Chapter 25

Chapter 25

In the last chapter, Tykayla tried to reconcile with Erin after the sense of her fiance’s downplay, Pocahontas created a new room for Gerald, and Guy felt rather cautious around his new family.

While everyone, but Aden, Tykayla, and Pocahontas, is out for either school or work we find Aden here in the kitchen preparing for Tykayla’s birthday, even though his past luck with the stove has been rather.. err.. terrible.


I know I have it this time. It is for my wife to be after all. He thinks with confidence. She’ll love it.


Then the mixing got out of control. Mixing it uncontrollably doesn’t mean it will turn out to be a bad cake. He tells himself.


Perfect. He thinks as he walks the cake to the counter. I knew I could do it.


He may have made a successful cake and leveled up his Cooking skill to 3 but he forgot about one thing…


The stove is on fire!




At least, I can clean up my own mistakes now.


Well thankfully the cake and me didn’t burn this time.


Success. Now to wait for Tykayla.


In speaking of Tykayla, she’s outside with Pocahontas.

Grr… Tykayla thinks.

Another fire. Pocahontas thinks. Aden must’ve set one off again.


“Gahh..” Tykayla and Pocahontas both groan simultaneously.

“That noise!” Tykayla exclaims.

“My back!” Pocahontas expresses.


“What’s wrong?” Pocahontas asks.

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out.” Tykayla explains. “First I’m on the computer and then next thing you know I hear the alarm so I ran outside.”

“Oh that.” Pocahonta concludes. “That’s just Aden creating another fire again.”

“Again?” Tykayla inquires.


“Yes. Happens everytime he cooks something in the oven.” Pocahontas explains.

“Why would he be cooking at a time like this?” Tykayla asks.

“Isn’t it your birthday?” Pocahontas inquires.

Oh crap! Tykayla thinks. Dang it, Aden.


She walks quickly to the house to confront Aden.

“Aden you know you didn’t have to bake me a cake.” Tykayla tells. “Especially after I heard about your tendency to catch things on fire.”


“I know this looks bad” Aden tries to explain. “but trust me I had to do this for you, even if I had to risk catching on fire again.”

“You got caught on fire?” Tykayla astonishes. “Aden, you have got to be kidding me?”


“Tykayla, look.” Aden starts to say. “I love you. You’re my Fiance. As your soon to be husband, it’s up to me to make sure you are kept happy. Even if I have to risk my life. Do you understand that?”

Tykayla blushes speechless. “Yes.” She says in almost a whisper.


“Good now please blow out your candles.” Aden states as he kisses her hand.

I’m one lucky girl. She thinks.


Tykayla finally put aside her concern about Aden baking her a cake. But honestly what could she really do now? The cake has already been made and the fire extinguished.

“Awe, a hamburger cake!” She excites. “I love it!”


“Let’s blow this sucker out!” She continues.


*Pocahontas and Aden sing her Happy Birthday in the background.



Tykayla transitions from a young adult to an adult.


Amazing. She thinks.


“So did I do a good job on the cake?” Aden asks.

“I couldn’t ask for a better cake.” Tykayla answers.

They are so adorable. Pocahontas thinks. I’m so happy for Aden. 


When everyone comes home from either work or school…

Erin and Guy chat over eating cake. She feels happy after recently getting promoted to Watercolor Dabbler, but she can tell something is wrong with Guy.

He’s such a breathe of fresh air after the other days fiasco with Tykayla. Erin thinks. Something seems wrong with him though.

“Is there any wrong, Guy?” She asks concernly. “You have been rather more quiet around here then usual.”

“Well..” He starts. “It’s more of a conversation to have in private.”


“I understand.” Erin states. “Can I at least get a smile?”

“Of course, love.” Guy answers with a failed attempt.


Pocahontas helps her children with their homework… or attempting.

“And then mom, she put my painting on the wall.” Gerald tells. “Everyone liked my painting.”


“I knew you could do it.” Pocahontas praises.


“I know.” Gerald says confidently. “I want to paint another one for her to put up.”

“Mom,” Cornell interrupts. “We are supposed to be doing homework.”

“I’m sorry my sweet boy.” Pocahontas states. “Mommy got distracted. What’s the next question?”

I guess Cornell is trying to keep up his B average.


Cindy is upstairs playing Sims Forever.


Francesca goes straight to the computer to finish her latest book.


Andy levels up his Myxologist skill to 2.

Let’s try this drink.


Stir it. 


Shake it. Andy thinks


After Andy leveled up and Pocahontas helped the kids with their homework, they meet up in the kitchen.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Pocahontas asks.

“I’m just wondering how the mother of my 3rd child could be so beautiful.” He answers.

She blushes.


“How is daddy’s baby, anyway?” Andy asks the belly.

“The baby has been kicking all day, actually.” Pocahontas explains. “I think this one really wants out of me.”


“Well you are the mother.” Aden thinks. “Wanting to get out of what it seems to be a closed space. Can we possibly name the baby after me? I always wanted that.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with that.” Pocahontas answers. “What do you have in mind?”

“Anastasia for a girl, and Andrew for a boy.” Andy says.

“I love the name Anastasia!” She exclaims. “I really hope it’s a girl this time. I’ve been patiently waiting for a girl since I had Cornell. Of course I wouldn’t change Gerald for the world.”


“I know, Pocahontas.” Andy tells. “But you know, creating babies isn’t the only reason we can have some fun.”

“Oh I see where your getting at.” Pocahontas acknowledges. “Well the boys’ homework is done, I guess we can spare a few intimate moments together.”


“Let’s Go!” She exclaims.

“I’m ready!” Andy expresses.


The love that they make….


seems like a very intense and exciting adventure.


Meanwhile, Gerald talks to Hunch France about school, reaching a Social skill level of 2.

“Yup, the ball hit him right in his face at recess.” Gerald says.

“Oh it did?” He asks.


“Yes!” Gerald exclaims. “That’s because he threw it at her first. I told him not to do it.”

“You’re right.” Hunch says. “He shouldn’t have.”


Cornell is chatting with Francesca in the kitchen.

“Hey, Aunty Francesca, guess what?” Cornell says.

“What is it, Corn?” Francesca asks


“Mommy’s stomach is this big again!” Cornell answers. “She looks bigger then last time.”

“Why yes, Cornell.” Francesca agrees. “Her stomach is rather huge.”


“But don’t tell that to your mother.” Francesca warns. “It could hurt her feelings.”

“Really, Aunty Francesca?” Cornell inquires. “I don’t want to hurt mommy’s feelings.”

“Then listen to what I say.” Francesca tells. “Now, are you ready to be a big brother again?”

“You bet!” Cornell excites. “It’s fun having a brother!”


“And what if you have a sister this time?” Francesca asks.

“Wait, mommy can have a girl too?” Cornell chuckles. “I thought she could only have boys because me and Gerald are boys.”


Erin and Guy finally get the chance to talk.

“The nerve of Aden’s fiance.” Erin says.

“What happened with her?” Guy asks.


“She totally blew up on me the other night.” Erin explains. “She thinks there’s something wrong with my manners as she calls it.”

“What made her think that?” Guy inquires.


“We were just talking and I asked a simple question about Aden and her and she completely went out of control.” Erin continues to explain. “I was just expressing my belief, then she came at me like a wild animal.”

Oh boy. Guy thinks. “What exactly was the question you asked her?”


“It was so simple, I don’t even remember it.” Erin answers. “It doesn’t matter anyway. Then afterwards she wants to come back to me and apologize, thinking we are going to be some sort of friends. Just because she’s my brother’s fiance doesn’t mean I have to accept her as my sister when they get married. She thinks I’m so clueless but I just know she’s up to something.”

Here she goes with her crazy theories again? Guy thinks. “Love, don’t you think she may genuinely be sorry?”


“There’s no way.” Erin tells quickly. “I know her type. She’s probably after the money, that’s why she moved in here wanting to marry my brother. She’s too pretty.”

I doubt she’s after his mon-. Guy thinks but is interrupted by Erin.


“Enough about me, I came to talk about you. You haven’t looked happy since you moved in with me. What’s wrong?” She asks concernedly.

“It’s just.. you’re family is such a joy but I don’t know if I can fit.” Guy answers.

“Of course you can. If not we will make you fit.” Erin says reassuringly.

“I don’t think you understand, Erin.” Guy states. “I’m an old man, with nothing to offer. Not money or physical ability. How can they accept me or look at me the same as everyone else? You are so beautiful. You can do much better then an old man like me.”


“Is that what you’re worried about?” Erin asks. “That you’re too old with nothing to offer to my family? Look my family can take care of themselves and look at Aden’s fiance, she has nothing to offer but her good looks and she’s getting along with everyone swimmingly. And you’re my fiance,-” she cuts herself off “You know what? Stand up.”


“What is it?” Guy inquires curiously.

“Marry me, right now.” Erin blunts.

“Now?” Guy asks. “Don’t you want a beautiful ceremony?”

“Nope.” Erin says matter of factly. “I mean it right now.”


Guy hesitantly nods his head. “Ok.”

They start to exchange their vows.

Erin starts.

“Guy you may think this is a crazy idea to elope without anyone around, but marriage doesn’t have to be a public thing. It can be private. You are uneasy about my family, but I love you no matter what they might think. You help me cope with my craziness and calm me. When I see you everyday I just can’t help but smile and no one can ever change that. I love you, Guy.”


Guy finishes.

“Erin, you are such a beautiful woman that I love very much. I am still uneasy about your family but with you by my side, It feels like all that doesn’t matter, anymore. You are the artist that creates and paints my whole world. Your madness is who you are and you’re bluntness makes you even more beautiful. I love everything about you. I often think how an old man like me can keep such a loving person like you. I plan to cherish you everyday for the rest of my life. Thank you for loving me, Erin.”


With the exchange of the ring…



and a kiss to seal the deal.


Erin and Guy are offically married.

“Now no one can do anything but to accept you. You are my husband now.” Erin giggles with glee.


After Pocahontas’s pleasures with Andy, she goes downstairs to eat, but is interrupted when she feels the baby ready to come.

Oh no. She thinks breathing heavily. I think it’s time. 


When they reach the hospital, Andy starts his pre-parental panic.


Pocahontas gets dressed and ready to deliver the baby.

If he would not panic every time. She thinks.


He wouldn’t make me worry so much. Regardless, I hope it’s a girl.


Andy arrives later then expected.

So this is where the room is. Andy thinks


How can he be so calm? Andy thinks.

“This your first child?” the male nurse asks.

“No.” Andy answers.


“Then why are you in such a panic?” the male nurse inquires.

Andy can do nothing but continue to panic.


With Pocahontas’s hope instated, she got exactly what what she wanted.

*”Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bleu. You have a healthy baby girl.”


My first baby girl. Pocahontas thinks as she holds her baby for the first time.


“Have you both chosen a name for her?” the Doctor asks.

“Anastasia.” Pocahontas answers.

“Hello, my Anastasia.” Pocahontas talks to her new baby girl. “Welcome to our family.”



It’s noted that when Pocahontas conceived she had an Alien baby, which isn’t supposed to be possible based on the fact that she and Andy are both human. Though when it aged up it turned into a hybrid. There’s a bug in the game that’s making this happen depending on the color skin of one of the parents. Since one of the parents has blue skin, I’m guessing the game detected it and made it’s offspring an alien. This happened after the July 09 patch had updated the game. When she ages up I will change her skin to regular blue skin like her father, like it’s supposed to be.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 25

  1. ANOTHER FIRE?!?! I don’t believe this family lol… They’ve had so many :O And yay for Erin and Guy! I hope they’re happy with each other.

    Also, I love the name Anastasia! So pretty! I can’t wait to see what she’s like when she’s older. (Btw, I also loved Andy freaking out and the nurse being like… why? it’s not your first child) Awesome chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad you liked it so much! 🙂 At least no one died in these fires right? lol. And I also love the name Anastasia (I want to name my child that some day for sure. lol.) I can’t wait until she grows to be a teen. Like yeah I can’t wait for the guys but the girls is like, will she be beautiful looking like her mom or just mediocre and look like her dad I don’t know I’m excited as well. lol.
      Thanks for commenting and liking! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, she was so huge I thought there might be more than one baby. Aww little alien babies lol so cute.
    Was Anastasia a princess in the movie? Is the movie even from Disney? She’s not one of the alternative ones though, is she? Will she be the next heir or is that just a name you chose?

    Erin might be a bit odd but she’s so sweet marrying Guy privately to show him she really loves him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah they are cute but NOT supposed to be in this generation … lol. but Yes Anastasia is a princess (Now that’s my favorite princess of all time.) I couldn’t include her in the “favorite Disney princess” question because … she isn’t a Disney princess (but for a while when I was little I thought she was lol) She was made by FOX. and no she’s not the heir. As you know I’m sticking with Disney Princesses, so when you see a Disney Princess name involved then you know we actually getting somewhere and moving forward 😉 Gahh.. I’m ready for the next generation and if you check Pocahontas’s requirements you may see that we will get the heir soon. (If you want to know what’s taking so long then I’ll tell you; I don’t want to change any of her children’s features again like I did with Cinderella’s daughter.” But as for Erin yes, she’s .. well herself. She can be sweet and then rather… blunt. She doesn’t take people’s feelings into account and speaks without thinking about it but… there will be a change… that’s all I’m going to tell you. 😉

      Thanks for commenting and continuing reading! 🙂

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  3. Anastasia, I love that story, such mystery and romance. But she won’t be heir since she’s not a Disney princess, that makes sense. Cornell was so funny, asking if his mom could have girls! I’m glad you explained about the alien glitch, I wouldn’t have known what happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not only the story that I love about Anastasia, but her personality and character! I love her sarcastic remarks and her smart comments. She doesn’t submit and is head strong. I completely idolize her. I’m actually glad she’s not a Disney Princess because then she probably wouldn’t be who she is and a damsel in distress. But in the end she actually saves herself with help of course but still. I love her. And the music is beyond amazing. (Yeah I rambled a bit but it’s my favorite princess movie of all time lol.) I’m glad you enjoyed Cornell’s hilarity. There’s more of that to come. You know how kids are though. Their ignorance makes them completely funny and adorable. And yeah the alien glitch, totally wrecked my mood that day. Lol. I was so mad (trying to mess up my legacy story lol). It’s fixed now though for sure.
      Thanks so much for commenting and liking! 🙂

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