Chapter 14

Chapter 14

In the last chapter, the day was merry when Pocahontas found out she was pregnant. However, it turned melancholy as Cinderella died that night. How is the family coping with the death of Cinderella?

Over the past couple days, the trees and plants resemble the feelings of the family — deep sorrow.


Cindy wakes up with it on her mind while she uses the restroom.


I guess I should tend to my garden today.


Even tending the garden, won’t put her mind at ease.


Cinderella I still can’t believe you’re really gone. 


She tries to find comfort in her family…

It just feels so empty in here. Cindy thinks.


but that doesn’t help get rid of most of the pain. So she cries in Francesca’s bed…


and visits Cinderella’s grave.

Why did you have to go mom? 


Erin tries to deal with everything by drinking a potion to change her emotions.


Unfortunately, the potion has no effect.

Therefore, she fills her canvases with her emotions, instead.



She even tries to depict the image of Cinderella. This is a way for her to keep her around figuratively if not literally.


Mom’s beauty will always be remembered. Erin thinks.


However, life comes crashing down when the canvas remains bleak.*

Mom I just couldn’t do it. She cries. I couldn’t express your beauty on such an unsuitable surface. 


I’m sorry. She sobs.


Despite Francesca’s promotion to Advice Columnist, she comes home to mourn Cinderella.


She conveys her sadness by writing 2 sad books: The Orphan SongNo Exit Ramp.

Oh.. Cinderella. She sobs.


I have to get back to this book. She thinks after calming down.


Next paragraph then..


Aden is taking Cinderella’s death especially hard.

He wakes up…


just to go to Erin’s bed and cry…



He is deeply filled with regret.

If only I was a better son…


I’m probably not even worthy enough to mourn her.


Pocahontas copes with everything as well as she can. Her mood swings carry her through her pregnancy and the aftermath of Cinderella’s death.

Pocahontas wakes up in need of a shower.


Though she takes a bath, Cinderella and her family is all she can think about.


Andy brightens her day a bit.

“Good Morning, sweet.” Andy greets.


“Morning, hunny.” Pocahontas replies.


That morning she feeds herself and her family for the first time.


Slice goes the knife.


OW! She shouts. I cut myself.


Sigh.. finally finished.


I don’t know if the little one likes what I made. She groans


After the meal, she cleans up everyone’s dishes and feels a pang of sadness rushing through.



While everyone has left for either work or school, she cries out in Aden’s bed.


I just need to get out this empty house. Pocahontas thinks. I’ll go over Julissa Ruth’s house.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Julissa” Pocahontas tells. “My emotions are just all over the place.”


“You’re pregnant, hunny.” Julissa laughs. “What do you expect?”


“I guess you’re right.” Pocahontas agrees.

“It only gets worse from here on out” Julissa says. “Now let’s go inside and speak to the rest of my household.”


“You know, Cinderella was an amazing woman.” Bradley compliments

Don’t I know, Bradley, don’t I know. Pocahontas thinks.


Andy has been working a lot lately and doesn’t have the time to think about the recent death of Cinderella.

Between gaining his logic skill to level 2…


Browsing Agency Intelligence to keep his job after the promotion to Intelligence Researcher…


and entertaining his pregnant and semi-lonely wife when she returns from Julissa’s house, he has no time to sulk or think.

“Being pregnant is absolutely killing me.” Pocahontas tells.

I need to finish this work. Andy thinks. “I’m sorry to hear that, Pocahontas love.”


“But I missed you so much today, Andy.” Pocahontas expresses. “Mwahh.”

“I missed you too.” Andy says.


All of a sudden, she felt movement in her tummy.

Ohh… please stop kicking. Pocahontas thinks. Mommy doesn’t like that.


Suddenly, she felt the urge to mourn Cinderella.

I’m doing everything I can for our family the way you would..


then why do I feel so miserable.


She stops sobbing when she starts feeling nauseated.


The food from earlier.. stay down .. stay down.


As Pocahontas’s baby bump develops, so does Aden’s feelings until he couldn’t take anymore.

“Pocahontas, what am I supposed to do?” Aden asks. “How do I make it up to mom if she’s gone?”


“I feel like she went away unsatisfied with me.” Aden tells. “Like I wasn’t good enough for her.”


“If only I was the child she always wanted me to be, she would’ve past away happily.” Aden frustrates.


“I’m such a screw up.” Aden says. “I deserve to have no parents. I shouldn’t even be allowed to mourn her.”


“Hey, don’t think that way.” Pocahontas states. “You are no screw up and no child deserves to have no parents. I was just like you, my mother and father past away and Cinderella allowed me to stay here and take care of me. No one is going to abandon you, I will take care of you. Your sisters will take care of you. We are your family.”


“Cinderella loved you.” Pocahontas explains. “Whether you dropped out of high school or made only As, her love for you was real and not anything you could have done would change that. You understand?”

“Yes, Pocahontas.” Aden says gratefully. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, sweet boy.” Pocahontas says. “Now go mourn her until your heart’s content.”


This is exactly what he went to go do.. mourn her.

I will make everything right, Cinderella. I promise.


This heartfelt conversation made Pocahontas a bit upset when thinking about Cinderella again..

She cried in her bed…


Until Andy called her downstairs with a concerned expression.

“How are you feeling, Pocahontas?” Andy asked.

“Truthfully? Miserable.” Pocahontas replies. “And I don’t know why. Cinderella’s gone, I’m trying to do my best to take care of our family the way she did. I cook and clean. I even cut myself while cooking. My back aches. The fact that Aden hasn’t gotten over his failure in school before Cinderella died is eating me alive. No one is ever home. And after this pregnancy. I’m probably going to lose my figure.”

“Sweet, please calm down.” Andy says. “Don’t take so much on at one time. The way Cinderella took care of her family isn’t the way you have to, you said that yourself to her a few days ago. You may be feeling some regret because of the way you both treated each other in the past but our family is more then capable to help take care of each other. You need to get some rest. You just lost your Aunt that raised you and you are about to give birth soon. Please, Pocahontas, for the sake of our child. Take it easy.”


“You’re right.” Pocahontas agrees. “I’m just stressed out and my mood swings are going haywire.”

“Exactly.” Andy says. “Now can I feel our unborn child?”

“Of course you can.” Pocahontas replies.


“I think I feel it kicking.” Andy says.

“It’s been doing that all week.” Pocahontas explains. “It’s only today that I’m actually ok with it.”


“What should we name it?” Andy asks.

“I was thinking naming it after Cinderella.” Pocahontas says.

“Like El if it’s a boy or Ella if it’s a girl?” Andy suggests.

“Hmmm… I like Ella. but I don’t like El for a boy.” Pocahontas says. “What about Cornell for a boys name?”

“Yeah. I like that.” Andy agrees.


The way she took care of our family isn’t the way I have to take care of them huh? Pocahontas thinks. Would she even be ok with that?

(*There is a glitch in the game where you can paint images based on references but the paintings come out black on the canvas.)


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