Chapter 18

Chapter 18

In the last chapter, the family went to a party and Aden found a woman he likes. He concluded he isn’t going to give up on the idea of him and Tykayla being together.

Pocahontas wakes up in a good mood.


Today’s Francesca’s birthday and Andy’s birthday is also coming up. I have to get things straightened around here.


While everyone is either at work or school, Pocahontas does the chores around the house as usual.

She upgrades the shower.


Clean the sink.


Upgrades the kitchen sink and reaches the handiness skill of level 5.


and mops the floors.


Now that that’s out the way it’s time to think of birthday presents.


Pocahontas browses the internet for ideas.


Hmmm… that looks interesting.


I guess I should start making a cake. But I feel sort of uneasy about it. 


I have to at least try. It’s her birthday after all.


Here we go… pour the oil.


Gahh.. It’s getting everywhere. 


Sigh, I really hope Francesca likes it.


Look at this room. She deserves at least a better bed and desk chair without the stuffed animal. 


With work and writing books she probably doesn’t even notice it.


Sigh, that’s better.

06-15-15_10-12 PM-3

Just a few changes without completely invading her space. I even got her the same exact bed comforter. I hope she likes it.

06-15-15_10-12 PM-2

When Aden comes home from school he tries to contact Tykayla to invite her to his house again.

06-15-15_10-39 PM

Unfortunately, she’s too busy for him right now…

Sigh.. Just give it time like Cindy said

06-15-15_10-40 PM

Guess I have to try again tomorrow. I can’t give up.

06-15-15_10-40 PM-2

Though it seems like Aden has been rejected, Cornell has better luck inviting people over.

06-15-15_10-04 PM

He invites Gregory Barr over to hangout. They become friends and Cornell reaches a social skill of level 6.

“Then she says she said she couldn’t go out with him because his ego was as big as his stomach.” Cornell retells the joke.

06-15-15_10-17 PM-2

“Now that’s funny.” Gregory says.

“Yeah because he has a really big belly.” Cornell says.

06-15-15_10-17 PM

Cindy goes fishing after work.

Is that what I think it is?

06-12-15_5-39 PM

It is! Very rare.

06-12-15_5-40 PM

Andy makes a donation to a charity.


Erin grooves to the music playing on the stereo.


Now it’s time for Pocahontas to give her gifts to Francesca.

“Is this cake for me?” Francesca asks. “This looks so delightful.”

“Well, it is your birthday.” Pocahontas says. “Go ahead and blow it out.”

Francesca is now a full adult with a promotion to Regular Contributor.


“Thank you so much, Pocahontas.” Francesca thanks.

“Don’t thank me yet.” Pocahontas says. “There’s more I need to show you.”


“I was thinking you needed a bigger bed.” Pocahontas says. “You know, bigger for you and Elijah. and also, the childhood things removed.”


“This is so wonderful.” Francesca says. “I love it. Thank you, Pocahontas.”

“You’re so welcome.” Pocahontas replies. “Happy Birthday, Francesca.”


Next morning…

Time to try again. Francesca’s birthday is over. Now’s it’s Andy’s. Round 2 begin.

06-15-15_9-50 PM


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