Chapter 22

Chapter 22

In the last Chapter, Aden aged up and finally got to date Tykayla and Pocahontas conceived her child and held, Gerald, for the first time.

This morning Pocahontas thought she would start where she left off last night, grilling.

I hope Cornell will like his new baby brother. 

07-08-15_10-11 PM

I’m sure he will. These hot dogs are looking good too.

07-08-15_10-11 PM-2

Pocahontas has nothing to worry about because when baby Gerald starts to cry Cornell is the first one there to try and calm him down and play with him.

“Awe. What’s wrong, Gerald?” Cornell coos at him. “I’m your new big brother. So I have to take care of you.”


“Awe. You want to play with me.” he says. “Is that it?”


“Peek -a- Boo.” Cornell yells playfully.


“Tickle, Tickle, Tickle.” Cornell tickles baby Gerald.


Aden and Tykayla passes by each other. “Good Morning, Sweetlug.” She greets. She’s even beautiful in the morning. 

Looks like someone spent the night.


Andy and Francesca sit outside for a nice chat.

“She told me that she thinks Pocahontas is out to kill her.” Andy tells referring to Erin.

“I know.” Francesca says. “She told me the same thing.”

“What makes her think that?” He asks, giggling.

“I honestly don’t know.” Francesca answers. “She is being completely ridiculous.”

07-08-15_9-54 PM

“They say the best artists are the ones that are a little crazy.” Andy says.

“There is no denying that.” Francesca agrees.

07-08-15_9-54 PM-2

As Andy reaches a charisma skill level of 4, you can spot Cindy in the back enjoying her garden.


Erin is walking and thinking. I have to learn to let this go. No one is out to get you,…. that’s what they are saying.


After Pocahontas reaches a cooking skill level of 4, she serves the hot dogs.

07-08-15_10-17 PM

“Cindy, I’ve made a promise to stop thinking that my family is out to get me.” Erin declares. “I think that is best.” Cindy replies.


“Who cooked these hot dogs, anyway?” Erin asks. “Pocahontas.” Cindy answers. What? Erin thinks. I bet she put something in my hot dog.


Oh no. Erin thinks. There I go again.


While Erin catches up on the gossip about Cindy’s boss’s affair, Andy and Pocahontas chat with their child, Cornell.

“Have you seen your new baby brother upstairs?” Andy asks Cornell.


“Yeah, Dad.” Cornell answers. “I played with him to make him laugh after he started crying.”

“That’s great, son.” Andy praises.

“Yeah, Mom says I have a duty to protect my little brother.” Cornell says. “It’s the biggest job I’ve ever had.”


“That’s right.” Pocahontas confirms. “But you know you’re still our little sweet boy.”


“I know, mommy I know.” Cornell says, a little embarrassed.


“And you’re my beautiful woman.” Andy says to Pocahontas as he blows her a kiss.


“Eww mommy and daddy.” Cornell groans. “I’m out of here.”

Mommy and daddy didn’t forget about me. Cornell thinks as he smiles.


Despite Cornell’s meeting with his brother, Baby Gerald has received a lot of attention lately.

Cindy held him for the first time when he came home and was placed in a different room.

Welcome home, Gerald.

07-07-15_3-45 AM

Tykayla, also, had a chance to take a look at him.

Why is this baby just so cute? She thinks.


“You are so handsome.” She tells him.


I can’t wait until I have a baby as little and as cute as this.


Pocahontas of course takes care of her lovely child.

I remember when I was so scared of being a mother when I had Cornell. She thinks. I always doubted if I could be a good mother or not.


But now I see just how foolish I have been. I love being a mother. She concludes giving her baby a kiss.


“How do you like your new older brother?” she asks.


Baby Gerald answers in “goos” and “gaas” as he smiles at her.

Aww, My handsome boy. What a wonderful smile I live for. 


“You wanna play?” Pocahontas asks excitedly.

Pocahontas enjoys her new baby boy. She’s completely in love with him.


After Andy received his promotion to Field Agent, he was able to be in Baby Gerald’s life more. Matter of fact, Andy took care of him most of the time, with some hiccups.

“What’s wrong, Gerald?” He asks as he goes to pick him up.


“Do you need a kiss?” Andy asks.


“No.” Andy answers. “Maybe, you want to be bounced?”


Not that either? He thinks. “Why are you crying?”


Then, he realizes the smell. “Oh. You need to be changed. Don’t you?”


“There you go.” He says. “A fresh new diaper.”


I know I was barely there for Cornell as a baby. He thinks as he feeds baby Gerald. But I will have more time for you. I promise, I will be a better father. Just bare with me. 


Tykayla converses with Aden about his cousin.

“You know you’re cousin, Gerald, is an absolute sweetie pie.” Tykayla compliments.


“He doesn’t cry when strangers hold him or anything.” Tykayla explains.


“I want to take him all for myself.” Tykayla expresses. “or at least have one of my own.”


“Is this your way of tell me you want to have my babies?” Aden giggles.


Tykayla turns red. “That actually never crossed my mind at all.” Tykayla claims. “But I guess having yours won’t be so bad.”


On the way for Pocahontas to use the restroom, she spots Cornell in the doorway.

“I wouldn’t go in there, mommy.” He warns.


“Does it stink, Cornell?” Pocahontas asks. “Well that’s ok, I really have to pee.”

“No mom.” Cornell states. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


Pocahontas stands shocked, and yells.

I told her. Cornell thinks outside the bathroom.


“I’m so sorry, Cindy.” Pocahontas continues to yell.


“Why are you yelling?” Cindy asks. “And it’s cool just get out. Why didn’t you listen to Cornell? I heard him tell you not to come in.”


“I assumed the bathroom just stunk.” Pocahontas explains. “Not that you would be in it.”


Later that day, Erin receives a phone call from her fiance, Guy Cheslar. He invited her and the whole family over for his birthday party.


Everyone excepts Francesca, joins the party because she has work and baby Gerald is off to day care.

07-09-15_12-12 AM

Let the Party Begin!

07-09-15_12-15 AM


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  1. It’s good that Cornell and his baby brother get along, so sweet to see Cornell playing with him! I’m loving baby Gerald so far. Can’t wait to see what he’s like when he’s older (hopefully he is as nice as Cornell)

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