Chapter 23

Chapter 23

In the last chapter, Cornell meets his new baby brother and is relieved that his mom and dad is still there for him, Erin resolved to stop thinking that her family was out to get her, and it ended with the family receiving a call to go to her fiance’s birthday party. How is the party going?

Aden and Tykayla become inseparable during the party.

She gives him googly eyes as he is eating.

07-09-15_12-28 AM

Ok. I have to tell her. He thinks.

07-09-15_12-29 AM

“Ok, I have a surprise for you.” Aden says, randomly.

07-09-15_12-29 AM-2

“A surprise for me, really?” Tykayla excites. “You shouldn’t have, sweetlug.”

07-09-15_12-32 AM

“Of course I should have.” Aden disagrees. “But I have to give it to you when we get back to my house.”

“You saying I have to wait for it?” Tykayla asks impatiently. “But why?”

07-09-15_12-33 AM

“Because we are at a birthday party and the spot light should be on him.” Aden explains. “It’s worth the wait, trust me.”

“That does make sense.” Tykayla agrees. “Ok sweetlug. I’ll wait. Can I at least get a hint, though?”

07-09-15_12-34 AM

They aren’t the only ones who are inseparable. Erin and Guy can’t keep their hands off each other.

“Happy Birthday, Guy.” Erin congratulate sweetly.

07-09-15_12-26 AM

“Thank you, love.” Guy thanks, caressing her face.

07-09-15_12-30 AM

“You are so beautiful.” He compliments.

07-09-15_12-30 AM-2

Erin leans in for their first kiss ever.

07-09-15_12-41 AM

Guy backs up. “Nah uh.” He says. “You are trying to start something when I have a house full of guests.”

07-09-15_12-41 AM-2

“Well. I did hear one of the bedrooms weren’t occupied.” Erin tells.

07-09-15_12-26 AM-2

“I thought since it was your birthday, I could give you a surprise.” She says seductively. “Plus if you moved in with me we would never have to worry about occupied rooms. We are engaged, yeah know?”

07-09-15_12-26 AM-3

“I guess the guests won’t miss me too much.” He giggles flirtatiously. “Why didn’t you ever ask for me to move in with you before? I would love to never leave your side.”

07-09-15_12-42 AM

“I have no idea, but I did just now. Now let’s go have some fun!” Erin excites, back to her blunt self.

07-09-15_12-42 AM-2

When they arrive to the nicely decorated room, they didn’t waste any time to admire it.

07-09-15_12-46 AM

Pocahontas spends the majority of the party with Cornell and Andy.

“Do you still think, mommy and daddy won’t be able to do things with you, sweet boy?” Pocahontas asks Cornell.


“Your father doesn’t take time out of his busy schedule to come to parties for nothing.” Andy joins the conversation.


“I wasn’t worried about not having you.” Cornell claims. “I just wanted my toys and bed.”

Sure you did. Pocahontas thinks. “Well mommy and daddy are still here for you, sweet boy.”


Cindy enjoys the party the whole time watching TV.

The Start of the Party…


The End of the Party… She never changes her spot.


After the love making with Erin, Guy finally ages up to an Elder.


After the party ended, Aden asks Tykayla to meet him outside in the community garden beside the house.

He immediately gets on one knee and fondles with his pocket.

Where is it? He thinks.


“Here it is.” Aden says.


“Tykayla, please marry me.” Aden asks.


“Of course I’ll marry my sweetlug!” She excites.


“We’re getting married!!” She shouts with ecstasy.


She leaps into his lap.

She’s kind of heavy. He thinks. I should start working out.


“This is amazing!” She continues to excite.


“I’m glad I can make you happy.” He expresses.

She blushes.


“Aden, I love you.” She tells.

“I love you too, Tykayla.” He says. So much.


“I should get off of you now. I’m sorry I got carried away.” She admits.


“No worries.” He says as he leans in for them to have their first kiss.


“You are so beautiful when you do the most spontaneous things.” Aden tells. “Say you’ll move in with me soon?”

“I will.” Tykayla answers.


When the family returns home, they find Francesca on the computer writing new books and maxing out her writing skill.

Oh yeah that’s an effective plot idea.


Wait, what does she do next?


Oh yeah. She hesitantly cuts the red knot that ties him and her together, allowing it to float through their memories forever. She thinks as she types.


Cornell tells Drago about his day and the party.

“Me, mommy and daddy went to a party together.” He tells the stuffed animal. “Gerald was at a day care. I had mommy and daddy all day.”


Pocahontas and Andy go upstairs for a serious chat.

“I want to have another baby, now.” Pocahontas tells her husband.

“Right now?” Andy asks. “Can’t we wait until Gerald ages up?”


“Yes, now.” Pocahontas answers. “It’s more convenient if I have the babies now and then enjoy the rest of my youth and watch my children grow.”


“Doesn’t that makes sense?” Pocahontas asks.

“The only part that doesn’t make sense is us not waiting until Gerald ages up.” Andy answers.


“Let him adjust to his life and parents before throwing another baby into the mix. You know how Cornell was.” Andy continues. “One baby is enough to handle.”

“That may be true.” Pocahontas agrees. “But Gerald has Cornell to look after him. I have faith that Cornell will guide him in the right directiom, so he won’t feel how he did. Besides, by the time I actually have the baby Gerald will already be a child. He has more then enough time to enjoy his parents before the next baby comes.”


“You aren’t going to let this go are you?” Andy asks.


“You know I’m not.” Pocahontas says. “So can we have another baby?”

“If that’s what you wish, my Pocahontas.” Andy gives in.


They waste no time creating their new baby.

07-09-15_2-06 AM

Things got very intense… according to the smoke.

07-09-15_2-08 AM

Time for the pregnancy test…


and time to take care of Gerald.

“You must be very hungry, Gerald.” Andy talks to him.


“There you go.” Andy burps the baby.


“Did you hear the good news?” Andy tells him. “You might have a little brother or sister. Sounds great doesn’t it.”


“I know I may have acted like I didn’t want another baby.” Andy continues to talk to him. “But with work, It’s hard to find time to be there for you guys. I don’t like to miss out on anything. Maybe I’m just selfish.”

Talking to Gerald becomes very therapeutic for him.


Pocahontas finds Andy downstairs to tell him the news.

“We did it!” Pocahontas excites.


“We’re pregnant again.” Pocahontas continues.


She gets cut short because of morning sickness.

Morning sickness already. She thinks.


Ew. That taste nasty.




my stomach too?


Regardless. It’s worth it being pregnant.


I hope it’s a girl next.


Pocahontas and Andy stay up talking all night until they eventually fall asleep.

“I think Aden and Tykayla are going to tie the knot soon.” Pocahontas tells Andy.

“What makes you think that?” Andy asks.

“You can tell by the way they look at each other.” Pocahontas tells. “They are madly in love.”


“Young love.” Andy states. “Do you remember when we got to tie the knot?”

“How can I forget?” Pocahontas states. “I did marry you against Cinderella’s wishes.”

“And I felt so awful for taking you away from your family.” Andy reminisces. “I felt like everything was my fault.”

“But it wasn’t.” Pocahontas tells. “It never was. My heart was always with you since the first time we met. I love you Andy.”

“I love you too, Pocahontas.” Andy replies.


The next day it’s finally time for Gerald to age up to a child.

“Are you ready to see your baby brother age up?” Pocahontas asks Cornell.

“Yeah.” Cornell excites.


“I know you guys will be the best of friends.” Pocahontas tells. “You can even tell the joke about the guy with the big belly because of his ego.”

“I almost forgot about that one, mommy.” Cornell laughs.


“You have been a great big brother, so far.” Pocahontas praises. “Mommy just wants to thank you for that.”

“Am I a good big brother?” Cornell asks.

“Of course you are.” Pocahontas goes down to hug him. “The best.”

Aww.. my sweet boy is getting older on me.



Moments later….


“Mommy, you can let go now.” Cornell tells her.


“I’m sorry, sweet boy.” Pocahontas apologizes. “You are just growing up so fast.”


“How about a kiss on that cute face of yours?” Pocahontas suggests.

“Mom, I said you can keep the kisses.” Cornell protests.


“I know but think of it as an award.” Pocahontas tells. “I think daddy is finally home.”

“Are you ready, Pocahontas?” He asks as he goes to embrace her.


“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She replies.


Gerald finally ages up to a child.

He is Good with the aspiration of Artistic Prodigy just like his brother.


Happy Birthday, Gerald Bleu!

*Special Appendix

Here’s a closer look at Gerald Bleu:

07-12-15_6-31 PM-2 07-09-15_3-44 AM

He looks more like his mother for sure with her similar eye shape, eye color, and hair color. However, he’s some what a darker shade then her and his lip shape are mix between hers and Andy’s. Her lips being more full and Andy’s lips being more heart shaped on the top lip. Other then that he’s a very adorable kid.


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    1. Yeah. I just noticed that now too. lol. Romance. and yeah. I love how Gerald grew up too.. he’s so cute. He’s going to be a Handsome fellow when he grows up. 😉 But yeah I can’t wait to see how he’ll prosper too. or any of Pocahontas other children for that matter.

      Thanks for liking and commenting! 🙂

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