Chapter 12

Chapter 12

In the last chapter, Cinderella gained the courage to apologize to Pocahontas in hopes that she will return. It resulted in Cinderella giving her confessions and secrets.

New things have been happening in this generation.

Erin met herself someone special that looks familiar, Guy Cheslar. One of the bachelor’s that Cinderella interviewed when looking for a partner for Pocahontas.

Layer 3.jpg

Looks like he’s still single. They are hitting it off.


Just because he wasn’t fit for Pocahontas doesn’t mean he isn’t fit for anyone at all, right?

“One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.” Erin cracks a joke.. Gosh that’s a corny joke and kind of offensive. I wasn’t calling him trash. Please don’t take it to heart.


Awe. He actually likes her corny jokes. He gave her a rose.

05-26-15_8-17c2a0pm.jpg 05-26-15_8-18c2a0pm.jpg

That’s it I think I like him. She thinks. “I have an idea, Guy. We should date. Like.. Right Now. What do you say?”

“I say yes.” Guy says.

“Yippie.” Erin shouts with joy.



Erin may like to crack corny jokes, but Aden’s jokes are kind of … gross.

“For goodness sake Aden, I did not need to know that.” Cinderella groans.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 14.00.46

“Mom, you should just see your face” Aden laughs.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 14.03.20

However his happiness quickly fades the next day when grades are in. He only managed to boost his grades to a D.

Mom’s going to kill me for sure this time. He thinks.


Andy is getting more acquainted with the family.

Erin and Andy held a good conversation.


Cinderella seems to be getting along with Andy.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 14.06.01

“Can you believe it? His grades barely went up an inch.” Cinderella states.

“What are we going to do with these kids these days?” Andy says.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 14.08.07

I can’t say the same thing about Francesca. She doesn’t seem to like him very much.


Cindy plants a grapevine and is on level 7 in gardening…


and goes fishing and is on level 3 in fishing..


Pocahontas goes for a walk outside her house to enjoy nature and her new life free of turmoil.


On her walk she meets Marie Holland. They instantly connect.


“My grandmother had 7 children all by herself.” Pocahontas says.

“Seriously?” Marie asks.


“Yes. She was popping them out right after another.” Pocahontas tells.

“I know raising them must have been a hassle.” Marie says. “I couldn’t even imagine having 2 kids.”


After getting to know one another, Pocahontas and Marie became friends.


A little while afterwards, Cinderella met up with Pocahontas for a chat.


“So I see you and Andy are getting along.” Pocahontas observed. “How do you like him now that you met him?”

“Oh. You’re actually asking for my opinion? What kind of alternate universe is this?” Cinderella giggles. “But he’s actually a good young man. Very well-mannered. Handsome too.”

Screenshot 2015-05-29 14.15.08

“You know he’s not an alien, right?” Pocahontas asks. “His skin is just blue. He has hair, physical features, and wears clothes just like us.”

“Yes, I know.” Cinderella says. “Aliens are actually bald. I’m still uneasy about having blue children in our family though.”

“It’ll be ok, Cinderella” Pocahontas assures. “It’s just takes time getting used to.”


“Why yes, I guess you are right.” Cinderella says. “Pocahontas I just want to thank you personally for everything. I feel such great relief.”

“I did say that it was my duty, Cinderella.” Pocahontas says.


“Yes, you have been saying that.” Cinderella states. “Pocahontas, you know I have made many mistakes in the past that I truly regret, but making you my successor and taking over this family is something I will never regret. I am so proud of the woman you have become.”

“Thank you so much, Cinderella.” Pocahontas feels grateful. “That means a lot coming from you.”


“You’re very welcome, Pocahontas.” Cinderella says.

Now I can wither away without any regrets. Please continue to look over this family Pocahontas.


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