Chapter 26

Chapter 26

In the last chapter, Tyakyla aged up to an adult, Erin and Guy got married, and Pocahontas conceived her third baby, Anastasia Bleu.

Their long awaited baby girl was welcomed home first by no one other then, Tykayla.


“Anastasia you are just the most cutest thing.” Tykayla excites.


She stands there staring at the baby. Her cute little face. She thinks. Is this how Aden looks at me when he’s staring?


I still can’t wait for the day I have my own.


Beside Tykayla, Baby Anastasia had her brothers come visit her too, individually.

First, Cornell.

Wow. Mommy actually had a girl. He thinks.


“You are a girl right?” He asks his new baby sister.


He closes his eye and sniffs near the crib. “You don’t stink, so you must be a girl.”


“Wow, Girls come from the same place as us boys.” He confirms. “I thought they came from Mars and catch all those stars they sing about at recess.”


“You sure you came from mommy and not mars?” Cornell asks. “You look like would be a great star catcher.”


“I bet their are prizes for catching the most stars.” He assumes. “How many did you ever win?”


“I bet you won a lot and one of the prizes was to be over here with us.” Cornell concludes …. “Unless, you were actually in mommy’s tummy.”


Lastly, It’s Gerald.

“So you’re my new sister!” Gerald excites.


“You are so tiny.” Gerald observes. “Cornell told me I was this tiny too like you once too.”


“He also said when I was little, I liked it when he tickled me.” Gerald tells. “Would you like me to tickle you?”


“Here comes the tickle monster!” He exclaims.


“Tickle, Tickle, Tickle.” Gerald tickles Baby Anastasia.


After being pregnant for all that time, Pocahontas thought it was about time to clean something in the house, before someone gets sick.



Aden has been grilling lately instead of cooking, (thank goodness!).


He and Tykayla flirt at the dinner table.


In speaking of Tykayla, her and Erin might be getting along now.

“Isn’t Pocahontas’s daughter the cutest? She’s so…” Tykayla starts to talk to Erin.

Oh why is she sitting right here? Erin thinks tuning her out.


Now if I just pick up my burger… Erin continues.


and take a bite with my head slightly turned away from her maybe she’ll go away. Erin plots. Oh crap there’s nothing on my plate.


Sigh, and she’s still here. Erin concludes. Smile, Erin, Smile. Wait did the burger come back?


Well I did say might be getting along, they are tolerating each other at least.

Along with social interactions, Guy has gotten better acquainted with his new family.

He first speaks with Cornell.

“I see you have a baby sister now.” Guy starts the conversation “How do you like that?”

“It’s just like having a brother, except she actually smells good like a girl.” Cornell answers.


“Sounds like you like having her around.” Guy observes.

“Yeah but it’s too bad she can’t catch stars from here.” Cornell tells.


“What do you mean by that?” Guy asks curiously.

“She’s from mars and used to catch stars. Just like the song they sing at recess.” Cornell explains. “She was the best star catcher and her prize was to live with us.”

This… child, Guy thinks.


and then chats with Gerald.

“She’s SO tiny!” Gerald enthuses when asked about his baby sister. “I can’t even believe I was ever that small.”

“Well start believing it Gerald.” Guy says. “We all were that small once in our lives.”


“What?” Gerald flabbergasts. “So it’s not only us?”

“No kiddo.” Guy answers. “We all started like that.”


“Wow.” Gerald expresses since he just got his mind blown. “Well I’m going to go eat now.”


When he walks into the kitchen he sees his mother doing the same thing, getting something to eat.

They both sit and eat simultaneously.


Whoa this is wierd..  Pocahontas thinks.


Tell me about it Pocahontas but you know as they say like mother like son.

Besides work, Andy has been trying to be there for his children, especially Baby Anastasia.

My first baby girl. He thinks to himself. Named after me too. 


“You’re going to be a spoiled little one aren’t you?” Andy talks to the baby. “I can already tell.”


She is so mesmerizing, like her mother. So precious. 


“I love you, Anastasia.” He tells the baby.


She’s so much easier to handle then when I cared for Gerald. He confirms.


And Of course, Pocahontas has gave her daughter attention as well.

“Hey my beautiful girl.” Pocahontas makes the baby smile.


“You’re such a beautiful baby aren’t you Anastasia, aren’t you?” She asks as she tickles her little stomach.


I couldn’t have asked for a more precious baby girl.


Francesca does her usual, writes books and collects royals…

I see now. 


The prepositional phrase should go right here.


Which helps pay most of the bills for the expensive house.

$5,888?! She thinks. The average cost of living huh?


After eating, Pocahontas speaks with Cindy.

“Did you know Erin thought that you were out to kill her?” Cindy inquires.

“She thought what now?” Pocahontas asks.


“She thought you were out to get her.” Cindy repeats. “Something about a fire when only you two were home.”

“But I put out the fire before her or me ever got scorched.” Pocahontas tells. “I wouldn’t hurt a soul even if my life was depended on it.”


“I know, Pocahontas.” Cindy agrees “But the good news is she dropped it before you ever found out about it. Everyone told her to stop being silly. I think she finally caught the message. She’s onto other drama now.”

“If you say so.” Pocahontas drops it. “Other drama like what?”


“Well, I heard that her and Tykayla kind of got into a bit of a argument the other night.” Cindy tells.

Pocahontas laughs. “No way. Her and Tykayla? Yeesh. That’s a battle I don’t want to see happen.”

“Tell me about it.” Cindy laughs along.


“Anyways, someone has a birthday coming up!” Pocahontas excites.

“Yeah, I know.” Cindy acknowledges. “But I don’t want anything, Pocahontas, seriously.”


“Wait, what?” Pocahontas stares blankly. “But I already had something planned for you.”

“My birthday isn’t relevant, Pocahontas.” Cindy states. “Save your energy.”


“Not relevant?” Pocahontas inquires rhetorically. “Are you saying that your not an important member in this family too? Who made you feel like that? Did I make you feel like that? It’s my duty to take care of all of you. What would Cinderella find out if-”

Cindy cuts Pocahontas short. “OK, Pocahontas. I will accept any and every birthday gift. I promise. But promise me nothing too big.”


Later that night, Pocahontas reflects in the mirror.

Great now to find out what to get Cindy for her birthday. I can’t forget about the kids birthdays either. This is going to be an eventful next couple days. 



12 thoughts on “Chapter 26

  1. Yay for the new baby! Cornell sure said some interesting things to it lol, he’s pretty funny 🙂 Gerard is just adorable! And so is Anastasia, I love this family haha. Oh boy, lots of birthdays coming up. I can’t wait to see what these kids look like as teens!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awe. I’m glad you love this family. That makes me happy. But yeah, Cornell, you know how kids are and their big imaginations. Gerald is an absolute sweet heart being the good child he is. I love Anastasia. Really I think it’s because of my preference of super cute girls lol. And yes birthdays are a coming. That’s my favorite part. Lol. I just love to watch the children grow and see what they’ll look like *squeals*. Well I love the princesses interaction with each other too because that’s where all the real drama and creative plot writing comes in but we haven’t even had the heir be born yet. (Or have we? 😉 ). But blame me for the prolonged generation that will be around 45 chapters lol. It is a legacy after all lol. Oh with only 11 sims. I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. Yay!

      Thanks for liking and commenting! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Awe! That’s so awesome! Welcome aboard! I’m glad you are enjoying it so far (because there will be plenty more, trust me). This makes me happy! and thank you so much for commenting. I love to see a new face once in awhile. I surely have to start reading your stuff. I have no doubt I’ll enjoy it. Thanks for commenting and the likes! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you. Though I only did overviews because I didn’t do generations 1 and 2.. but maybe I should do one for all my generations up until the last one. Thank you for sharing that. It helps me make things probably easier for everyone. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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