Chapter 24

Chapter 24

In the last chapter, Aden and Tykayla got engaged, Pocahontas is pregnant with their 3rd child, and baby Gerald aged up to a child.

The fiances finally moved in to the already capacity maxed household.

Guy has become cautious and nervous about things he should or should not say to his new household that will soon become his family.

Should I ask him how his day was at school? Guy asks himself.


Maybe it’s just better to just stay quiet. Guy thinks as he goes back to eating. He is doing homework after all.


He spends most of his time at work as an Intelligence Researcher in the Secret Agent department and Boxing.




Until he becomes very exhausted.

I lost my youth. I can’t even box for an hour. 


How can they even accept me?


Tykayla isn’t having the best luck with the family either, or at least just with Erin.

What started was a friendly conversation.

“How are you, Erin the Artist?” Tykayla asks.

“I am good, Tykayla, Aden’s fiance.” Erin replies. “How are you?”


Before Tykayla could answer the question, Erin blurts out, “Ok, so how in the world did Aden manage to score such a hot babe? You know he’s extremely awkward and doesn’t have much of a figure or looks. I have been wondering this since you came in the door.”


This is when the conversation turned sour.

Tykayla just gives her a blank stare.

“What?” Erin asks. “Is there something on my face?”


“No, but there has to be something wrong with your manners.” Tykayla states. “How could you say that about your own brother and my fiance? Do you have no shame?”

“I honestly don’t understand what you mean.” Erin admits. “I was only asking a valid question to get an answer.”

“You are absolutely clueless.” Tykayla tells. “Just don’t talk about Aden like that.”


“What the heck is your problem?” Erin asks. “I was only telling the truth. If you can’t handle that, then we shouldn’t be talking at all.”

“I like the sound of that.” Tykayla replies ending the conversation.


Well that didn’t go well. At least Erin reached level 3 in the Charisma skill… right?

Besides the hostile conversation with Erin, Tykayla spends her days at work as an Assistant Dishwasher in the Culinary Department and playing video games on the computer.


Erin paints as usual.

That looks pretty good.

05-26-15_8-30 PM

Hmm… What can I add here. 

05-26-15_8-32 PM


05-26-15_8-30 PM-2

When Cindy comes home from work she either gardens…


or reads a book.


Francesca continues to write her books.

Oh that’s an excellent joke for this chapter.


My readers would get a kick out of it. She thinks enjoying herself.


Andy finds ways to keep himself focused.

06-12-15_7-33 PM

Aden goes around digging for crystals.

07-08-15_9-46 PM-2

After Gerald aged up, Pocahontas thought it was about time to renovate the part of her room not being used.

This is where the door should go. Close to the stairs and me.


This space should be big enough for him. The desk could go here and the be- 


Her thought process was short lived for her sickness started to kick in again.


Not now baby, mommy has stuff to do. She rubs her stomach.


Well lets get started. 


Gerald and Cornell have been getting along smoothly.

They do homework together…


and chat.

“I heard mommy’s belly is big again.” Cornell tells his younger brother.

“What do you mean again?” Gerald asks.


“Mommy’s belly gets big when a baby is inside her.” Cornell explains. “You were in her belly too.”

“I was?” Gerald asks shocked. “Were you?”


“I think so.” Cornell says thinking if he was or not.

“Well how did she get us out?” Gerald inquires.


“I don’t know.” Cornell answers. “I asked her but she said she’ll tell me later,but I forgot about it.”

“Maybe they cut her open?” Gerald tells him his thoughts. “or the baby punches his way out?”

“I don’t think so.” Cornell states. “Daddy wouldn’t allow that.”

“I hope not.” Gerald whispers to himself. I never meant to hurt my mommy.


“Let me tell you about the man with the big belly and his ego.” Cornell suggests.

“Wait.” Gerald stops him. “What’s an ego?”


Individually, Cornell picks up creativity skills and levels up to 2.


Gerald watches TV all the way upstairs in a girls room since he doesn’t have one yet.

The TV show has utterly made him highly upset.

No way he did that to Captain Sim Man. 


Then it made him happy.

Yeah kick his butt Captain Sim Man!


*In speaking of Gerald’s room, Pocahontas is about finished with it.




Nice if I do say so myself. 


Tykayla ends up venting to Aden about his sister while he works on a piece of furniture.

She comes around with a mad look on her face.

“What’s wrong, Tykayla bear?” Aden asks.

“I don’t think me and your sister are going to get along very well.” Tykayla states.


“What do you mean?” Aden inquires.

“She was very rude when talking about you.” Tykayla explains. “She implied you were too awkward and not as good looking to get with someone like me when she asked how you did it. That really irked my nerves. You’re her brother for crying out loud and I’m your fiance. She was foolish to think I would take that lightly.”


“Typical Erin.” Aden says. “That’s just how she is.”

“Really?” Tykayla asks.

“Yes.” Aden states. “She doesn’t mean any harm. She just blurts out whatever is on her mind, even if it’s not the right thing at the time. She’s very blunt.”


“You know, you and her a very similar.” Aden continues. “You both don’t hold your tongue. You should get to know her better. I guarantee you guys will hit it off.”

“Hmmm…” Tykayla thinks. “Maybe I was a little harsh. I just don’t like people talking about the man I love.”

“And that’s what I love about you.” Aden states. “You are never afraid to stand up for what you believe in.”


“Awe. You just want me to get along with your sister.” Tykayla tells.

“Yes.” Aden admits. “But it’s only because I love you both. Try to get to know her ok? And try to not let what she says affect you.”

“Ok, sweetlug.” Tykayla agrees.

“Besides, someone has a birthday coming up.” Aden says. “There’s no need to be getting angry.”

“Awe, you remembered.” Tykayla awes.

“Of course I did.” Aden assures as he starts on another piece of furniture. “I always remember.”


Meanwhile, Andy and Francesca chat.

“I haven’t seen Elijah around here for a while.” Andy notices. “Where has he been?”

“Well, I have been way to busy with writing books and work to make time with him.” Francesca explains. “I did see him the other day to clear things up and to check on him.”

“Don’t you think that might push him away?” Andy thinks.

“Oh not at all.” Francesca states. “He’s still completely into me.”

My biggest fears. Not having enough time for my family. Andy thinks. Even if she doesn’t have a family of her own, she seems to be carrying on fine without him. 


Gerald sleeps peacefully in his new bed.

07-20-15_3-38 PM

Tykayla eats and thinks about the conversation she had with Aden.

Aden’s right. I just don’t know her right now.

07-16-15_6-05 PM

I was totally overreacting. And now I have to fix things.

07-16-15_6-05 PM-2

Yes. I will make amends with Erin. Hopefully she’ll be rather… forgiving.

07-16-15_6-05 PM-3

Later that night, Tykayla decides to apologize.

“Hey Erin the Artist.” Tykayla says. “Are you busy?”

“Oh it’s you.” Erin replies. “Tykayla, Aden’s fiance. Come back to scold at me some more?”


“Rather to apologize.” Tykayla starts. “I’m sorry for the way I came at you. We just got off on the wrong foot and I barely know you so I took what you said to heart. I’m adjusting to living in this new environment with such an accepting family that I really want to be apart of. Hearing you say such ugly things about Aden, shocked me and I lost control. But thinking back you didn’t mean any of those things, did you?”

“I’m a realist, Tykayla.” Erin answers. “I love my brother, but I’m not afraid to point out his flaws or anyone’s for that matters.”

How does Aden tolerate this? Tykayla thinks. Do it for your fiance.

“Does that mean you’ll forgive me?” Tykayla asks.

“I suppose.” Erin answers.


“I’m glad.” Tykayla says. That’s a relief. Done and over with.

I see right through you, Tykayla. Erin thinks. I don’t know what your game is but I’m going to figure it out.


*I found Gerald’s room in the build mode section of the rooms already made. Not the Gallery.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 24

  1. Well, Erin was certainly very blunt this chapter. I don’t think it’s a good thing if she talks about her brother that way… And interesting ending, I wonder what she’s going to say/do to Tykayla next.

    Also, I still can’t wait to see the newest baby!

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  2. True, the conversation between Erin and Tykayla were hilarious, the way they referred to each other. I like Gerald’s new room so much– didn’t realize it was one of the rooms that came with the game, very nice. I felt so badly for Guy, unsure of himself and frustrated with his physical limitations. You do such a great job in this legacy of catching the reader up and making sure it is easy to tell what’s going on and who the characters are. I really enjoy reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like his room. When i saw it i was like I got to have it. Lol. Though I stretched it out the long way so it would cover that whole area of Pocahontas’s room. And it’s hard seeing Guy down on himself. (Or anyone down on themselves for that matter). But thank you so much! That means a lot. I’m glad you enjoy reading it, seriously. Because it might be getting kind of redundant since all we are getting is birthdays and pregnancies but that’s the price you pay when you want pocahontas to have 4 children lol. I just love seeing how the genetics work.
      Thanks so much for liking and commenting! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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