Chapter 21

Chapter 21

In the last chapter, Aden starts a fire that Andy extinguishes, Erin thinks someone is targeting her, and Pocahontas assures Cornell that she and Andy will always be there for him still even after the baby is born. We left off where Pocahontas was on the phone with someone. But who?

Well today is Aden’s birthday. Before school and work…

Aden and Cindy spend some time together by playing chess.

“I guess the advice I gave you seemed to work.” Cindy states.

“What you talking about, Cindy?” Aden asks.


“How you got the girl.” Cindy explains. “Give me my props.”

“You’re right.” Andy remembers. “You got your props.”

Cindy increases her logic to level 2.


Francesca and Erin eat burgers together.

“Do you believe me yet, Francesca?” Erin asks.

“Believe what?” Francesca inquires.

“That they’re out to get me.” Erin answers.

“No, Erin.” Francesca says.

“You’ll see.” Erin states. “We’ll all see.”


Andy tries to convince Cornell to wash.

“Son, you know you stink right?” Andy notices. “I hope you aren’t going to school like that.”

“I don’t have enough time to take a bath before school.” Cornell explains. “I’ll do it after.”


“But what would the ladies at school think about that.” Andy says. “You’ll chase them off.”


“Those ladies got cooties.” Cornell states.


“I don’t need them, I got mom.” Cornell tells. “What would she do if I was with another lady?”

“…but” Andy sits speechless. He has lost this battle.


When everyone leaves, Pocahontas awakens for her first meal.




My back aches.


When she starts to get bored at the house by herself, she goes down to the lake where she gets stopped by, Shelley Tompkins.

“Can I use an ounce of your time?” Shelley asks. “I just don’t know what to do.”

“Yeah, sure.” Pocahontas responds. This is random.

07-07-15_12-09 AM

“Well, see the thing is…” Shelley starts. “It’s embarrassing really.”

“It’s ok. Just tell me what’s going on.” Pocahontas encourages.

07-07-15_12-12 AM-2

“Well, you see…” Shelley starts again. “My husband wants to start having children now…”

07-07-15_12-12 AM-3

“I see.” Pocahontas says. “There’s nothing wrong with being scared or nervous about getting pregnant and actually conceiving.”

07-07-15_12-12 AM-4

“There isn’t?” Shelley asks.

“Of course not.” Pocahontas assures. “There is a lot of pain and sickness that comes with it. Heck, you will be carrying another human being inside of you. That has to be nerve wracking.”

07-07-15_12-13 AM-2

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle that.” Shelley confesses.

07-07-15_12-13 AM-3

“But do not get discouraged.” Pocahontas says. “It is a beautiful thing to be pregnant. You’re creating new life, a new generation. Your genes and wisdom will be past down. Think about how beautiful that is.”

07-07-15_12-13 AM

“You’re right.” Shelley agrees. “That is truly beautiful. Thank you! You gave me the confidence that I need to see this through.”

“You’re welcome.” Pocahontas states. “I know you’ll be a great mother.”

07-07-15_12-09 AM-2

As they said their goodbyes, Pocahontas notices that her guest that she invited over has arrived.

“You’re here!” Pocahontas excites. “And you are just as beautiful as he described.”


“Not as gorgeous as you baby mama.” Tykayla says. “So that’s what a beautiful pregnancy looks like. You’re practically glowing.”


“I promise it’s not all unicorns and rainbows being pregnant.” Pocahontas tells.

“Oh don’t I know.” Tykayla replies. “Not that I’ve ever been pregnant myself, but I have this aunt that I had to help out when she was pregnant with triplets. Can you believe that? She was aching for days. She didn’t glow like you though.”

“I couldn’t even imagine having more then one at once. Let alone having three.” Pocahontas says.

“Well I can tell you that it isn’t easy.” Tykayla states.


“Oh I believe you.” Pocahontas tells. “So you really like Aden, huh?

“He’s an absolute sweetheart.” Tykayla admits. “There can’t be a girl out their who wouldn’t fall for his sweet and sometimes awkward charm. I just can’t believe it took me this long to realize it.”

“Awe. That’s completely adorable.” Pocahontas awes. “You really make his awkwardness into something special.”


“Well that had to be because of you.” Tykayla tells. “He told me after his mother died, you stepped in and became like a mother figure to him.”

“I never knew he saw me like that.” Pocahontas tells. I guess that’s the weight of Cinderella’s burden. To take care of everyone. “Regardless, It’s so nice to finally meet you. I just want to hug you.”

“Bring it in.” Tykayla encourages


“Enjoy the festivities and our home.” Pocahontas tells her.


Time to work on this cake.


It’s sweet he thinks of me as his mother figure. 


Does that mean I’m doing things right, Cinderella?


Finished… Just in time too. They’re home from school.


After Pocahontas increased her cooking skill to level 4, Cornell comes home to take the promised shower…

07-06-15_10-14 PM

and invites his classmate, Shelby Kruse, to his house.


When Shelby arrives, he seems a bit melancholy.

“What’s wrong, Shelby?” Cornell inquires.

“My life is going to be ruined.” Shelby tells.

07-07-15_12-14 AM-2

“What do you mean?” Cornell asks.

“I’m going to have a little brother or sister.” Shelby informs. “They’re going to take everything from me. All my toys and bed. And my mommy and daddy.”

07-07-15_12-25 AM

“I was thinking that too!” Cornell says excited to find else going through the same thing as him. “My mommy’s tummy is big like your mommy’s. But let me tell you what she told me. It helps. Ok?”

“Ok.” Shelby replies.

Cornell spreads his wisdom onto Shelby to ease his mind.

07-07-15_12-21 AM

Shelby feels better after hearing Cornell’s advice.

“So my mommy and daddy will still love me?” Shelby asks.

“Yup. and you get a new friend just for you.” Cornell tells. “It’s Awesome.”

“That is awesome!” Shelby agrees.

Helping Shelby allowed Cornell to max out his Social Skills.

07-07-15_12-15 AM

Meanwhile, Aden comes home to see a surprised visit from Tykayla.

“Look who came to visit.” Pocahontas says.

“Happy Birthday, Sweetlug!” Tykayla shouts.

“Wait. What are you doing here?” Aden asks happily.


“For your birthday, duh!” Tykayla explains. “I came to see my future turn into a man. That doesn’t happen everyday.”


After work, Erin is still on edge about the chaotic events. So much that she had to call her fiance, Guy Cheslar, to confide in.

“Their trying to kill me here.” Erin tells. “At this house. I’m being targeted.”


“Because the same event happened twice. Back to back.” Erin explains.


“Fires.” Erin continues to explain. “Pocahontas started the first one when only I was home. I thought it was only her out to get me, but then Aden started the second one. Everyone else, just so happened to be home, at the time.”


“It’s not a coincidence.” Erin stresses. “I’m not over-exaggerating! They want to take me out!”


“But………………….. I……………………. Fine, I’ll let it go.” Erin concludes.

Why does no one believe me?


While Erin finds the mean to let this go, it’s time to see Aden age up to a young adult.

I hope all your wishes come true, Aden. Pocahontas thinks.



“Thank you so much, for this Pocahontas.” Aden thinks. “This made me so happy.”

“My pleasure, hunny.” Pocahontas replies. “You know you’re like a son to me. It’s so great to see you transition to a man.”


“So how does it feel?” Pocahontas asks. “To finally be a man.”

“It feels great.” Aden enthuses. “Now I can do what I’ve been wanting to do.”

“And what may that be?” Pocahontas inquires.

“I think you already know.” Aden says.

Oh yes I do. Pocahontas thinks.


Everyone celebrates and eats cake while enjoying everyone’s company.

“I love chocolate cake.” Shelby says.

“I love all kinds of cake.” Cornell says.


“It’s really not a story that’s worth being told.” Pocahontas tells Tykayla. “It’s boring really.”

“Hmm….” Tykayla says. “Will your husband tell me?”


“Hey, Andy. How did you manage to get such a beautiful woman?” Tykayla asked. “It must have been really hard.”

“To be honest with you, It was love at first site.” He tells.

Oh hear we go. Pocahontas thinks.

“Yup,  and Pocahontas would sneak out to see him and everything.” Cindy says.


Oh shoot, Cindy. Big mouth. Pocahontas thinks.

“Whoa, Pocahontas.” Tykayla astonishes. “I didn’t think you had such a rebellious side.”

“Did that actually happen?” Aden asks.

“Very much so.” Andy confirms.


After dinner Pocahontas asks Andy to meet her upstairs on the balcony.

That was not as painful as I thought it was going to be. I’m happy Aden enjoyed his birthday.


When they get up there, Andy starts to feel her belly.

“What should we name him or her?” Andy asks.

“Well, I wanted to name after my mother, Girl, this time.” Pocahontas replies.

07-07-15_12-42 AM

What would be a good name? Andy thinks. “Maybe.. Earl for a boy and Pearl for a girl?”

“I don’t like Earl. I got it!” Pocahontas excites. “Gerald. That’s the name for the boy.”

07-07-15_12-44 AM

“I like it. Gerald it is.” Andy agrees.

“Yeah, little Gerald or Pearl.” Pocahontas talks to her belly. “I wanted you up here with me so we can enjoy this view together. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.”

“Everytime I look at you I’m looking at a beautiful view.” Andy tells.

“Awe, Andy.” Pocahontas awes.

They share a kiss as the sun is about to set.

07-07-15_12-45 AM

Aden and Tykayla are the last ones at the dinner table.

“Hey, Tykayla. Can I talk to you about something?” Aden asks.

“Of course, Sweetlug.” Tykayla answers. “You can tell me anything.”

“Well, I want you to-” He cuts himself short when he sees Cindy coming to gather the dishes.

Awe look at them. She thinks.


“Maybe we should go somewhere more private.” Aden suggests. “Let’s go to the patio.”

“Alright.” Tykayla says.


“You know your family is awesome right?” Tykayla asks rhetorically. “I love them. They are so accepting.”

“Yes they are pretty great.” Aden agrees.

07-07-15_2-50 AM-3

“So what did you have to tell me?” Tykayla asks.

“Well, I didn’t want to say it in there because I want to keep some things between us.” Aden explains.

07-07-15_2-50 AM-2

“But what I want to tell you is….” Aden trails off.

“Is what? What Aden?” Tykayla inquires.

07-07-15_2-48 AM

“I’m sorry. I got lost in your eyes again.” Aden apologizes.

Tykayla blushes. “I still need to know what you want to tell me.

07-07-15_2-48 AM-2

“You’re right.” Aden agrees. Let’s try this standing up. “Come here with me.”

“I’m here.” Tykayla says.

Wow. He thinks amazed. She’s even more beautiful standing up.

07-07-15_2-52 AM-3

Stop getting sidetracked. He tells himself.

“Well, you know, I am not longer a teenager. I’m an actual man now. So things between me and you can now progress.” Aden says.

“With progression I mean we can actually make this into something more like what other people would when they have feelings for each other.” Aden continues to ramble.

“This is only if you want to. I understand if I missed my opp-” He’s cut short by Tykayla.

07-07-15_2-52 AM

“Yes!” Tykayla says.

“Yes what?” Aden asks.

“Yes, I’ll go out with you, you big Sweetlug.” Tykayla answers.

“That’s fantastic.” Aden excites.

07-07-15_2-52 AM-2

“I promise you won’t regret it.” Aden tells. “I’ll make you a very happy woman.”

“I don’t doubt that.” Tykayla says.

07-07-15_2-53 AM

Later that night, Pocahontas decided to cook on the grill.

07-07-15_3-06 AM

However she was interrupted by the pain in her belly.

“Gahh..” The baby’s coming! She thinks.

07-07-15_3-08 AM

She goes to the hospital with her husband.

I should be a pro at this. Pocahontas thinks. Well I guess anything that has to do with pain would make anyone scared and nervous.

07-07-15_3-13 AM

She changes and walks to the machine.

Here we go, she thinks.

07-07-15_3-19 AM

07-07-15_3-20 AM

“Just relax, Mrs. Bleu.” The doctor suggests. “It will be over before you know it. This is your second child right? You should be a pro at this.”

That’s what I keep telling myself. Pocahontas thinks.

07-07-15_3-22 AM

Andy’s panic is not making anything better.

07-07-15_3-25 AM

Then the doctor accidentally took out her heart.

“Oops, that’s not supposed to come out.” the doctor says.

07-07-15_3-24 AM

This makes Andy panic more.

07-07-15_3-26 AM

After everything is done, The doctor announces the successful birth:

“Congratulations Mrs and Mr. Bleu. You guys have an adorable baby boy.”

07-07-15_3-32 AM

“You heard that?” He asks the nurse beside him. “That’s my baby boy.

07-07-15_3-33 AM

“Have you guys picked out a name for the little guy?” The doctor asks.

07-07-15_3-34 AM

“Gerald.” Pocahontas finally says. “His name is Gerald.”

07-07-15_3-35 AM

“Hello, my little Gerald.” Pocahontas talks to the baby, happily.

07-07-15_3-37 AM


7 thoughts on “Chapter 21

  1. I laughed at Andy trying to get Cornell to shower before school– at his age I don’t think “the ladies” are much of a motivator. Welcome to little Gerald! Tykayla and Aden are really sweet- her conversation with Pocahontas, and his awkward cute talk with her after he grew up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha… You’re right about the boys at his age. I’m glad you enjoyed Aden and Tykayla. I think as time passes I like them as a couple more and more. He’s completely in love with her (autonomously too I might add). Lol.
      Thanks for Commenting! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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