Chapter 11

Chapter 11

In the last chapter, Pocahontas and Andy get married and Cinderella has made it clear she’s going to try to get Pocahontas back and accept her ways.

So this is Oasis Springs. Cinderella thinks when she arrives. This’ll be a dreadful morning.


That morning the newlyweds spend quality time together.

They sit together on the coach making plans for their new future..

“Let’s have 4 children.” Andy says. “2 girls and 2 boys.”

“Why does it have to be 4 children?” Pocahontas asks.


“.. To compensate for the family you left.” Andy replies shyly. “There was 6 of you in that household. If we add 4 more to us.. maybe you won’t feel so lonely after having left them.”

Oh, Andy. Pocahontas thinks. “No amount of children will make me feel better or less then I do now. I am not lonely at all as long as I have you. You are my family now. This is the happiest I have ever been in my life. Nothing will change that.”


“I love you, Pocahontas.” Andy says.

“I love you too Andy.” Pocahontas says. “Let’s go outside. I want to enjoy this forest with you.”

The couple enjoys the fresh air and tranquility…


until they come across Cinderella.

“What are you doing here?” Andy inquires belligerently.

“I just want to speak with Pocahontas.” Cinderella replies.


“Do you really think I would allow you to speak to her after what you’ve done to her?” Andy says. “You drove her away from her own family.”

“I know.” Cinderella says softly.


“Do you have any idea how you made her feel?” Andy continues. “She was so upset and all you have to say is I know? What kind of person does this to someone they claim is their daughter?”

“I know…. I know” Cinderella continues to say.


“No I don’t think you underst-” Andy is cut off short by Pocahontas.

“That’s enough Andy. I can handle the rest from here.” Pocahontas says.

“But Pocahontas she-” Andy starts.

“I know. She treated me very badly, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hear her out. Trust me, Andy. Leave this to me please?” Pocahontas asks.

“I trust you, but it’s her I don’t trust.” Andy says. “but if you so wish to talk with her, I won’t stop you. If anything happens, promise you’ll call me.”


“I promise.” Pocahontas turns to Cinderella. “Let’s go.”

Meanwhile, back at home.

Aden has increased his handiness skill to level 4 and upgraded the toilet.


Francesca spends time with Elijah.


Cindy gossips about her coworkers to Erin.

“I think my boss is having an affair with his secretary.”


When they finally reach a spot Cinderella says “He didn’t act like this when I insulted him last night.”

“He only gets like this when it comes to me.” Pocahontas explains. “But that doesn’t matter. What are you doing here Cinderella?”


“Right. I needed to talk to you.” Cinderella answers.

“Well I’ll listen but don’t think anything you say will make me come back.” Pocahontas says.


“Of course not.” Cinderella says. “I am sorry, Pocahontas, for the way I treated you. There’s an explanation for all of this, I swear.”

“I’m listening.” Pocahontas says.


“Ok well, what I am about to tell you, my own children don’t even know or Francesca. You probably aren’t aware since you were still just a child at the time when your mother died and even younger when your father past away, but you should know that me and your mother were only 2 out of 7 children. Your uncles passed away way before you were born.” Cinderella starts to explain.

“Grandma had 7 children?” Pocahontas inquires.

“Yes. Out of the 7, I was the youngest. The youngest child and female ever born into the family. They made me the heir right away.” Cinderella tells. “It’s a nice title, however there was a price. I wasn’t allowed to do anything, but take care of my family. I did all the cooking and cleaning for 8 other people besides myself ever since I was a teenager.”

“That explains why your cooking is delicious.” Pocahontas compliments. “But that must’ve been a lonely and boring life for you.”


“It was but I grew to find joy in it. You see, Pocahontas, we were a poor family. We had a small, one-story house with only 2 bedrooms and hardly a living room since it was connected to the dining room and kitchen.” Cinderella explains. “It was a tough life. Because I was the heir, I was obligated to find a way for my family to become financially stable and physically sustained. That’s when I met my husband, Edward.”

“Don’t tell me you married him for his money.” Pocahontas assumes.


“At first, but just like cooking and cleaning, I grew to love him.” Cinderella confesses. “The whole point was to find a way my family could continue to prosper. We were so poor, Pocahontas. I had no other choice. We eventually got our big house and moved my family in. Years went by, only me and Girl had children. Every person from my generation became old and withered away. I am the last one. As so and the heir it’s my duty to make sure this family continues for generations to come. That’s when I panicked. Since you are the last female born into your generation-”

“You made me your successor.” Pocahontas states.


“Precisely. As my successor I automatically thought I needed to secure our family for future generations.”

“That’s why you tried to set me up with Paxton.” Pocahontas connects the dots.

“Exactly. I didn’t want this generation and every generation after to ever go back to the way it was for my generation. Poor with a cramped home, barely having anything.” Cinderella explains. “I want my family to have everything I never had. I thought Paxton would guarantee that. He would continue to keep us financially stable and more-some.”

“Did you ever stop to think that I could secure our family’s future myself? Why didn’t you let me do it on my own?” Pocahontas inquires.


“I said I panicked.” Cinderella states. “Everything was happening so fast. Girl died. You became a teenager. I became an elder. I still felt obligated to make sure this family carried on in the most sustainable way.”

“Cinderella, let me handle this family.” Pocahontas says. “Let me hold this burden of obligation from you. I am the heir now. Please stop worrying yourself over future generations. I know you have been taking care of this family since you were a teenager but now its time for your successor to take over. It’s my duty.”

Screenshot 2015-05-29 13.21.29

“I understand that now.” Cinderella says. “I will no longer interfere with your wants and wishes.”

“That includes Andy right? Even though he’s blue?” Pocahontas asks.

“Yes. Including Andy.” Cinderella agrees.

“Good because he’s not going anywhere. We are officially married. We eloped early this morning.” Pocahontas smiles.

“Oh. Congratulations… but one thing at a time please.” Cinderella says. “I’m still adjusting. Now I have to adapt to blue children.”


“Everything will be fine Cinderella.” Pocahontas assures. “Now let’s go meet up with Andy and get back home. I need to tell the rest of the family the news.”

“Thank you for understanding.” Cinderella whispers. “One more request. Please do not tell the others of my past behavior. I would like to keep it a secret.”

“You don’t have to worry, Cinderella.” Pocahontas promises.

Screenshot 2015-05-29 13.17.02


3 thoughts on “Chapter 11

    1. They do. They have to clean after 7 other people and cook all the time. That’s a hassle taking care of people like that when you barely have anything as it is. Cinderellas’ have one tiring job, I don’t even like to cook my own meals, let alone someone else’s lol.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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