Chapter 17

Chapter 17

In the last chapter, Cornell Bleu has finally aged up to a child.

Cornell has become a very talkative and friendly child.

He runs down to the lake to meet new people.


He first meets Kristine Cannon.

“I don’t like candy very much.” She says.

“Whoa. Who doesn’t like candy?” He asks rhetorically.


To his luck, his father received a call for the family to go to Royce Barr’s Birthday Party.

Now Cornell is able to meet more people.


Unfortunately Cindy and Francesca weren’t able to make it because of work.

“You probably don’t like candy either, Erin” Cornell says. “Do you?”

“Of course I do, Cornell.” Erin replies. “Candy sweetens the soul.”

“Cornell meet corny Erin.” Aden giggles.


Inside, Cornell meets the Birthday Sim, Royce Barr.


“Did you know that some people don’t like candy?” Cornell asks.

“I had no idea.” Royce answered. “Is that even possible?”


“That’s what I’m saying.” Cornell agrees. “How could they not like candy?”


The commotion upstairs makes this guy pretty upset… over a broken dollhouse.


Pocahontas has met India Schrader.

“How many more children do you both plan to have?” India asks curiously.

“3 more.” Pocahontas replies.


“3 more?” India gasps. “Isn’t it a handful just dealing with one?”

“Well..” Pocahontas starts to explain. “He’s a good kid, thank goodness. He’s very outgoing and he can talk for hours about the simplest things like candy.”


Meanwhile, Aden enjoys a great laugh with the other guests at the party.

“She said what?” Aden laughs.

“She said his ego was as big as his stomach so they couldn’t date.” Tykayla cracked a joke.


She so funny. Aden thinks. and very pretty. I wonder if she could like me.

Cornell tries to join the conversation too.

“Wait, I don’t get it.” Cornell says. “Aden what’s an ego? And why did it make her not want to go out with him.”

“An ego is a word for someone who thinks they are better then everyone else.” Aden explains. “And girls don’t like that.”


“Hey let’s go get some food, Pocahontas.” India says.


“How are you enjoying the party, sweet?” Andy asks.

“Oh it’s going well. Royce hasn’t aged himself up yet though.” Pocahontas replies.


Aden gets the courage to make a move on Tykayla.

“I think you’re very pretty and-” He gets cut off short.

“Stop.” Tykayla says.


Did I say something wrong? He asks himself.


“I can only be your friend.” Tykayla says.

Darn. I probably shouldn’t have done it in front of people. I got to get her alone. Aden thinks. “Well can you hang out when the party is over?”


Along with Tykayla being invited to the house, Cornell meets and invites Ignacio Bartlett.

“You like cherry lollipops too?” Cornell says. “You have to come over.”


Back at home, Cindy is still mourning her mother after work.


and Francesca repairs the broken shower.


When the party is over, Tykayla and Ignacio accepted the invitation to hang out.

“It’s feels so good to be home.” Andy expresses.

“You act like we were there for a whole week.” Pocahontas says.

“I’m always glad to be home.” Andy explains.


“How did you enjoy the party?” Pocahontas asks.

“He invited us to a party he didn’t age up in.” Andy says. “I could have been doing work for this promotion I need.”

“Don’t look so angry. You’re a good person to take out your time and go to his party.” Pocahontas laughs. “Besides, Cornell and everyone else seem to have enjoyed themselves.”


Now that we’re alone… Let’s try a pick up line. Aden thinks.

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.” Aden says.


“I thought I told you I just wanted to be your friend.” Tykayla responds.


“I just need to go.” She says.

“I’m sorry.” He says quietly.


Things with Tykayla don’t seem to be going well, but Ignacio and Cornell are enjoying each other’s company.


“Let’s play make believe.” Cornell suggests.

“Ok.” Ignacio agrees.


“You do the crime, you do the time.” Cornell says pretending to be a cop.


However, their friendliness turns sour when Ignacio becomes angry and insults Cornell.


Cornell has learned that Ignacio is a hot-head and decided to calm him down.


“Breath, Ignacio.” Cornell says. “Calm down. Everything will be ok.”

Ignacio takes deep breaths.



“Don’t you feel better now?” Cornell asks concernly.

“I feel great!” Ignacio expresses.


“Thank you, Corn.” Ignacio thanks.

“You’re welcome, Ig.” Cornell

Cornell has made a friend in Ignacio and reached a social skill of level 3.


Erin comes across her fiance jogging.

Oh how I missed you. She thinks.


Aden asks Cindy for advice over dinner about his current issue.

“I don’t understand why she keeps brushing me off.” Aden says. “Like why can’t she give me a chance? I even used a pick up line on her.”

“What’s her age?” Cindy asks. “and what is she like? And which pick up line.”


“The one where it says, ‘If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together'” Aden replies. “and Well.. I barely know her. I know she’s a young adult though with a career in the culinary field. She’s funny and so refined. She’s so pretty, and her tattoos make her hot.”

“No wonder you got rejected with a lame line like that.” Cindy says “Erin’s corniness is rubbing off on you. Besides, she sounds like she’s way out of your league and you’re only a teen. You still say things like she’s pretty where women really want to hear that they are beautiful.”


“That’s not helping me get her, Cindy.” Aden says frustratingly. “Please help me. What do I have to do to get her to give me a chance?”

“You can start by actually getting to know her before jumping straight into ‘can you be my girlfriend’ mode.” Cindy advises. “Just give it time. Don’t pressure her into it. If it’s meant to be, she will come around. Trust me, little brother. and also, If you really want her, don’t give up.”


“Ohk. Not to give up. Give it time. Get to know her. Got it!” Aden speaks it out as if they were steps to cook a meal.

“Don’t be so tense. If you be yourself, that’s how you will know when she likes you for you.” Cindy says. “One more thing, don’t call her pretty, say she’s beautiful.”


Thank you, Cindy. He thinks. I will not give up.



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