Chapter 19

Chapter 19

In the last chapter, Pocahontas celebrates Francesca’s birthday and Aden has been rejected by Tykayla again. It ends with Pocahontas getting ready for Andy’s birthday.

Erin wakes up with a distressed look on her face.

I really don’t feel like going to work this morning. She thinks lazily.


Despite her recent promotion to Hungry Artist, she decides to take a vacation day while everyone else leaves for either work or school.

05-29-15_1-34 AM

Afterwards, she goes downstairs to admire the artwork in the dining area for inspiration.


Pocahontas also happens to be in the kitchen, working on Andy’s birthday cake.

I know I can do it this time. She thinks confidently.


You pour the solution…


and then you mix it.


Although talking it out may have been one of the best things, it didn’t prevent a disaster from happening.

The stove is catching on fire!




Oh My Gosh! 


Did I do that?


Erin comes around shocked.

“Why is there a fire?!” Erin yells.

I got this. Pocahontas thinks. “Erin stand back!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Erin admits


I can handle this fire.” Pocahontas tells confidently.

“You got it, Pocahontas!” Erin says.


Better yet… Erin thinks.


I’m getting the heck out of here!


It doesn’t matter who did it, as long as it gets taking care of. Pocahontas thinks. “Hey Erin, did you see me?”


Gotta get far from the house. Gotta get far from the house.

06-15-15_11-42 PM

“Whew!” Erin lets out. My heart is beating so fast.

06-15-15_11-42 PM-2

She really tried to kill me.

06-15-15_11-42 PM-3

With Pocahontas now even more confident, she tries to bake the cake again.

I may have thought I had it right last time…


But I really have it right this time.


Erin finally makes it back into the house to paint a large portrait.

Make sure it’s proportional.

06-15-15_11-48 PM

Add more color there.

06-15-15_11-51 PM


I think she found her inspiration … fire.

06-15-15_11-54 PM

It’s finally done. After all the chaos. Just in time too.


This will be a funny story to tell, Cornell.


When the family arrives home, Pocahontas calls Andy into the kitchen.

“Pocahontas you didn’t have to do this.” Andy says as he sees the cake.

“I know but you deserve it after all your hard work. Blow out the candles!” Pocahontas encourages.


“Thank you, Pocahontas.” Andy thanks.

“Don’t thank me yet.” Pocahontas says.


“There’s more to come tonight.” She whispers.

This makes Andy even more happy.


Aden tries to invite Tykayla over to hangout again.


It seems like he is successful in his endeavor.

She finally said yes. He thinks with a smile.


Though Cindy seems to give everyone else the best advice to help them, she can’t seem to give herself any to help herself. She continues to mourn her mother after work.

06-16-15_12-32 AM-2

Cornell makes friends with Drago and reaches a social skill level of 8.


Aden gives himself a pep talk before he confronts Tykayla again.

This may be your last chance. He tells himself. You have to do it right.

“Hey, How’s it hanging?” That’s too lame.

What about, “Very warm weather we are having, aren’t we?”

Why would I even talk about the weather?

Calm down, Aden. He takes a deep breath.

06-16-15_12-57 AM

After hyping himself up a little more he thinks with confidence. I can do this.

06-16-15_12-57 AM-2

In preparation to write her next book, Francesca reads.

06-15-15_11-20 PM

Erin and Andy eat the cake for dinner together.

“You know, your wife tried to kill me today right?” Erin says bluntly.

Andy laughs. “You are overreacting. Pocahontas wouldn’t try to hurt a fly.”


Aden greets Tykayla with a hello.

She seems happy enough to see me. He thinks. Even if it’s not to see me. She is in a better mood.

06-16-15_12-14 AM

“You know you look very beautiful today, Tykayla.” Aden compliments.

“Oh, Why thank you, Aden. You are too sweet.” Tykayla says.

06-16-15_12-16 AM

“So, How are you today?” Aden asks.

While Tykayla rambles on about her day, Aden isn’t paying attention to what she’s saying at all.

Gosh, she’s so beautiful. He thinks.

06-16-15_12-21 AM

I just want her to be mine. 

06-16-15_12-17 AM-2

“Could you believe that?” Tykayla says astonished.

“What?” Aden asks.

“You weren’t listening at all were you?” Tykayla asks.

“To be honest with you no.” Aden says. “Your beauty was drowning me and taking me away from this planet.”

She blushes.

06-16-15_12-30 AM

“Look I know I maybe too young for you right now, since you are a young adult, but when I get of age please tell me you’ll give me a chance.” He says.

“Ok.” Tykayla says.

06-16-15_12-29 AM

She said ok! He thinks. I should give her something.

“Please take this flower as a momentum.” He says “I promise I will make you very happy one day.”

“I have no doubts about that.” She responds.

06-16-15_12-34 AM

Pocahontas sits patiently waiting on her husband.

He’s been working so hard.

06-16-15_12-41 AM

He deserves to have some fun. She thinks.

06-16-15_12-42 AM

When he first sees her he immediately falls in love.

“First, I get promoted to Agent Handler and now I’m being loved by my beautiful wife. I’m a lucky man.” He says.

06-16-15_12-44 AM-2

“I just thought I could get a little sexy for you.” Pocahontas explains. “My present to you is working on baby number 2, like we want.”

06-16-15_12-44 AM

“You ready?” She asks.

“More then I have ever been.” He replies.

06-16-15_12-45 AM

More love to be made.

06-16-15_12-47 AM-2

Now It’s time for pregnancy test.

06-16-15_1-11 AM

Test in progress…


I’m going to be a mommy again! She thinks.


Now to share the news with Andy.


“We did it!” Pocahontas says excitingly.

06-16-15_1-13 AM-2

“We’re going to have another baby.” She says rubbing her tummy.

06-16-15_1-13 AM-3

“That’s amazing, sweet.” Andy says happily.

“I know!” Pocahontas replies.

06-16-15_1-15 AM-3

Another baby. Andy thinks satisfied.

“I wonder if it’s going to be a girl this time.” Pocahontas says.

06-16-15_1-16 AM

“Well if we do have a boy, we’ll have to change the bedroom on the top floor into something more fitting for him.” Andy says.

“You’re right. Or we can just add another room. And what about baby names?” Pocahontas asks.

06-16-15_1-16 AM-2

“We can figure all of this out tomorrow. We need some rest.” Andy says. “I’m just happy to have found someone to enjoy all these precious moments with. I love you, Pocahontas.”

“I love you too, Andy.” Pocahontas replies.

06-16-15_1-17 AM


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