Chapter 20

Chapter 20

In the last chapter, Pocahontas starts a fire while trying to bake Andy’s birthday cake causing Erin to freak out and Aden finally made a successful move on Tykayla.

Before work and school, Andy and Cornell bond over breakfast.

“You know you’re going to have a little brother or sister soon, Cornell.” Andy tells him.


“How do you feel about being a big brother?” Andy asks.

“I think that would be awesome!” Cornell excites.


When Pocahontas wakes up to an empty house, she invites her friend India over.

07-06-15_11-39 PM

Oh no. The pain is about to start again.

07-06-15_9-32 PM

“Gahh..” Pocahontas moans.

07-06-15_9-34 PM-2

“Being pregnant seems so painful.” India notices.

“It has it’s moments.” Pocahontas responds.

07-06-15_9-35 PM

“But it’s honestly not that bad.” Pocahontas assures. “You just have to let it past.”

“I’ll let you tell it.” India says.

07-06-15_9-36 PM

“But what do I know?” India asks rhetorically. “I’ve never been pregnant before.”

“Well I can gladly share some incite.” Pocahontas suggests.

07-06-15_9-36 PM-2

“No that’s ok.” India says. “How do you think Cornell is going to take all of this?”

“Well based on the conversation he had with his father, he is taking the news pretty well.” Pocahontas explains. “He can’t wait to be a big brother.”

07-06-15_9-36 PM-3

“Besides, another human for that child to talk to will bring him the utmost joy.” Pocahontas says.

“You did say he was outgoing.” India says, laughing.

07-06-15_9-37 PM-2

“I did say that.” Pocahontas remembers. “But I think it will be good for him to have a sibling, someone to have a close bond with.”

“Or create mayhem.” India says. “What if you had another boy? Your house will not be saved by the likes of them.”

“Probably not.” Pocahontas agrees.

They both laugh.

07-06-15_9-51 PM

When the kids arrive from school, Pocahontas talks with Aden.

“Guess what, Pocahontas?” Aden asks rhetorically. “My grades are now a B.”

“That’s fantastic.” Pocahontas congratulates. “I knew you could do it.”

“I’m not finished.” Aden continues. “I met someone and I finally got their attention.”


“I heard you had the hots for someone.” Pocahontas says. “I was waiting for you to tell me. So come on tell me about her. What is she like? Where did you meet her?”

“Well…” Aden begins telling his tale.


Meanwhile, Francesca calls to take a day off from work after receiving a promotion to Short Story Writer in the Author branch.

I really should spend sometime with Elijah to make sure he’s ok.

07-06-15_10-19 PM

Erin starts to paint.

hmm… what should I paint now?

07-06-15_10-34 PM

Maybe something more abstract.

07-06-15_10-43 PM

That’s nice. 

07-06-15_10-54 PM

Cindy received a promotion as well but to Manager Assistant and increased her gardening skill to level 8.


After Pocahontas and Aden talk, he goes back to doing his homework to keep up his grades.

I’m glad he’s found someone to make him happy. Pocahontas thinks. That gives me an idea for his birthday. Maybe I shou- 


Her thought was cut short by the pain in her belly.

“Oooooooo!” She groans.


“Pocahontas, are you ok?” Aden asks.

“As good as ever, hun.” Pocahontas explains.


On Francesca’s day off, it has been discovered that there was no more food made for the family.

Aden decided to step up and cook for everyone.

They cared for me all this time..


I should repay their kindness, I am almost an adult.


Stepping up was a good idea, however when you barely know how to cook disaster strikes. He starts a fire!

This kid. Andy thinks.

“How did I do that!” Aden exclaims.



“Now I’m on fire!” Aden shouts. “AHHHHHHHH”

Looks like I’m going to have to step in. Andy thinks. “Just try to stay calm!”


What is going on in there? Pocahontas thinks as she hears all the ruckus from outside.

07-06-15_11-17 PM-2

“How can you tell me to calm down when I’m on FIRE!” Aden goes crazy.

“Because I’m here to extinguish it.” Andy says.


The women of the family come in the kitchen freaking out.


“Stay back, Ladies!” Andy urges.


Aden’s fire is finally extinguished… from his body. He runs to find a safer place.


When did he make it outside. Aden thinks when he made it safely outside.

There was no way I was going near that kitchen. Cornell thinks.

07-06-15_11-23 PM

The fire on the stove still persists.


“Aden is now safe.” Andy says. “I advise you ladies to leave the rest of this fire to me. Go please.”


With that, one by one they leave.

First, Erin. Now Aden’s trying to kill me too. They’re all trying to kill me.


Next, Francesca. The outside is the safest place to be right now.


Lastly, Pocahontas. I really hope Aden is ok. 


Cindy stayed behind, happily knowing the fire has been extinguished.

Andy’s confidence has been boosted since he saved Aden and the house.


Aden looks agitated.

How did this happen?

07-06-15_11-27 PM

I only wanted to help.

07-06-15_11-27 PM-2

I knew they were trying to kill me. This proves it. Erin thinks.

07-06-15_11-29 PM

 Pocahontas lets out a deep breath. Thank goodness no one was hu-. 

07-06-15_11-30 PM

She was cut short by the serge of pain in her stomach.

Not again.

07-06-15_11-32 PM

That really hurt that time.

07-06-15_11-32 PM-2

“Listen up to what I’m about to tell you, Francesca.” Erin says. “It’s important.”
“I’m listening.” Francesca assures.

07-06-15_11-32 PM-3

“I am being targeted. They want to kill me.” Erin says.

“Are you serious?” Francesca asks. “Who would try to do such a thing?”

“They keep planning all this stuff back to back to take me down, but I will never go down.” Erin explains.

“That is so crazy. You’re safety is very important.” Francesca insists. “We need to tell the others.”

07-06-15_11-32 PM-4

“That’s the thing, those are the ones that are trying to kill me.” Erin urges.

“Wait, who?” Francesca asks, seriously.

“Pocahontas and Aden.” Erin tells. “I know they planned both of them fires for me. You guys just got caught in the cross fire.”

“Erin, you are being ridiculous.” Francesca says.

“No, they are out to get me.” Erin urges. “They are.”

07-06-15_11-32 PM-5

Andy starts cooking on the grill after the fiasco. Since Aden can’t cook, looks like I’ll have to.

07-06-15_11-30 PM-2

Later, Francesca invites Elijah over.


“I have something to talk to you about, that’s why I called you.” Francesca says

07-06-15_11-49 PM

“Why do you sound so serious?” Elijah asks. “Do you want to break up with me?”

“Oh no, nothing like that.” Francesca answers. “Sorry about the formality.”

07-06-15_11-49 PM-2

“It’s ok. Just tell me what’s on your mind.” Elijah says.

“Well, I just wanted to apologize for not being around much.” Francesca explains. “We’ve barely communicated since I’ve been working 24/7, trying to make a name for myself.”

07-06-15_11-49 PM-3

“I just don’t want you to think I forgot about us, because-.” Francesca gets cut off by Elijah.

“I’m going to stop you there.” Elijah says. “Francesca I love you, and I will wait for you. However long that takes.”

“Really?” Francesca asks.

07-06-15_11-50 PM

“Yes.” Elijah answers. “Francesca, I know you. I know what I signed up for when I got with you. You’re a workaholic but you’re the perfect girl for me.”

“Awe, Elijah.” Francesca expresses.

07-06-15_11-50 PM-2

Things for Francesca seem to be going well, though for Cornell not so well.

Cornell comes home from a bad day at school.

Things won’t be different…. right? He thinks.

07-06-15_11-57 PM

When Pocahontas catches a whiff of this she sits Cornell down to talk with him.

“Cornell, is anything wrong?” Pocahontas asks.

“No..” Cornell says. “Just some stuff kids were saying at school.”

“Stuff like what?” Pocahontas inquires. “You can tell me anything. You know that right, Cornell?”

“Yeah, fine.” Cornell says giving in. “They were saying that when the new baby comes, that things will be different. Like I have to share all my toys and my room, maybe even my bed.”


“Lillian said when she got her new sister, her parents gave all her toys to her.” Cornell continues. “They said that she was a big girl now and that she doesn’t need them anymore and her sister takes all her food.”


“…..she said I won’t have much of a mommy and daddy anymore either.” Cornell finally says melancholily. “That the baby takes you guys away. She doesn’t see them or talk to them anymore. The baby is all you guys will think about. There won’t be any room for me.”

So that’s what you’re really worried about. Pocahontas thinks.


“Listen, very carefully, Cornell.” Pocahontas starts. “Mommy and Daddy love you very much. No one can take our love away from you. When your sibling is born, there will be times when we have to take care of him or her, but we will still be there for you just as much as we are now, understand?”

“I understand.” Cornell says.


“You will still receive all of our kisses and hugs all over your body.” Pocahontas tells.

“Awe, mom.” Cornell says. “Eww, no.”

“You know you love mommy’s kisses.” Pocahontas continues.

“Noooo, mommy.” Cornell disagrees shyly.


Pocahontas giggles.

“Ok. Instead of kisses and hugs, you share some of your toys and keep your room and food all to yourself. When the baby comes.” Pocahontas propositions. “How do you like that?”

“Yeah I like that.” Cornell agrees.


“And you’ll get someone new to talk to, and play with.” Pocahontas continues. “Since you’re the oldest, you’ll have to be the one to protect them and guide them. Can you do that?”

“I think I can, mommy.” Cornell confirms.

“See having a sibling won’t be that bad, will it?” Pocahontas asks.

“No it won’t at all.” Cornell excites. “I can’t wait.”


“One more thing.”Cornell says. “How do they get that baby from out of you?”

“Ummm…. We’ll save this conversation for another time.” Pocahontas says hesitantly.


Aden bathes the dirtiness away after the hectic fire incident.

Things will be different when I’m an adult tomorrow.


I know they will. I’ll be happier.


Pocahontas is found outside now making a phone call.

“So you’ll come tomorrow?” Pocahontas says into the phone. “Fantastic. He’ll be thrilled. Thank you. See you then.”

07-07-15_12-22 AM


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  1. Oooh, I can’t wait to see what Pocahontas’ next baby looks like! And I wonder what her ides for Aden’s birthday was… Hmm… Hopefully not ANOTHER fire! Seriously, they’ve had so many :O It was funny how Erin thought they were targeting her though… *sigh*

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