! He thinks.

08-18-15_3-29 AM

“Hey, Mom this is so cool!” Cornell finally blurts out. “It’s bigger and more fitting to my liking.”

08-18-15_3-39 AM

“I just added things, painted things, and added a new bed.” Pocahontas tells.

“And a new computer desk!” Cornell excites.

08-18-15_3-31 AM-3

“Whatever more you did, is awesome.” Cornell goes to kiss and hug his mother.

So now I’m the one who is receiving the kisses. Pocahontas thinks.

08-18-15_3-34 AM

“I’m glad you like it.” she says.

“I more then like it.” Cornell states. “I live for it. You’re the best.”

08-18-15_3-46 AM-2

Pocahontas looks at her sweet boy, now a teenager. No, you’re the best. she thinks.

08-18-15_3-33 AM


Both Anastasia and Cornell aged up today. Here’s a better look at them. Let’s start with Anastasia.



Anastasia now has the Outgoing trait and the Social Butterfly Aspiration. There was a glitch in the game that made poor Anastasia become an alien baby, and come out a hybrid, so I fixed her in CAS to the same color as her father. Now talking features, Pocahontas’s black hair is a very dominant trait amongst all of her children that we have seen so far. I want to say because both her mother and father had black hair as well, that’s why. Anastasia is almost the split image of her brother Gerald. All of their facial features are exactly the same with tiny adjustments. They get them all from Pocahontas. Only thing that doesn’t make Anastasia, Gerald’s exact twin is her skin tone and her jaw shape which I’m now noticing. She has her mother’s rounder jaw then her dad’s jaw. Looking at her eye shape closely, she looks exactly like her mom. I can’t wait to see her when she gets older.

Now let’s move onto Cornell.



Cornell now has the Art Lover and Outgoing traits. His aspiration switched from Artistic Prodigy to Master Myxologist. I never really acknowledged it but now I’m seeing that he is chubby. Not that I’m just now seeing that the fact he’s chubby, it’s the fact that he has been chubby ALL ALONG. lol. Even as I child he was a pudgy kid. I just never took notice. and now as a teen he is still chubby. Well we all knew he was going to look exactly like his father with his grandmother’s eye color. Just never figured he was going to be chubby. I guess I need to pay better attention to them as kids, even their body shapes.



Cornell’s Room: I don’t know who made it or the name. When I switched computers I lost everything in my library in the Gallery. it’s a cool room who ever made it though.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 28

  1. Ooh Cornell’s room is pretty nice 🙂 i never thought about having brick walls inside but it worked out nicely here! And i can’t wait for the wedding! Also, Cornell was definitely not chubby as a kid… Hmm… Wonder what happened there.

    And OMG Anastasia is sooo cute! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me neither but based on perspective it could’ve easily been brick wallpaper if it was a real house. Lol. And actually about Cornell, in the Sims 4 there isn’t a way to make a kid typically chubby like you would see normally, but Cornell was a puggy kid. His stomach was wider then a skinny child. I guess this would contribute to his “chubbyness” as a teen. Because if you compare Gerald’s and Cornell’s child body type, you can tell that Gerald is skinnier then Cornell because Cornell had a rounder belly. So I guess a round belly means the child is chubby. It completely shocked me too.

      And I absolutely LOVE Anastasia! *squeals* she’s so freaking adorable looking like a younger version of her mom. 🙂 the excitement is real.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm, I guess I’ll have to start looking at these kids bellies more closely XD I honestly never even noticed the difference between Cornell and Gerald, but it sure is evident now that Cornell’s a teen…

        And yeah Anastasia!! She is so pretty, I can’t wait to see her personality and what she looks like as she gets older. The excitement is definitely real 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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