Chapter 16

Chapter 16

In the last chapter, Erin and Guy got engaged and Pocahontas conceived their first child, Cornell Bleu.

Am I really cut out to be a mother? Pocahontas thinks on his first day home.


I really hope I am a good mother to you, Cornell.


He’s so cute and precious. Such a small creature.


“Goodnight, my baby.” Pocahontas wishes.


Her perspective changes the next morning when Cornell’s crying wakes her up…



“Gahh!” Pocahontas expresses.


That noise!


It’s so loud!


How is he still sleep?


Looks like I have to take care of him.

“Awe. You just wanted some attention.” Pocahontas coos at Cornell.


There, There my sweet boy. 


Aden is happy that he finally got his grades up to satisfactory.

A “C”. I did it. He thinks.


In the mist of him telling Cinderella the news, he breaks out in tears.


“I know my grades aren’t enough to bring you back.” He sobs. “I just miss you so much.”


Francesca gets embarrassed when she walks in on Cindy going to the bathroom.

“Francesca, NO!” Cindy shouts.


“Yikes.” Francesca exclaims.


Later they laugh about it and make a joke of it.

“I really thought you weren’t in there.” Francesca explains.


“Even so, you should’ve seen the look your face, Francesca.” Cindy says. “It was priceless.”


“Not as comical as yours, Cindy.” Francesca laughs. “Francesca, NO!” she mimics.


Cindy tends to her garden as usual, evolving the Grape Vine.


Andy has gotten much closer to the family now.


“I am almost finished with my latest book.” Francesca tells. “I already know it will be a bestseller.”


“You definitely are confident in that.” Andy says.


“Besides that, Andy I have to show you my new invention.” Aden says. “Here.”


“Is that a-” Andy starts.

“Yup.” Aden says.

“For the-” Andy asks.

“Yes.” Aden replies.


“This is incredible” Andy exclaims. “How in the world did you make it?”

“Well first I started off with the…” Aden explains.


What are they talking about? Francesca thinks. I do not speak Genius.


Erin has picked up the comedic skill and reached level 2.


She attempted to play with the baby…. however Cornell didn’t like her too much.


Instead, Cornell took a liking to his cousin, Aden.


Maybe because Aden actually fed him, while Erin was just trying to play with him.


Pocahontas spends her days alone with the baby and the house when everyone is either working or at school.

She eats and watches TV by herself.


She gathers all the dishes…


and washes them.


Upgrades the shower and increases her skill in handiness to level 4.


Despite the empty house, Pocahontas is not completely alone. She has Cornell to keep her company and her busy.

He cries wildly and she tries to calm him.


“It’s ok, baby, It’s ok.” Pocahontas attempts to soothe.


“Mommy is here, Cornell.”


“There you go my sweet boy.”


“I love you so much, Cornell.” Pocahontas tells him. “I know you are going to grow up soon, but you will always be my sweet boy.”


When Andy comes home, Pocahontas goes to greet him.

“I’ve missed you so much, Andy.” Pocahontas tells him.

“I missed you too, Pocahontas.” Andy replies.


Pocahontas gives him a kiss.


“How was work today?” Pocahontas asks.

“Don’t even ask about work.” Andy says. “It’s taking longer than I expected to get another promotion. Even with all the extra work I’ve been doing. I feel like I’m missing out on you and Cornell.”


“Well, Cornell is wailing right about now. You could give me a break and go satisfy his needs.” Pocahontas suggests. “That would help me.”

“If you needed my help, why didn’t you ask me?” Andy asks.

06-12-15_4-10c2a0pm (1).jpg

“I know you really want this promotion.” Pocahontas explains. “Aden helps when he can. Oh it doesn’t even matter now. Go to your son. I’m going to enjoy this free time.”


Andy goes to take care of his son.

“Come here baby boy.” He says.

06-12-15_4-26 PM-2

06-12-15_4-16 PM

I finally get time with my son. Andy thinks.

06-12-15_5-04 PM

He’s so delicate. He looks just like me.

06-12-15_5-03 PM

“I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much. But I’m here now.”

06-12-15_5-03 PM-2

“You understand, right?” Andy asks. “You will make a fine man one day.”

06-12-15_4-18 PM-2

“I love you, Cornell.”

06-12-15_4-18 PM

Since the computer is free Francesca gets to finish writing her book and reach a writing skill level of 9.

06-12-15_3-37 PM

This will be the best one yet.

06-12-15_3-37 PM-2

I can feel it. 

06-12-15_3-45 PM

Yes! Complete. I have to publish this now. 

06-12-15_3-45 PM-2

Francesca publishes the book that brings in the most money in royals.

06-12-15_5-15 PM

Now to pay these bills. She stresses.

06-12-15_5-14 PM

After work, Cindy still feels the urge to mourn Cinderella.

06-12-15_4-01 PM

It just isn’t the same without you, Mom.

06-12-15_4-01 PM-2

How can I get past your death?

06-12-15_4-01 PM-3

Aden upgrades the sink and reaches a handiness skill level of 5.

06-12-15_5-09 PM

Erin paints masterpieces and reaches the painting skill level of 8.

06-12-15_4-40 PM-2

I got my juice back! She expresses excitedly.

06-12-15_4-41 PM

Look at me now, Mom.

06-12-15_4-40 PM

Pocahontas is enjoying her break down by the lake, she decided to go fishing.

06-12-15_4-19 PM

I almost got it.

06-12-15_4-20 PM

Here it comes.

06-12-15_4-19 PM-2

It’s so peaceful out here.

06-12-15_4-26 PM

She stops when she gets a sudden phone call from her husband.

“It’s time for what?” Pocahontas says. “Right now?”

06-12-15_4-32 PM

“I’ll be right there.”

06-12-15_4-34 PM

It’s time for the age up of Cornell Bleu.

“They just grow up so fast.” Andy says.

“I know.” Pocahontas agrees. “It feels like just yesterday I first held him in the hospital.”

06-12-15_7-11 PM

They are happy parents.

06-12-15_7-10 PM

Cornell’s transition from baby to child.

06-12-15_7-12 PM

He is Outgoing with the Artistic Prodigy Aspiration.

Happy Birthday, Cornell Bleu!

06-12-15_7-13 PM

*Special Appendix

Cornell Bleu has definitely transitioned from a baby to a child. Here is a closer look at him:


When discussing the child’s physical features and genetics, he definitely looks more like his father with his mother’s hair color. However, he has neither his mother’s or father’s eye color. He has his grandmother’s eye color, which is Pocahontas’s biological mom, Girl. I think this is fascinating how even though I changed Pocahontas’s features in CAS to make Girl’s original daughter look like Pocahontas, Cornell still took back and got his grandmother’s eye color. I’m in love with the genetics.


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