Chapter 10

Chapter 10

In the last chapter, Cinderella tries to sabotage Pocahontas’s relationship with Andy. This led to an altercation between Pocahontas and Cinderella, forcing Pocahontas’s decision to leave the household and renounce her title of heir. So where exactly did she run off to?

She went to the place where her and Andy first met.

I hope my family won’t miss me too much. She thinks. I wonder what mom would do.

05-19-15_12-27 AM

“Can you tell me what happened back there?” Andy inquires. “You seem so upset. I want to know everything starting with this Paxton character she referenced.”

Pocahontas sighs. “Are you sure you want to be apart of this mess I got you into? I feel so bad because you didn’t deserve any of that. We should have never met. Maybe it would be better if we parted ways.”

05-19-15_12-33 AM

“Pocahontas, I love you.” Andy says. “I will never leave your side. I don’t regret ever meeting you. I don’t mind being nuisance to your family. As long as you want me here, I will stay.”

This is why I love him. She smiles. “Ok. I will tell you everything.”

05-19-15_12-33 AM-2

“Paxton is the guy Cinderella is trying to set me up with. Why? I don’t know” Pocahontas says “But she is going to such lengths to get us together.

05-19-15_12-41 AM-2.jpg

“She even tried to sabotage us by telling you about him to discourage you from continuing to be with me. She says she doesn’t like your pigment of skin but I bet it’s something deeper then that. I told her I didn’t care about that because I love you and that’s when I knew my options.

05-19-15_12-43 AM

“To stay or go. To follow her laws and keep my title and fortune or go and create my own rules. I chose to follow my heart and my heart is with you.”

“I didn’t realize you made such a sacrifice for me.” Andy says. “I’m the one who should feel bad. I should’ve never spoke to you the day we first met, but I couldn’t help myself. I was drawn to you.”

05-19-15_12-45 AM.jpg

“This is what Cinderella doesn’t understand.” Pocahontas states. “Our love for each other. This is why

05-19-15_12-47 AM.jpg

“I want you

05-19-15_12-47 AM-2

to marry me.”

05-19-15_12-47 AM-3.jpg

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Andy says accepting the proposal.

05-19-15_12-47 AM-4.jpg

“Will you marry me right now?” Andy asks.

“Of course I will.” Pocahontas replies. “Let me change into something more fit for the occasion.”

So that morning while neither of them have slept a wink. They marry.

05-19-15_12-54 AM-2.jpg

Andy’s Wedding Vows.

“I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.
If I never knew you.
If I never felt this love.
I would have no inkling of.
How precious life can be.
And if I never held you.
I would never have a clue.
How at last I’d find in you.
The missing part of me.”

05-19-15_12-55 AM.jpg

Pocahontas Wedding Vows.

“If I never knew you.
I’d be safe but half as real.
Never knowing I could feel.
A love so strong and true.
I’m so grateful to you.
I’d have lived my whole life through.
Lost forever.
If I never knew you.”

05-19-15_12-54 AM-3

Andy gives her the ring.

05-19-15_12-57 AM

05-19-15_12-57 AM-2

05-19-15_12-58 AM.jpg

With a beautiful ceremony and a kiss for confirmation, they are officially married.

05-19-15_12-58 AM-2

05-19-15_12-58 AM-3

Meanwhile, at Cinderella’s house no one seems to notice Pocahontas is gone.

Francesca is at work.

Erin is playing with a lump of clay while interacting with Aden.

05-24-15_8-12 PM.jpg

Cinderella wakes up sad this morning.

What am I to do? Cinderella thinks. I just wanted what’s best for her. 


Cindy comes upstairs to find an upset Cinderella.

Screenshot 2015-06-12 00.06.52

“Why are you so upset, Mom?” Cindy asks.

“It’s nothing dear.” Cinderella lies. “I will be fine.”

“Mom, I don’t like the fact that you look like that. So please tell me what’s going on.” Cindy says concerned.

“Ok. Fine.” Cinderella sobs. “Pocahontas ran away yesterday and I think it’s all my fault.”

Screenshot 2015-06-12 00.09.45

“Pocahontas did tell me about your differences but I never knew she would actually run away.” Cindy tells. “What did you do to make her runaway? and Can you actually call it running away if she’s a young adult?”

“Cindy that’s not the point.” Cinderella says. “I told her she couldn’t live here any longer if she continued to disobey me. I banished that good for nothing alien she brought home from this house. Then she got really mad, renounced her entitlement and left all her fortune.”

I see why she ran away. Cindy thinks. “Did you know that that guy you call an alien is someone really important to her? She told me bout him the other day.”

Screenshot 2015-06-12 00.10.59

“I had no idea. So when she brought him home last night, it stunned me. I started acting out of character.” Cinderella tries to justify. “I just want what’s best for her. Don’t you think I know what’s best?”

“What you think is best is not necessarily what is best for her.” Cindy explains. “She is her own person and a young adult at that. She no longer has to listen to you and your decrees.”

05-19-15_1-13 AM-3

“But what about the alien? Don’t you think it’s weird that she is acting so rash over someone like him with no status?” Cinderella asks.

“It’s called love, Mom.” Cindy inquires. “She dropped everything for someone, leaving everything behind. Don’t you remember what it felt like to be in love?”

05-19-15_1-15 AM.jpg

Your father. Cinderella thinks in silence.

“Do you want her back, Mom?” Cindy asks.

“Of course I do. I never really thought I would be this upset to lose her.” Cinderella assures.

05-19-15_1-16 AM-2

“Then what you have to do is put your feelings aside and put hers first.” Cindy tells. “Accept her ways. She will not come back until you do. Try to get her to understand why you did all this. If anything else surprising comes up, don’t do anything rash. Do whatever it takes to bring her back home. Preferably before everyone else finds out.”

“I will try my best.” Cinderella sighs. “Thank you, my daughter.”

Screenshot 2015-06-12 00.16.43

“No problem, Mom.” Cindy says as she’s leaving. “By the way, you should start calling him by his name, Andy. I think we’ll be seeing more of him more often after she comes back. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s in Oasis Springs at some forest like place she told me about. That’s where they first met.”

Oh boy. Cinderella groans. and all the way over there?

Screenshot 2015-06-12 00.18.36

Cinderella, now alone thinks to herself.

How have things come to this? 


Am I really that bad?


Look at yourself.. and the mess you have created.


You have to fix it! Go get her back. Rewrite your wrongs for the next generations to come. 


I will. Cinderella thinks with confidence. Oasis Springs huh? 



I do not own any of the wedding vows I put in this chapter. They are lyrics in the original movie of “Pocahontas” and they belong to Disney.


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